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am 8. April 2013
This little book is like a children's book but it is directed at adults who are learning Hebrew. It does not explain any of the grammar or the script, it just gives you a little story with cute illustrations. You first go through the experiencing mode where you can read the whole story in one go. Then you go through learning mode, where you can read small parts and then read the transliteration and get some help with the vocabulary. Then there's a part with questions on the text.

A lovely and fun way of practicing your Hebrew - not aimed at absolute beginners. I read this after about a year of rather regular study of Hebrew and found it just right. You must be willing to read a story about the adventures of a magic circle. I personally love this - the cute illustrations make me smile. Check inside the book if this speaks to you at all.

I hope the authors will come up with more of these little stories.
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am 16. Januar 2014
Ich habe mir Igool ha Peleh gekauft, weil ich Hebräisch lerne und einfache Texte brauche, um das Lesen und die Rechtschreibung zu üben.
Das Buch ist einfach und mit seinen Übersetzungen auch sehr hilfreich.
Und eine niedliche Geschichte obendrein.
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am 21. Juli 2014
The book is fun and it teaches you a lot implicitly, but it would be great if there were some sort of a linguistic meta-level in it, say explanations of some grammar rules or exceptions or something... But generally speaking it is a great and fun way to improve your Hebrew!
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