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4,9 von 5 Sternen
4,9 von 5 Sternen
Journey Through Genius: Great Theorems of Mathematics (Wiley Science Editions)
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am 14. Juni 2017
This volume was given to me as a present for my birthday and i can say by now it is one of my most favourite books. Although i'm not a native speaker of the english language this book proves, that mathematic is the fundamental language of science, regardless of your homecountry.

The Autor knows how to write about this subject in an understandable way and you don't have to be a professional mathematician to get an idea about the significance of the discussed problems.

I enjoyed reading this book very much and that's why i say: in my opinion five stars are exactly right.
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am 6. November 1998
I studied mathematics in university but never at any great level. I eventually went to law school and I now practice law. I give you this background so that you can appreciate what I know (and don't know about math). When I feel like reading about mathematics I look for a book that can give me a general idea of the math, but that does not get technical (and therfore boring). I also the lives of mathematicians intereting.
Dunham's book fits the bill for excellent reading in mathematics. It has just enough meat to it so that I can get insights into various mathematical theories. However he never gets so technical that I fall asleep reading the material.
The best parts of the book are the discussions of the various mathematician's and the importance of the mathematical in question. Both form the bulk of the book and are witty and informative. After reading this book, you get the impression that the history of mathematics is filled with a collection of absentminded and colourful men. These parts of the book can be read and enjoyed with absolutely no understanding of the mathematics involved. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get some basic knowledge of mathematics and its history.
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am 8. Oktober 1997
The author modestly refers to the journey as that of others. In fact, writing his book was an expression of his own genius. True, he chronicled great mathematicians' works, but to weave things together as he did required a spirit kindred to their own. The book looks at the lives and works of several mathematicians. Results are put into sharp perspective. Unlike anything that I had read before, Dunham describes the reasons that things were of interest, rather than merely saying what the results were. Instead of only giving the result, he derives it, so that the reader has a visceral grasp of what's going on. I'm waiting for the sequel.
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am 28. Juni 1998
Mr. Dunham is to be commended for presenting mathematical theory and history in a way that is both engrossing and informative. While not a mathematician, I found the book easily readable and true to the technical content. The sections on Newton, Euler, and the Bernoullis were personal favorites and Dunham can even make the Greeks and geometry a page-turner. After rereading this book several times, I re-opened those dusty math textbooks on my shelf with a better appreciation. Highest ecommendations for this book!
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am 1. September 2009
This volume provides a well founded and easily understandable overview of the history of mathematic reasoning and ingenuity. And the best thing is, unlike so many popular books on mathematics it doesn't leave out proofs but presents them in a reader friendly step-by-step manner, fascinating even for non-mathematicians. Starting from Ancient Greece it covers a wide range of mathematical subdisciplines like number theory, calculus, set theory and geometry.
If you ever wondered how mathematicians think, this book will definitely provide an answer.
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am 24. März 2000
As a high school math teacher, I found Dunham's book perfectfor filling what is sadly lacking in math textbooks--the idea thatreal people have contributed to the progress of mathematics. Dunham makes it clear that mathematics is not simply calculation, but an exciting journey of discovery. I have included the book in my Advanced Mathematics courses for several years now, and my students always name it as one of the best parts of the class. The other day, one of my calc students corrected an underclassman's pronunciation of Euler, commenting, "he was great enough that we should pronounce his name correctly." Journey Through Genius is where he encountered Euler's greatness.
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am 1. August 2000
This is an unbelievable tour of the History of Math. So interesting and well written, the way he presents the life of the different mathematicians. Some of this stuff blew my mind. Dunham really let the work of the geniuses speak for themselves as much as possible. I recently re-read it, after having read it for the first time about 5 years ago, and it was just as good the second time (some of this stuff takes a few readings to sink in, but it is well worth it.) Get this, and you won't regret it.
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am 18. November 1998
Absolutely fantastically written. Dunham takes unfamiliar mathematical theorems and makes sense out of the whole works. Plus, he gives detailed (and extremely interesting) accounts of the people and times of certain mathematics. The book has it all, history, humor, interest and most important of all the truth of the universe and the giants who attained those truths. The beauty of it is, you don't even need to be a great mathematician to enjoy and understand this wonderful book.
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am 25. Februar 1997
Dunham explains the great theorems of mathematics by introducing you to the creators and the times in which they lived. By doing so, the reader truly gains added insight and as a result walks away with a comprehensive understanding of these theorems. I have studied every topic that Dunham discusses and never before had so much been so clear. All math subjects should be taught using this format and every math student at any level should read this book
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am 20. Dezember 2003
When were algebraic equations formulated with symbols? When were decimal expansions introduced? These questions are answered in readable form, along with examples of some simple and very interesting calculations made by Newton. A book like this makes one aware of just how much math was developed right before Newton's birth. Without those contributions, neither calculus nor classical mechanics could have been discovered by him.
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