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Simple Finance Manager

von KickingLettuce Studios

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Unterstützte Sprachen: Englisch, Italienisch

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Neueste Aktualisierungen

Was ist neu in Version 6.1.01
  • Bug fixes and Support for Android 6.0 Permission changes



  • + Fresh, Beautiful, Material Design Themed
  • + Ad Free
  • + Clean, Simple layouts
  • + Currency Format by Country (based on device's default)
  • + UNLIMITED Debt Entries
  • + Payment Strategies and Plans
  • + CSV Export
  • + Custom Payments
  • + Amortization
  • + Monthly Payment Reminders



This app Includes a monthly Debt Planner along with a Money Ledger to keep track of balances in your bank accounts. It is simple and user friendly! For more details on available option see below. (Note: This app does not require personal information and does not directly connect with any financial institution. All transactions and payments must be recorded manually.)

Simple Finance Manager Features:


The ledger portion of this app is brand new. We focused on making a clean UI that allows you to easily record transactions and go back to manage them.

Because this app is fast and lightweight, keeping track of your current balances have never been easier! Supports unlimited accounts. Savings, Checking, Business etc.

At this time, we do not have any statistics or charts based on spending history but we have plans of having some of these features.


Rather than giving us a lump-sum payment amount, the user decides how much to pay in the first round of payments (per card). We will then take those numbers and make the needed adjustments as time goes on. In this way, you have greater flexibility to manage over your debt. And can also play with the numbers to tweak your own plan.

IMPORTANT: This app does not yet support bi-weekly payments.

Debt Features:

+ UNLIMITED Debt Entries
+ Record Monthly Payment (Apply to Ledger)
+ Payment Strategies and Plans
+ Status Bar Payment Reminders
+ CSV Export
+ Credit Limit Status Bar
+ Custom Ordering
+ Custom Payments
+ Amortization
+ Monthly Payment Reminders
+ Mark as Fixed Payment

What this app does: Tells you HOW long it will take to get out of debt with basic monthly details along the way. It now includes a debt snowball-like payoff system.

This app WILL give you a clear view of the future based on the numbers YOU provide.

It will also factor in one-time Balance Transfer fees as well as promotional rates.

Debt Planner will provide you with a quick, simple way of calculating different aspects of your current debt including the time it will take to pay off, the total interest fees over the lifetime of the debt, your current APR fee, and more! Whether it is credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, you can calculate it!


This app does not have a magical one-click snowball button. If you know how this concept works, you can easily set up the first month of payments appropriately and choose “Lowest Balance First” payment option.


- This app require two special permission so that it remembers notifications on reboot and can access the internet help file.

- App currently supports some basic Spanish and Italian translations. Any inaccuracies? Please let us know!

- Get news before it happens!

Follow our blog for app updates at our Kicking Lettuce website:

- Developed by KickingLettuce Studios.

Technische Details

Größe: 4,4MB
Version: 6.1.01
Entwickelt von: KickingLettuce Studios
Anwendungsberechtigungen: ( Helfen Sie mir zu verstehen, was Berechtigungen bedeuten )
  • Netzwerk-Sockets öffnen
  • Auf Informationen über Netzwerke zugreifen
  • PowerManager WakeLocks, um zu verhindern, dass der Prozessor in den Ruhezustand übergeht oder der Bildschirm dunkel wird
  • Von externem Speicher lesen
  • Verständigt werden, dass das Betriebssystem den Bootvorgang abgeschlossen hat
  • Zu externem Speicher schreiben
  • Ermöglicht einer App, Nachrichten über Google Cloud Messaging zu erhalten
Mindestanforderungen an das Betriebssystem: Android 4.0
Geschätzte Downloadzeit: Weniger als 1 Minute


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