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am 18. April 2018
I expected something really dry and full of theory but it something completely different! This book provides so much knowledge and value and it is not only for graduates! It will be helpful in your personal, as well as in your professional life and you will take so much from this book! Sheryl offers a lot of insight into the struggle of being a woman in today's business world or in the general world, but it is not a feministic book that is full of hate towards men. Instead it is just about you making steps in the right direction to help all the other people and especially women that are coming after you to have a better and more equal life! This book is just amazing!!!
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am 2. Februar 2016
I never expected this book to be full of so many examples of real experiences and usefull advice.
I would recommend it to everybody who wants to improve their every day working methods or to become a better manager/leader. The author, Sheryl, sometimes refers to women (or other outsiders, for instance people of other colour) in some situations and how they could handle those properly, but for me this book is written for everybody who would like to enhance their professional und personal relationships and get better at doing their job at every position in a company.
Some of most rememberable advices came with a phrase, that I'll think of for a long time. For example the methaphor about mothern career paths being not a ladder but rather a "jungle gym"; telling the truth ("My manager is bad!"); looking for a mentor ("Excel and you will get a mentor") and many many more.
What was most surprising to me was how humble and honest the author is. I'd expect that a successful and powerful woman would be aroggant or condescending in some kind of way, which there is no trace of in this book of wonderful guidelines.
So read it! You won't regret it!
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am 17. Februar 2017
Normalerweise lese ich ein Buch in einem Rutsch durch. Bei diesem bin ich immer noch nicht fertig Ansich ist es glaube ich ein gutes Buch, aber ich hatte einfach nicht die Ausdauer es fertig zu lesen. Am besten mehr Zeit nehmen und Kapitel zu Kapitel durcharbeiten. Meinen Geschmack hat es leider nicht wirklich getroffen
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am 21. November 2014
I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to any girl/woman trying to make it (especially) in the tech industry. While reading the book I was doing an internship for a tech start-up and I couldn't believe how many of the situations described in the book I was facing on daily basis.
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am 19. April 2017
Es ist gut geschrieben und wirkt motivierend - bei mir.

Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen.

Vor allem für Schul- bzw. Uniabgänger geeignet.
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am 24. Oktober 2016
Das Buch ist einfach absolut lebenswert für alle Frauen, die eine Karriere verfolgen möchten! Ich habe es sogar zweimal gelesen.
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am 11. November 2014
This book has become a nowadays classic for both genders. Worth a read! The additional part about what/how to do after graduation, is very handy as well! Recommended!
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am 6. Mai 2014
Sanders holt auch die Männer mit ins Boot bei der Verantwortung Gleichberechtigung zu erhalten. Wobei sie die Frauen auch nicht aus der Pflicht lässt und motivierende Tipps gibt..
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am 28. April 2015
Mir hat das Höhrbuch sehr gut gefallen und zum Teil auch die Augen geöffnet. Es enthält sehr viele nützliche Tipps für studierte & ehrgeizige Frauen die sich in der Arbeitswelt beweisen wollen und auch einige für angehende Mütter und solche die es in Zukunft noch werden wollen. Werde ich mir mit Sicherheit immer wieder anhören und auch meinen Freundinnen weiterempfehlen.
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