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4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 13. Juli 2015
Durch dieses Buch ist mein Ikea Regal gleich ein Stück aufgewertet worden. Es liest sich recht einfach für mich als Englisch - Leihen . Meine Frau mag diesen Humor nicht darum werde ich komisch angeschaut wenn ich etwas lauter schmunzeln muss beim Lesen :)
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am 24. September 2014
The movies are hilarious. The book ... not so much. I mean it is, but this book is like a joke that is simply chewed and chewed and chewed some more until it becomes it becomes some tasteless pile of white goo. I was laughin hard when i saw the section in which he speaks about his life at the my lady queen of Chewbacca High Schoo, but even that joy ended at a certain point. If you can get this book for a cheap price, give it a shot. If not, stay away. Nice, but not that good.
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am 3. November 2014
“Let Me Off at the Top!” by Ron Burgundy is the autobiography of famous News Anchorman back from the 70’s.

This book will make you laugh to tears, and to older readers will be a great reminder of a time long gone when television was a different medium, when there was no 24/7 news coverage and people were more relaxed.
In such a time, back in the 70’s, Ronald "Ron" Burgundy started working as anchorman for a local San Diego station and soon became very popular due to relaxed and unconventional behavior during his TV shows.

And while viewers for the last eight years have enjoyed watching the movie made based on first years of his career (whose sequel will follow in December), the book is showing another behind-the-scenes view into the real life of a man considered by many people the greatest ever living news anchor.

Ron is telling that it took him eight years to write this book due to his extensive research about own life, starting from his beginnings in a forsaken Iowa coal mining town, followed by his education on Chewbacca High School up to the becoming known and beloved TV star.
In book he’ll mention the many known and unknown heroes of past times, and only mentioning some of these names will cause laughter and inevitable memories.

So if you want to spend some good time with TV star from another time, remembering the good old youth, don’t miss this book.
Though I’m a bit younger and some of people he mentioned I don’t know or can remember together with the younger readers I can enjoy his funny work and realize how life then used to be different and more relaxed.

Therefore, I recommend reading this well-written and funny autobiography.
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am 29. Dezember 2013
Ich habe dieses Buch (als großer Will Ferrell und Anchorman-Fan) zu Weihnachten bekommen und wurde absolut nicht enttäuscht.
Innerhalb kürzester Zeit habe ich es durchgelesen und sehr oft musste ich dabei lachen.
Wer mit dem Humor von Anchorman etwas anfangen kann, sollte unbedingt einen Blick in dieses Buch werfen. Absolutes Highlight: Das Kapitel in dem er beschreibt wie es zum Liebesakt mit Bruce Lee kam :-D
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am 25. Oktober 2014
Hello Amazon. I'm Ron Burgandy and this is a very funny book indeed. Will Ferrel's classy anchorman recounts his story and his anecdotes in what I detect to be shades of Woody Allen (whom he worked with not that long ago). Very funny and self-indulged autobiography (figure that out!).
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am 7. Oktober 2015
Das Buch wurde als Geschenk gekauft für einen "Anchorman"-Fan. Er hat sich sehr gefreut und ist doch mal was anderes!
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am 31. Juli 2015
You know a book is funny when you catch yourself laughing out loud over the BS you just read. Also it contains important advices on life and interesting information about the creation of Mexico. To anyone who liked the Anchorman movies, as well as Will Ferrell in general, I can only recommend this book.
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