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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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If you take one trip a year and never go to the same place twice, even the most fortunate person will probably visit no more than 50 different places in a lifetime. What a great idea it is to be more aware of what your choices are before taking one of those 50 trips.

The book is organized around nine themes as described thusly on the contents page:

1. Across Water (Unforgettable voyages, from luxury cruises to dugout canoes)

2. By Road (Chasing the horizon: legendary drives and secret detours)

3. By Rail (Watching the world pass by your window)

4. On Foot (The pleasures of the oldest and greenest mode of travel)

5. In Search of Culture (Life-enhancing odysseys for lovers of all the arts)

6. In Gourmet Heaven (Seeking out the world of flavors)

7. Into the Action (Hands-on adventures for those who'd rather do it for themselves)

8. Up and Away (Flights, skyways, and bird's-eye views)

9. In Their Footsteps (Pilgrimages for readers, dreamers, and history fans)

Typical trip choices are usually described in one or two pages with color photographs and maps taking up at least half of the space. An entry contains brief advice on when to go, how long the trips last, how far ahead to plan, special packing advice, and Web sites for more information. Highlights of such a trip are also briefly described so you can get a sense of what you'll see and do. Some trips are, however, listed in as little as a paragraph.

Naturally, you have to judge a book like this very carefully. By definition, you haven't taken most of the trips!

I looked at trips I've taken that were terrific and noticed some weaknesses in the advice. Here are a few examples:

1. Each entry is treated as though there's nothing else nearby that might be of interest. As a result, you need to check the geographies to see how you might combine several trips listed in the book into one. For example, many of the New England trips are located not too far from one another and you should consider doing more than one on a visit.

2. The timing of how to enjoy other events isn't always considered in enough detail. For instance, Boston's Freedom Trail is listed in the book. But you aren't told that if you come around Patriot's Day (a Monday in April) you can also see re-enactments of the battles of Lexington and Concord and the running of the Boston Marathon on the same trip.

3. Some of the advice seemed just plain wrong from my point of view. When I went to the Galapagos, I was there for 10 days in the dry season and 4 days in the wet season. The wet season was awful! People there said to be sure to always come in the dry season (which ends around the beginning of winter in North America). The book made no mention of this issue in discussing when to go. Also, many of the most interesting things to do in the Galapagos aren't mentioned.

As a result, use this book to start dreaming a little about what you might go see. I was fascinated by some of the choices for Australia and New Zealand that I had never heard of but which looked very beautiful. But do plenty of homework beyond the book to find out what you really need to know before choosing and organizing a trip.

Bon voyage!
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am 4. Oktober 2015
Wenn man das Buch aufschlägt, bemerkt man gleich, dass es mit Liebe gestaltet wurde. Der Einband ist sowohl Außen als auch Innen wunderschön und auch das Layout des Buches ist super.
Der Inhalt ist nach dem Fortbewegungsmittel (zu Fuß, mit dem Zug, etc.) gegliedert und daher sehr übersichtlich gehalten, was Angesichts der Masse an Informationen ein kleines Kunststück für sich darstellt. Jeder Kontinent ist in ausreichender Weise vertreten, auch gibt das Buch Informationen, die noch nicht im Mainstream angekommen sind (Louisiana, Delis im New Yorker Stadtteil Brooklyn), was das Buch extrem wertvoll für einen Kosmopoliten macht.

Wenn ich mal die nötigen Möglichkeiten habe, diese Ideen umzusetzen, werde ich das sicher tun, denn genau dazu lädt das Buch mit vielen Informationen (ideale Reisezeiten, Internetseiten lokaler Tourismusverbände) ein.
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am 14. Januar 2014
Das Buch beinhaltet eine nette Sammlung von Reisetips. Diese sind thematisch geordnet nach Art der Reise (Zu Fuß, mit dem Schiff, mit dem Flugzeug). Es gibt hinten einen Index, der zusätzlich eine geografische Sortierung möglich macht.

Für mich wäre ein stärkerer Fokus auf die geographische Anordung hilfreich gewesen: Wenn ich eine Reise plane, steht nunmal in erster Linie die Geografie im Fordergrund. Habe das Buch daher zurückgesendet.

Drei Sterne, weil das Buch einen wertigen Eindruck macht und sicherlich auch schön im Regal aussieht. Wers braucht ;-)
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am 1. August 2008
Really, one needs to combaine different routs in order to come up with a one, BUT really nice book. I like it!
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