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am 14. August 2015
What can I say, it's the Thomas the Tank Engine book, what's not to like. We change "the fat director" to "the fat controller" when we read it since that's what we are used to from the TV shows. The stories are identical to those in the TV series (First series).
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am 2. April 2017
"It was sooo good. I love Thomas!" says my 6-year old daughter who just recently got to know this series.
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am 18. Mai 2011
The stories with the main characters are obviously the most popular. The language used in the railway series books is from the 1940's/50's/60's and is occasionally very advanced/antiquated. Nevertheless, thanks to Thomas and his friends I've also learnt the difference between tender engines and tank engines ;-)
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am 2. Mai 2000
Is it OK to say that you don't like TTTE? There is no denying that kids have been captivated by the Thomas phenomenon, including the mass merchandising of toys and every conceivable household accroutrement - from lampshades to bedspreads, toothbrushes to curtains...overpriced clothing ranges...mainly on the strength of the TV series and the BBC/ABC marketing arms.
But, but, but, but....I find the stories twee, dated and humourless. So dour...so class-ridden... I know millions will disagree, and there are millions of happy kids and parents out there.
Thomas was a passing phenomenon in our household, and there's nothing wrong with a bit of stodge mixed in with more nutritious fare. I wouldn's say "don't go there", but try to retain some perspective and balance in children's lives!
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am 22. Februar 2000
This book is a classic. It contains the exceptional stories Thomas and Gordon, Thomas' Train, Thomas and the trucks and Thomas and the breakdown train. In the first story, the little blue engine gets carried away with himself and gets a run for his money from Gordon. In the next, Henry is ill so Thomas takes his passenger train with embarrasing results. In the one after, Thomas has a go with some troublesome trucks. Finally, while he is shunting, Thomas notices James having some trouble with some trucks, he gets a hold of the breakdown train and saves James and gets a Branch line of his very own with two coaches.
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am 29. April 2000
James, who crashed in the last story of Thomas the tank engine, settles down and becomes a very useful engine. He has 4 stories all to his self, James and the Top-hat, James and the Bootlace, Troublesome trucks and James and the Express. In the first story, he and Edward double head a passenger train in which James gets too excited for his own good at the big station and ruins Sir Topham Hatt's Top Hat. Then, he takes some coaches out after being given into trouble by Sir Topham Hatt, who threatens to take away his red coat and have him painted blue. He bangs the coaches so badly that he causes a leak in the pipe which is repaired by, of all things, a passenger's bootlace. He is sent to the shed in disgrace and left there to think about what he's done. But one day, Sir Topham Hatt comes to see him and tells him to pull some trucks for him and in the end keeps his red coat. In the last story, after being teased by Gordon, he pulls the Express and gives the big engine a showing up by proving that he is not the only engine who can pull the Express after all.
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