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2,9 von 5 Sternen
Insurrection: Insurrection Trilogy Book 1
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:5,49 €

am 23. Januar 2014
Nach 30% wusste ich immer noch nicht, um was es eigentlich geht. Zusammenhanglos. Man kommt gar nicht in die Geschichte rein, den Charakteren fehlt jegliche Tiefe.
Ich breche eigentlich ungern mitten im Buch ab aber hier hat Weiterlesen gar keinen Zweck!
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am 3. Dezember 2013
Zum Inhalt kann ich noch nichts sagen, weil das Lesen so mühsam ist. Das Ebook-Layout verwendet absurd große Schriftgröße. Schriftgrad 1 am Kindle entspricht ca. Schriftgrad 3 bei einem korrekten E-Book.
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am 17. Februar 2012

Dieses Buch kann man nicht einfach weg legen!
Robyn Youngs Geschichte über Robert the Bruce fesselt von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite. Ob die Daten und Fakten historisch genau sind, vermag ich nicht zu sagen - aber dies ist bei einem Roman sicherlich nicht unbedingt notwendig. Wie die Autorin auch selber schreibt, ist manches natürlich verändert bzw. hinzuaddiert.
Wer jedoch etwas über die schottische - und auch englische - Geschichte lernen und dabei noch einen guten Roman lesen möchte: der ist bei diesem Buch definitv richtig!
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am 6. August 2011
As an avid reader of historic novels and a particular fan of Robert the Bruce, I thought, wow, this one must be for me! Not so. One of the reasons I enjoy historical novels so much is the chance to soak up historical facts while enjoying an entertaining read.
And yes, of course any author tackling historical themes will need to take certain liberties in order to make the story into a novel, and not a history book. But to my taste, this should aim at filling the gaps between the historical facts and exploring character, motivation and inner facts. Robyn Young goes way beyond this and deliberately tampers historical facts, way too much for my taste. In only one instance does she even explain about this in her comment (on the death of Alexander III).
Also not to my taste is the rather esoteric theme of the dragon knights and the Arthurian connections, which do not fit into the story at all.

One of my problems with this book is probably that I have read rather widely on Bruce and the wars of independence and Robyn Young's interpretation does not fit into the facts and impressions I have collected at all. But altogether, I find this is less a matter of personal taste than rather lack of historical accuracy.

No way will I continue reading this series or pick up any other of her books. Readers picking this up without any further background might enjoy his, but should be warned that this is more fiction than fact.
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am 8. August 2011
I tremendously enjoyed "Insurrection". Quite simply because you delve into the 13th century head-first, into a story that is fast-paced with great, gritty characters who do not follow "their destiny", but find themselves faced with complexities much beyond their control and partly beyond their understanding. Naturally, while Robert the Bruce's ethical dilemma is at the core of the story, antagonists like King Edward are just as multi-facetted, torn and filled with doubt, while having to keep a firm grip on power. Robyn Young turns their many trials, risks and triumphs, defeats and uncertainties into a densely written, highly readable narrative - in short: a page-turner.

As a trained historian and having done a lot of historical research myself, I am always interested in how far a novel can be 'historically accurate' and a riveting tale at the same time. To write a story that grabs you from page one means to take liberties with some historical facts. Robyn Young does what few authors do: she explains which liberties she has taken (very few) and to what effect.

While I am no expert on this period I have to contradict "Daspin": the Arthurian legend was one of the core narratives of court societies in the middle ages and inspired countless knights over centuries - in many countries. To me, history is not a mere sequence of dates and facts, it is a vast river of interwoven themes resurfacing and entwining. Indeed, there is an esoteric theme in this book and there should be: after all, people at that time believed in unicorns and the holy grail. It was a time when Christianity had long become the dominant religion, but mythology, ancient rites and pantheistic traditions still existed on the fringes of society. History is a country of the past and this telling of Robert the Bruce's story did to me what few books achieve: I felt the mud, the battles, the struggles, the friendship and betrayal, I understood the people. And I dare you to find me an account of the battle of Falkirk, for example, that is just as acurate and more gripping to read.

If you're looking for an historical novel to immerse yourself in: this is it.
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am 19. Februar 2011
A masterful historic novel that grabs readers by the neck and flings them back into the reign of Edward I of England, this is where the story of Robert the Bruce begins. And I, for one, can't wait to discover how it continues. Robyn Young has that rare talent of taking the bare boards of history and populating them with totally convincing and gripping life. Believability and authenticity backed up by historic fact and spiced with fast-paced, hard-hitting scenes of battle, this is the kind of writing that keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning and has you surfing off to Amazon to see if you can pre-order the sequel - you couldn't at this time of writing. Definitely the right choice if you are looking for an author with the potential to out-Cornwell Bernard Cornwell.
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