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3,0 von 5 Sternen
3,0 von 5 Sternen

am 10. April 2012
About me: I'm preparing in the moment for an Oracle certification. I started in IT in 1986. In my career I had a lot of positions within IT, software developer, hot line for an ERP system, DBA, even project leader. So I'm no expert in one topic only but more like an all-rounder. As you may notice I'm not an english native speaker.

The book: It has some real interesting recipes (this is the reason for the stars) but it has some parts which are below my level of knowledge (that is the reason for only 3 stars). The latter topic I want to clarify a little bit: I don't need basics on Linux - like explaining the commands mkdir or cd. This may be interesting for a person who knows only Oracle, sqlplus, the enterprise manager and Windows (except cmd)... One chapter on "vi" is nice for the ones who have never worked with Linux/Unix shells... On the other hand this person would be bored by the Oracle-only recipes of the book.

Conclusion: The book has some nice aspects. I learned something. But I really couldn't recommend it to someone except real Linux beginners with intermediate Oracle knowledge.
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