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am 15. Februar 2014
Nette Geschichte!
Es ist natürlich nicht wirklich neu : CEO wirft ein bis 2 Augen auf neue Mitarbeiterin....Aber er ist überwältigend reich, nett, sexy, mit Personal gesegnet, einfallsreich, verhandlungstark.....
Seufzzzz, wir lesen es halt gern!

Ein netter Lesespass!
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am 24. April 2013
I love this book, I'm not completely done yet but I can't put it down. While I liked Fifty Shades of Grey - okay loved - this book is much better. Just as hot but better grammar and a nicer flow overall. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for an interesting mature read.
The back of the book really doesn't say much, and it follows the typical, rich guy with a dark secrets meets young naive nobody but due to the good writing of CC Gibbs it's definitely something new.
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am 13. August 2014
Dominic Knight: rich, sexy, likes to be in control. Kate Hart: strong, independant, doesn't like being controlled. These two have amazing chemistry, makes for a incredibly hot read!

Kate Hart is fresh out of MIT and is in high demand. Interviewing for a position at Knight Enterprises was her dream job until she meets CEO Dominic Knight. There is no doubt he is good looking, but everything about him screams “run” to Kate. But Dominic is not going to take no for an answer.
Kate agrees to come on board as a contracted consultant, a job that has an expiration date. As she begins to unravel the cyber theft of funds from Knight Enterprises, Dominic is ensuring that their paths will cross again.
Dominic gets Kate to agree to spend the rest of her time on her work contract -6 days- with him.
Their relationship is a back and forth tug of war. I love that Kate holds her own with Dominic. She doesn't roll over, she is independent and Dominic's money has no affect on her. Her sexual appetite is over the top once she discovers what sex is like with Dominic.
Somewhere in the 6 days, feelings begin to happen. Kate falls quickly for Dominic but he's in the same boat.. she's afraid he'll never be able to commit and Dominic feels he never will be able to either. So they both run, she back to Boston, he to Paris. Well, it is a trilogie couples always break up at the end of book one.

We experience the game of lust, the banter of two strong wills, of 2 charismatic people that are intrigued by one another. One who doesn't compromise but may need to in order to be with the one that doesn't do as she is told.

It was such a refreshing read to see some light-hearted moments with a hero that definitely has a darkness to him, but it was not all dreary all the time. The ebb & flow of this story was executed perfectly.
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am 11. November 2014
Grundsätzlich eins wie jedes andere, aber wer sich gerade für diese Art der Literatur interessiert wird auch hier gefallen finden.


fünf Sterne hat es verdient, weil es hier mal endlich kein duckmäuseriges Mädel gab, dass am Ende einfach alles so hingenommen und sich angepasst hat, sondern tatsächlich auf eigendes Beinen steht OMG.
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am 22. Juli 2016
Was erwarte ich, wenn ich mir derartige "Literatur" kaufe? Ehrlich gesagt, ich habe immer die Hoffnung, einer der Autorin möge die Sache doch einmal anders angehen. Aber auch hier ist das Muster, ohne zuviel zu verraten, das gleiche. Erfolgreicher und schwer reicher Schönling trifft auf junge Frau aus einer anderen Verdienstklasse. Es dauert nicht lange und von Seite zu Seite werden alle Räumlichkeiten auf sexuelle Möglichkeiten quasi untersucht. Inzwischen bin gut darin genau diese Textstellen gekonnt zu überblättern, um mich auf die Suche nach den zwischenmenschlichen Situationen der Protagonisten zu machen. Diesbezüglich wird man allerdings erst im zweiten Band bedient......
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am 22. Juli 2013
I was fighting back my tears reading the last pages...I wouldn't have expected my reaction to be like this, honestly! I love this book, I love everything in it, the writing is absolutely captivating, the way C.C.Gibbs is juggling with words simply fascinating!! I think it is amost the first time I was enjoying the dialogues between the main characters even more than super steamy mindblowing sex scenes!(and THAT means something!). Dominic... I am afraid he ruined all alpha heroes coming after for me. I am irrevocably damaged!
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