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am 2. November 1998
What struck me the most about this book was what Kurspahic wrote about Sarajevo losing its essence when it got partitioned and lost its multi-cultural character. Being a Singaporean, I wouldn't recognise my home if Malays, Indians and Chinese, and Eurasians were segregated and prevented from entering each others' "zones", risking my life whenever I did so. Singapore would just cease to be a home and I think it's devastating that we saw that happen to Bosnia. And guess what? We celebrated it as a victory of diplomacy over force! Kurspahic's is a truly inspirational book, which proved that there is always honesty, grit and principles left in the world when all else seems to have disappeared. All we need to know about the Bosnian War is in here. It has also shown that the West has a limited understanding of whatever happened and it is amazing how the majority of the press in the world is dominated by these half-lies.
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am 16. November 1999
bad writting , fishy explanation of what happene
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