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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:4,39 €

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am 7. Dezember 2012
A great portrait of characters growing up during prohibition and taking Tampa apart. Cuban rum runners, Mafia organizers, and fangerous women. What more could you ask for. Danger is that you can't put the book down after a certain point has been readched. Lehane never disappoints,
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am 19. Dezember 2012
Ich konnte das Buch zwei Nächte lang gar nicht aus der Hand legen - wenn einen der Charakter Joe packt, dann ist es eine spannende Reise. Das Buch ist sicherlich anders als alle vorherigen von Lehane, Story und Charakter waren für mich unerwartet. Aber es hat sich gelohnt. Prohibition, Tampa, Kuba, die 20ger wurden lebendig mit aller dazugehörigen Härte...
Ich kann es kaum erwarten, wer und wie in dem dritten Teil der Coughlin Saga im Mittelpunkt steht? Halbwaise Tomas in den 50gern??
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am 19. Juli 2014
I take one star of for the small print of this paperback which made it harder to read, as for the story it is a real five star page-turner.

Dennis Lehane, who has an amazing ability to adapt his tone to fit the era of which he writes, works crime noir magic in Live By Night. This is a story of moods, settings and characters rendered in period details so exact you sweat and cower in a Boston prison cell, or sweat and drink in a Florida speakeasy, or sweat and yearn watching a beautiful woman’s hips sway underneath a threadbare skirt as if you were Joe’s shadow.

You can feel the author’s giddiness in his own story, the breathless ride he can’t wait for you to experience. He works in a bit of ruminative social psychology, really wanting you to root for the good guy gone bad who never loses his good heart. It’s an homage to the Humphrey Bogart anti-hero that makes the reader yearn for the putt-putt of a Tommy gun and a smartly –turned Fedora, while wriggling uncomfortably with the incongruous romance of the gangster’s life.

Lehane writes female characters particularly well. Live By Night offers a triangle of remarkable women, each of whom leaves indelible imprints of lust, compassion and tragedy at significant stages of Joe’s coming-of-outlaw.

Get lost in the gorgeous details and the nail-biting moments and never mind the incomplete redemption. Or that dire cement block. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Joe Coughlin.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 28. Dezember 2012
"Why should I fear in the days of evil,
When the iniquity at my heels surrounds me?
Those who trust in their wealth
And boast in the multitude of their riches,
None of them can by any means redeem his brother," -- Psalm 49:5-7 (NKJV)

Throughout the book Joe Coughlin concerns himself with whether he's operating as an outlaw or as a gangster. While that distinction was important to him, it actually makes little difference in the rough-and-tumble world of Prohibition. Dennis Lehane does a good job of making Prohibition seem real to us who are at such a remove from it.

I loved the writing in the book about Joe Coughlin's time spent in prison. I can hardly imagine better writing about that context in that era. The writing about Coughlin's new life in Tampa didn't appeal to me nearly as much, but it was certainly adequate for moving along this deeply ironic story. Since many people don't like ironic novels, some will probably grade the book down for that. I thought the irony added quite a lot to the story, especially in that Coughlin was insensitive to many aspects of how ironic his circumstances and life were.

I think you'll have fun with this one if you like crime novels.
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am 24. Mai 2014
toll geschrieben; interessante Story aus dem 1. Weltkriegsamerika. Gibt längst vergessene Einblicke in das Leben - Stil, Werte - der (Ur)Großelterngeneration und macht das Fundament sichtbar, dass offensichtlich noch heute das US-Leben (privat und Gesellschaft) prägt.
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am 5. April 2016
A friend of mine working in a bookstore recomended this book to me, first time in a long while that i couldnt put a book down. So far the best of the coughlin series (#2) gonna start number 3 now
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am 13. Juni 2016
Die Handlung erstreckt sich über einen längeren Zeitpunkt und enthält Einiges an geschichtlichen Ereignissen der Zeit der Prohibition in den USA. Ich konnte das Buch nicht weglegen und habe voll durchgelesen und war dann wirklich traurig über den Ausgang der Geschichte.
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