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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
Killer Frost (Mythos Academy)
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:5,99 €

am 6. März 2014
für eine perfekte Geschichte. Ich habe es geliebt diese Geschichte zu lesen und mit Gwen zu lachen, zu weinen, sich zu ärgern und mitzufiebern. Jennifer Estep hat es geschafft micht von der allerersten bis zur letzten Seite zu fesseln.
Killer Frost ist der fulminante Abschluß einer Reise von der grauen Maus zum Champion.
Schade, dass diese Geschichte hier endet. Aber nach diesem Buch gibt es auch nicht mehr zu schreiben :)
Ich werde die Reihe sicherlich noch öfters lesen!
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am 23. September 2014
First thoughts before reading this book

With the conclusion of the series nostalgia settles in and I really feel like lying in my bed - my blanket tightly wrapped around me - and just watching the ceiling and dreaming.
The characters (and the readers) went a really long way and with the story finally ending I must say that the sarcastic Gwen and her friends will always have a soft spot in my heart and it leaves a melancholic note for me. The book wasn't “WOW” but still it was really good.
At the beginning I have to say that when I started the series I was really annoyed with Gwen and overall the story telling because it was TOO predictable and Gwen sometimes really acted naïve AND (I really don't want to say it but here it goes anyway …) stupid. Many times I had to make a facepalm because of her character.
But I kept on reading the following books even though the second and third book weren't that surprising from the story either. What really kept me going was the wonderful friendship and interaction of Gwen and her friends and family. It was so sweet and funny and especially so real. I loved it.

What made the series truly beautiful to me

And so it was in the final book “Killer Frost”. Jennifer Estep has a beautiful way of writing the relationships between the characters which truly appeals to me. Be it the bond between two lovers, a grandmother and a grandchild, be-tween two best friends or even a warrior and its sword. The bonds the charac-ter all shared were striking and it was a really nice thing for me to read about.
In comparison to the first few books I couldn’t smell the plot a mile away an-ymore and this was a big relief (Although at some points you could still guess where it was going.)
Even at the end when the book finally reached its climax I had to shed some tears which really surprised me. I knew that the book was going to have a happy ending but still the overall setting and the mood somehow brought me to tears.
In the end I just realized that I will really miss these characters.

Last but not least

Jennifer Estep set up a part in the book that might suggest a future spin-off series. I am really really satisfied with the ending.

What is left to say is only goodbye to this awesome series and I am sure I will return to this series again just to visit this magical world and its characters ♥.

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am 9. Mai 2015
Note: since this is the final book of the “Mythos Academy” YA series and all threads come to their respective ends, this is no place to start the series. If you're new to it, I recommend to stop reading here and start with “Touch of Frost” or the prequel novella “First Frost”.


One cannot possibly rate the final installment of a series and not rate the series as well. So to get it out of the way, I'll start with the series as a whole: I like it a lot – most of the time. The overall story arc was intricate and it's clear that J. Estep put a lot of thought into the whole plot, how it should develop and more important, how it was to end in a fantastical, yet believable fashion. So it all comes full circle and that's a good thing for any reader. Another thing the series did excel at for me, was the elaborate world-building. Once I got over my shock about the bold mixing of all possible gods and goddesses, I came to appreciate the thoroughness and how it stuck to its rules and was an active part of the story.

The characters were the only part of the books, I was aggravated by at times – Gwen is cool, likable and I admire her sense of justice and how she does what is necessary, always knowing about the consequences and accepting them. And her friend Gwen, her cousin Rory and Nickamedes are plain awesome. So there are two things I disliked about the character cast: firstly Gwen's continuously taking the blame for... everything. Even if no one is able to even begin to understand how she could think so. And this is something happening in every single book. Not so great.

And my least favorite part of the books were Logan Quinn and Gwen's strange kind of relationship with him. As she says herself at one point: they actually spent more time apart than together. Let alone happy together. I know how he is supposed to be the loving hero, but no, I just don't see it. I know a great lot of readers love him, but I don't. I think that his actions for the most part aren't very courageous [except for when being on the battle field]. And I read about the couple's feelings, but I don't see them. In “Killer Frost”, Logan actually isn't at his most annoying and I have to admit that there was one moment I doubted him [along with Gwen] and he turned out to be... reliable.

So this is it, the last steps towards the final showdown between Gwen and Loki and the Pantheon and the Reapers. And I have to say, it doesn't disappoint. There are gripping twists and turns and I cheered Gwen on at every step of her way. Again she follows her instinct and just when I thought, “well how is that supposed to turn out any good?”, she surprised me at how sound her plan is and how well she plays her part. I loved that there isn't just one showdown everything else leads to, but quite a few epic moments. And not only Gwen shines, but her friends do as well. And say what you want, the way it ended was the only manner possible. It was ingenious and satisfying. I'm content that the story does not only come full circle, but that each and every open question was answered one way or another.

This is why I can wholeheartedly say: minor complaints aside, this is one well done end of the “Mythos Academy” series!
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am 25. Mai 2014
Nachdem ich die ersten Bände verschlungen habe, fällt es mir beim letzten Band etwas schwer, in die Geschichte zu kommen. Der Anfang ist etwas zäh und ich hoffe, dass das Ende der super spannenden und toll geschriebenen Gesamtgeschichte gerecht wird.
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am 27. April 2014
Ich war gespannt, wie der letzte Teil der Serie ausgeht, deshalb habe ich die
englische Ausgabe gelesen. Das Ende ist spannend u. das Buch ist in englisch
ganz gut zu verstehen, da ma ja weiß, worum es geht u. auch die Personen kennt.
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am 29. April 2014
Ein schöner spannender Abschluss dieser Reihe - auch wenn ich in den Schlussszenen mancherlei bekannte "Wendungen" aus anderen berühmten Büchern erkennen konnte...
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am 12. Juli 2015
Als ich das erste Buch aus dieser Serie gelesen hatte, konnte ich nicht mehr aufhören, bis ich jetzt hier angekommen war. Ich bin lange nicht mehr so in eine Geschichte eingetaucht und diese Serie bringt mich dazu wieder mehr über nordische Götter zu lesen, um mehr Hintergrundwissen zu bekommen. Super spannend!
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am 25. Februar 2014
I loved the Finale of the series. Like, I'm sad that the story is finished, but I think this was the perfect way to end it. Mythos Academy is one of my favorite series. I hope everybody enjoyed Mythos Academy as much as I did.
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am 22. Juni 2014
Habe jetzt alle Bücher durch. Hat mir gut gefallen - leider wird viel zu viel aus den vorangegangenen Büchern wiederholt und wiederholt. Warum hab ich überhaupt diese gekauft? Schade. Ansonsten sehr lesenswert.
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