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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 11. Mai 2000
..and that applies to understanding the book as well. I first read this book 25 years ago and thought it no more than an interesting little read about a seagull who tried harder to succeed. Each time I read it as I get older, I recognised the deeper metaphors embedded within a supremely elegant piece of writing. Richard Bach challenges each of us to have and hold our personal vision, to believe in ourselves, to find and trust a mentor, to experiment until we succeed and to never give up on ourselves. If at first you don't see the meaning, put the book down and read it again five years later!
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am 19. Juli 2000
My dad read the story to me when I was just a little boy. I read it every now and again as an adult, and will read it to my children and grandchildren when they come. It is a wonderful heartwarming story, that will not take more than a couple hours of your time. If you have never read it, you must do so, then pass it on to a friend. It is a beautiful picture of life, and what you can accomplish when you dream.
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am 30. Juni 2000
If there is anything that this book teaches, it is that we have the ability to change reality with the power of our own thoughts. This is one of those books that no matter how many times I read it, will never fail to amaze me. It's the kind of book that leaves you speechless, unable to do anything but think, and wonder.
Presented in the form of a charming parable about a seagull's education in flight, Jonathan Livingston Seagull is about far more than the life of one seagull. It is about each and every one of us, struggling to find the answers, to reach something higher that we are not even yet aware of. We are all a little bit like Jonathan, and when we read Bach's story, we realize that we all have the same power inside. That we can do anything, be anything that we want, if only we can believe in ourselves. Bach's message is a powerful and timeless one that stretches across all barriers to reveal the simple truth that we all, at one time or another in our lives, knew: the most powerful force that exists is that of belief, especially in ourselves.
I can't tell you exactly why you need to read this book. It's not about something as simple as plot or writing style. There is a rare magic in the words that cannot be conveyed by any other means than the experience of reading the book. All I can say is that once you read this book, you will understand.
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am 19. Februar 2000
I can remember, before I read this book about 5 years ago, growing up always seeing this book lying around my house. Of course at the time I never inquired as to what it was, I just saw it all the time. I always associated it with some Christian book of inspiration that my father was reading, which is why I never bothered to look at it.
After reading this, however, I was truly amazed with the story. I knew I knew it. I mean, the story was entirely familar. Like most people growing up in a Christian household they are likely to hear the story of Jesus. Either from their parents, church or wherever. This book surprised me with the parallel to Jesus' own life. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, who knew he something better to do than just eat. So he flew higher and higher and came down faster and faster. He was learning. He was experiencing.
Soon, after being kicked out of his own lang and meeting some very wise Gulls. They taught him perfect speed. It was some time before I understood what this meant. But I found out one day at an Ani DiFranco concert (learning is everywhere around you). Someone said that she was the fastest female metal guitarist, or something or other. It dawned on me then what perfect speed was. Its not the speed, its not the height, but the quality. In a word: now.
At any rate, this book was one of the books that really inspired me, for many things outside of it just being a Jesus parallel. It inspired me to know that we all have more to do with our time than to work to make money to eat (ad infinitum). One of the great books of its day. Highly reccomended for those who love good stories. (Oh, by the way - if you loved this story and thought you might want to see the movie. Dont! You will be utterly bored, especially by Neil Diamonds droning terrible songs in which a short book is made into a 2 hour live rendition. A complete let down, not to mention a waste of a film).
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am 27. Mai 2000
For those who recognize "the flock" for what it is, and desire to break free of it or have broken free of it, this is a good story that you can relate to. "Those who dance are viewed as insane by those who can't hear the music."
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am 12. Juli 2000
