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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. Mai 2000
Kiss the Girls is a wonderful, suspenseful novel, yet it lacks in a few areas. First of all, a positive point is that author James Patterson keeps the reader's attention without stop. One unexpected event leads to another and another. This accounts for the reason why this book is considered a novel in the suspense genre. James Patterson is talented. That one sentence describes the whole book. Many people, including I, could not put the book down, if we had used all the will power within us. Kiss the Girls is one of the best I have ever read and indescribable to the point where one has to experience. The reality of the book is astonishing. It's as if the tension and outrageous environments are palpable. Many times I felt as if I were transported in time and with the women in the "horror house."
As each chapter passes by, Patterson feeds his readers a tid-bit of information, just to keep the reader on his toes. The two to three page chapters is a useful technique to keep the reader flipping the pages. Anticipating the next move of Casanova and reading on to find out his conquests is bone-chilling. Just the descriptive words will make you cringe inside.
The way Patterson portrays the characters makes them just like people we know. Alex Cross is a person who is true to life; how he sometimes acts impulsively and is a careeroholic makes him all the more real. Kate's character makes us want to sympathize with her and fall in love with her, the first time we meet her. Naturally, the humane compassion side of us wants to reach out to her and pluck her out of the horrid conditions. Overall, the character portrayal is a depiction of reality.
At times, the book slows its pace to a snail's crawl. This can be viewed in both a good way and a bad. First, a slowed down pace is necessary in a fast-paced book like this one. On the other hand, the slower parts detract the reader's attention to the faster paced parts.
Reading this book made me think how horrible and corrupted our world is. There are people out there who actually kill for a living and indulge in it while they're at it. This is just plain scary.
Talking about scary, I would recommend this book to people who doesn't get nightmares easily. Also, people who are of younger age shouldn't read this book either because at times, it gets graphic. Basically, kids shouldn't be exposed to the harsh realizations of life, like serial killings, even though this is only a fiction book. Stories like this are all over the news, and so this book isn't just fiction. These serial murderers exist, and unfortunately these killings happen in real life too.
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am 4. Mai 2000
Of all of Patterson's "Cross" novels, this still remains my favorite. The premise was (at the time of writing) original and amazing. You could practically feel yourself there among the women trapped in Casanova's collection at times, and it was all in all a great book. The movie tried to be faithful to it, but 60-year-old Morgan Freeman as a thirtysomething Alex Cross just didn't cut it. Don't base your opinion of the book on that movie...trust me. This book is one you'll finish quickly and enjoy tremendously.
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am 4. Januar 2000
This is my 4th James Patterson novel and absolutely my last. The sexual violence was pornographic and his portrayal of the women characters was shallow and demeaning. How in the world could Kate feel any sexual feelings towards Alex just a few short weeks after having been held hostage and raped repeatedly? I threw the book away and wish I had never read it.
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am 10. Dezember 2005
This is probably James Pattersons best book. Two egomaniac killers team up and kidnap beautyful women. One makes a mistake: he takes Alex Cross niece and thus makes the hunt very personal. Cross is lucky that his best friend Sampson helps him again with this case: both killers are very intelligent and hard to catch...
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am 1. Februar 2002
For three weeks the boy lived in the walls of the rich family's house. Watching the gorgeous teenage girl, Coty. Waiting. Then one dark night he goes to her. When he finally walks away, the family are all dead -- and his Casanova . . .
This is one of the very best books you will ever read. Its unputdownable!
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am 15. Dezember 1999
Patterson has found a way to disturb readers which is beyond the skills of most authors. To think about not only one, but two serial kidnappers/rapists/murderers, seriously upset this 17 year old high school boy. Alex Cross is one of the most realistic fictional detectives ever. He has lapses in judgment, just like real people, and the way he sometimes forgets something just as he needs to remember it is so true to life. Kate McTiernan is one of the most heart-rending stories in modern fiction. Hers is a highly endearing character; her toughness, her strength of will in situations that would break the strongest of us, her anti-narcissism, all of them engender not only our sympathy and compassion, but also our affection and admiration: we love her from the moment we meet her.
Patterson has a way of keeping us on the edge of our seats; he makes us need to see that Casanova and the Gentleman Caller are not just in jail, but are dead. Anyone such as Casanova (or the Gentleman Caller), who would consciously use something that is so special to a woman as her beauty and her sexuality, and make her loath it and wish it were not, while saying that he loves her, is an unspeakably evil person who needs to physically, emotionally, and psychologically feel the psychological, emotional, and physical torment of his victims. That statement is a basic truth of our emotional need for justice, and the scenario in this book intensifies that need for justice: The way in which the scenario plays out is what elevates this book far above even the excellence with which it was written. The most horrifying part of this book may be what is implicit from the content of the book: That there are actually people out there like Casanova and his friend the Gentleman caller. Another creepy thing about this book is that it is indeed a book, which means that all the images that the book produces are produced by your own mind.
