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am 28. Februar 2011
Deborah Rodriguez is a beautician from Michigan who went over to Afghanistan after September 11th to help in any way she could. She quickly fell in love with the country and wanted to reestablish the Afghan beauticians who went out of existence when the Taliban took over. Along with help from others, she opened a beauty school where she trained Afghan women to become beauticians who could then open up their own beauty salons.

This amazing true story is heartwarming yet incredibly sad at the same time. The reader learns the personal and tragic story of the many Afghan women that Rodriguez befriends. We learn of their arranged marriages to men twice their age, abusive husbands who will divorce them if the women can't bear a son, and monetary struggles and desperate attempts to find that money. It is also wonderful to read about these same women becoming independent and happy due to their education from the beauty school and their friendship with Ms. Rodriguez.

This book is truly inspiring and educational. The reader learns about many customs and misconceptions about Afghanistan and its people through the real life experiences of Rodriguez. Her desire to help the kind Afghan people can inspire anyone to do the same.

KABUL BEAUTY SCHOOL is sure to please all readers who are open to learning about a foreign people, their customs, and an American woman who felt the need to dedicate her life to those less fortunate.

Reviewed by: Steph
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"The Kabul Beauty School" is a non-fictional account on Rodriguez's life after she decided to head out to Afghanistan in 2002 to help the Afghan people and finally decided to set up a non-profit beauty school in Kabul, because that's what she was trained at and because she figured that Afghan women might need help setting up own businesses and getting independent.

I was fascinated by Rodriguez's tale about the women at the Kabul Beauty School and I liked the way she told the story: she entwined her personal story with the mostly very sad stories of the Afghan women who attended the beauty school. Rodriguez also vibrantly tells about daily life in Kabul, the dangers, life's little joys when there is hardly anything to rejoice about, the friends she made outside the school and even about finding a new partner. "The Kabul Beauty School" is a story about determination, friendship, love, liberation and cultural blunders committed on Rodriguez behalf because she did not know any better and wanted to do things right or very often do them how they are done at home.

The book left me wondering many times how the very American Rodriguez survived Kabul at all and whether I would have had the guts to put myself in danger the way she did. "The Kabul Beauty School" is also a tale about intercultural skills and/or the lack thereof. Although Rodriguez did obviously improve hers, she may have committed the biggest blunder by telling the story of some of the women she met in her beauty school and thus endangering their lives (therefore the half-a-star deduction).

Apart from that blunder, "The Kabul Beauty School" is a very interesting and moving read, because Rodriguez is a woman from next door, just like the most of us. Her next book The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul (originally published as A Cup of Friendship): A Novel is already on my wish list ;-).
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am 5. Dezember 2015
An absolutely great read about a fascinating and extraordinary real story.
Can't say anything else but: highly recommendable to read!!
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