This slender classic about a seagull who stretches the limits of Flight reads as fresh and emotionally exhilarating as when it first appeared. Disdaining the mundane existence of most gulls--who follow the garbage trails of men--Jonathan dreams of rising above such a demeaning lifestyle, on both aerodynamic and spiritual planes. He boldly pushes his body to perform increasingly difficult stunts, to achieve undreamed of aerial precision and velocity. Until he is callously ostracized for his achievements.
We admire Jonathan's quest for excellence, his willingness to sacrifice everything in his noble pursuit of raising seagfull consciousness. To FLY for the sheer joy of it, to grow in wisdom, to chafe at any limitation of the spirit, to experience the ultimate in seagullness--to meet and perhaps briefly be one with the Great Gull.
Beneath the surface of this seemingly simple tale of a gull, who literally rises above his own kind, lie themes clearly reflecting the 60's: civil disobedience for a worthy cause, social ostracism, the personal dignity of the sentient individual, refusal to accept the standard restrictions of life as imposed by Society. Bach presents philosophical gymnastics worthy of a seagull's Shangri-La; he includes Christian overtones and ideas of global spirituality as well.
JLS proves a teacher of teachers both in Flight and Compasion, but could he really be the only son of the Great Gull? (The movie with Neil Diamond's moving score is a multi-dimensional treat, but read the book first.) Timeless enchantment!
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am 31. Januar 1999
I agree with Pop Psych 101's observation regarding the readers' comments. They are so "feel good-sugar-coated" that it is frightening to see how greatly our youth lacks an understanding for allegory and symbolism. The gull is just a fictional character, people!!
...On the other hand, this book greatly affected my boyfriend in positive ways when he was younger, that still influence him today. He is not afraid to be humble at all... and he is a very strong person (both physically and emotionally) And has a very high position, yet he is not afraid to be kind to people on a "lower rung". He realizes you can be yourself and kind to others, while maintaining a strong character... NOW, did he get this philosophy from this book? No. He got it from Christianity...
Yet, it intrigues me that at 30 years old, this book still influences him in subtle ways. And in fun ways...ie: Seeing the Gulls at the Shore, he leans toward me and says, "that's Young Jonathan" I'm going to read this book and find out about it. At the worst, it will be just a well written book!
So, people, please read more, and stay away from TV and Video Games... your brains are being zombied out!!!!
PS,,, just because many people are believing the same thing... doesn't mean it is necessarily wrong. (or right).
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am 30. Juli 2000
A hearty and inspirational book. This strikes me as one of those books that parents should read to their children, like The Little Prince.
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am 24. Dezember 1996
I congratulatulate you, dear friend.
I heard the audio-tape on Jonathan's when I was about 10,I think. And the story has kept flying in my mind untill I get the audio-tape from my brother, some years later. So, I have duplicated several copies and share with other people. That was quit interesting because each person has created a particular idea of JLS. Now, I understand why, I suppose. JLS is an history of our growing process, and it, this way, relates to universal thruth. As a consequence according to your knowlegde basis or your spiritual "level" you have your picture of what JLS was about!
And my dear friend, the story is about, I think, just the supreme energy that has created us and all that in 3D(material world) and energy universe.
I will send you more, next time I take a time for that!

I have a video-media and it stays at my office I frequently play it. It sometimes feels just as a God's love music.

I thank you for sharing what JLS is about, and I hope for you a nice and wonderfull 1997.

God's energy be always in your live! See you!
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am 4. November 1999
He made me eager to yearn for learning and reaching my limit of learning. It is important for one to know his limits in order to improve them. Bach made me able to stretch my mind and to know my capabilities within some activities. It is not life that is unfair. It is us who are unfair to ourselves. We limit our potential to what is tangible, realistic and reachable. It is the fear of failure. The fear of disappointment. If we manage to break these limits, we impose on our ambitions and capabilities, we will reach a higher level of life. We will know what is the real life we really want to live. By exploring what we don not know, we can learn new things and actually realize who we really are. We can't be parts of others who we know. We will be parts of people we want to acquire parts from. he idea of perfection is too far from our thoughts. Perfection, like any other thing is there. We just need to go up and find it. Find the perfection that we are looking for in ourselves, not the one, others are looking for in us.
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