To love someone and to have them taken away from you is one of the most crushing things a person can endure. But to know that they are being kept against their will and repeatedly raped would be even more excruciating. This book succeeds in tapping that protective instinct that we all have. The fast pace of this book grabs hold of your emotions, but it is you that can't let them go. You won't want to put this one down.
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This book was fast-paced and easily readable, but left a lot to be desired. The characters weren't fleshed out fully enough and the ending was weak. As someone stated earlier, I found it hard to care that the killer turned out to be the silent police officer. We don't know him well enough to be really shocked. And why do Alex and Kate have to go their separate ways? The book seems to endorse this idea that the two must remain in their self-enforced isolation, but for no apparent reason. The only reason seems to be so that Alex Cross can go on another adventure without any attachments from a previous novel.
The killers themselves were just plain cheesy, even when we "see through their eyes." Their motivations and drives are never satisfactorily elaborated. Throughout the novel they are described as virile, intelligent, handsome, athletic men. But the cop seems a far cry from these descriptions, silently belligerent and glowering. And the killings seem to begin through repressed sexuality, a desire for a woman that can never be realized because of social inadequacy. But then how can the killers be so smooth and attractive at a later date? I want more from a novel. Not that I want it explicitly explained, but give me some insights. You never really see in the killer's worlds; their inner monologues are limited to nursery rhymes.
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am 24. November 1999
I find it disturbing that so many people have given this book the highest rating, because if any book in the whole history of bookdom deserves to be given a subzero-stars rating, this would be it. This book is the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of thrillers. You cannot even say that the plot has holes, because it isn't solid enough to have holes in it.
The author expects us to believe no end of absurdities,for example, the "mind-bending" mystery of the "disappearing house," which can be guessed by anyone with a modicum of brains or imagination. And then there is the girl who did not escape a fate worse than death but at least she did escape from being killed in a manner most disagreeable and distasteful. You would expect her to make herself scarce, but nooo, she insists on going back to her house, from where she was taken, so we know that the rapist/killer knows where she lives. And it is not as if she lived in a well-lighted building with round-the-clock surveillance and lots of people around. No, she lives in an old, half-abandoned house full of dark corners and in the middle of nowhere, and no one thinks of placing her under surveillance, and the lights on the street don't work properly, and guess who comes a-calling! Well, I know it is a hard guess, but I'll give you a clue, it ain't Abbott and Costello.
Not to mention that Mr. Patterson belongs to the literary school of "Descriptions are Difficult, and besides, they are Boring." You know that when instead of taking the trouble to describe a character, he just says he or she looks like some old celebrity. So, we are told that the Gentleman Caller looks like "U2 singer Bono," and a prospective victim looks like "a young Grace Kelly," and so on. Well, it is just as well, because when he actually gets to describe a character's appearance, he cannot keep it consistent till the end of the book. So Kate's eyes mysteriously change color somewhere along the line. Well, maybe she lost her colored contacts or something. Small wonder, with all her traipsing through disappearing houses and stuff.
And should I mention the absurdly clichéd characters? And the sloppy, amateurish writing? Ah, why bother? I hope you've got the pct. by now. Mr. Patterson, never again.
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am 23. Oktober 1998
Yes, this book is frightening and very suspenseful. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for nail biting thrillers. This is a mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. If you like mysteries this one was written for you. Kiss the Girls is about frightening man in his mid twenties. He goes by the name "Casanova". This creepy character stalks and then captures beautiful, inteligent, young women. Once captured he brings them to his home deep within the thick forrest of North Carolina and locks them up in a room. He then goves them certain rules to follow. If they break these rules Casanova puts a frightening end to their life. In this distrubing case there are many detectives trying to solve it. There is one detective Cross who is passionately involved because his neice Naomi has been captured by Casanova. Detective Cross refuses to rest until Casanova is captured and broughtr to justice. The terribly suspenseful, frightening ending has several surprising twists. I guess you'll just have to read it to find out. This book has a lot of good aspects. It is loaded with gripping suspense from start to finish. The frightening story never lets you take a rest. Another great aspect of the book is that it has very short, snappy chapters. Each chapter is only about 2 to 3 pages long and ends in a very suspenseful twist. This style of writing makes for non-stop, action-packed thrills. There are not many bad aspects about this book. One of the drawbacks is that the author goes into too many gory details. It is also very hard to follow who is who in this book. The good aspects of this story definitely outweigh the bad aspects, therefore, rush to your nearest bookstore and buy this book today.
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am 9. Juni 1999
Although I enjoyed Along Came A Spider, after reading this book I doubt I'll ever read another James Patterson. Hard to believe his rave reviews. Unfortunately, with the money his name ensures, he and his editor and publisher have little incentive to produce any more quality thrillers. This book is a severe abuse of his best-seller status; he should care more about his literary reputation. The other Patterson (Richard North) is a better writer, as are many countless others who are lesser known.
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