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4,5 von 5 Sternen
The Inner Game of Golf
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 14. April 2016
Habe zur deutschen Ausgabe eine Rezension geschrieben - und zwar wegen des recht extremen Preisunterschieds. Die englische Kindle-Version ist äußerst preiswert. Bitte meine andere Rezension lesen.
Die Kurzfassung: wenn Sie den "Grundwortschatz-Englisch" einigermaßen beherrschen (Schulnote 3 bis 4 reicht) ist das ein äußerst empfehlenswertes Buch.
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am 14. Mai 2013
The Inner Game of Golf ist ein must-read für jeden leidenschaftlichen Golfer. Die Einsichten, die dieses Buch vermittelt gehen weit über die üblichen Technikratschläge hinaus und sind auch jenseits des Golfplatzes anwendbar. Timothy Gallwey's Beobachtungen über die mentalen Prozesse beim Spiel dürften von jedem Golfer leicht nachvollzogen werden können und lassen sich sofort praktisch anwenden. Ich habe einige seiner Vorschläge ausprobiert und war überrascht wie leicht man seine Perspektive mit Hilfe dieser einfachen Techniken verändern kann. Das Buch ist ein erfrischender Kontrapunkt zu den hunderten technik-lastigen Betrachtungen über den Golfschwung und hat zudem das Potenzial, Ihr Spiel nachhaltig zu verbessern. Hochgradig empfehlenswert - 5 Sterne!
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am 2. Juli 2014
Ich habe das Buch bestellt, weil es zu meinem Business passt und mir weiterhilft. Dieser Zwang, sich hier Wörter für ein Buch aus den Rippen zu quälen, finde ich nicht gut. Der Verkäufer hat sofort geschickt. Vielen Dank
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am 6. Juli 2000
For many years, people I play with have complained about my handicap. Yet I seldom play more than a stroke or two above or below my handicap. Yet during a round I will hit many fine shots seldom seen by someone with my handicap (a high one). Clearly, I must know what to do, but cannot do it consistently. People shake their heads at that explanation, and predict that my handicap will soon fall -- which it doesn't.
Having just read Mr. Gallwey's excellent book, The Inner Game of Work, I could immediately sense that he was on to something with regard to his concept of paying attention to critical features of your activities as a way to learn how to improve rapidly. That's a point that we stress in The Irresistible Growth Enterprise and The 2,000 Percent Solution.
As an example of this point, I had stopped taking lessons over the last year-and-a-half, and my tee shots and fairway woods greatly improved. The main thing I noticed is that I began to rely on myself to figure out what I was doing wrong, rather than waiting to have my pro show me. As a result, I figured out a lot of long-term faults never unearthed in the lessons and corrected them.
I was very excited to find a number of other drills I could use in this fine book to locate other faults and correct them. Just thinking about the drills allowed me to locate four faults that I had not been aware of before. I can hardly wait to see how I hit the ball tomorrow!
One of the places where my game started to get better was when I noticed that if I played with no focus on winning or score I played much better. Mr. Gallwey provides several tools for extending that psychology that I intend to use as well.
Some people had taught me other ways to keep score: How many putts, how many fairways and greens in regulation, quota points, and square shots. Mr. Gallwey's book adds learning and enjoyment scores as well. I think those will add a lot to my game, as well. It helps to be given permission to think about something other than the gross score.
Mr. Gallwey unerringly describes every harmful mental process I use to hit poor shots, deny myself fun and learning, and to make myself miserable. Even if my golf doesn't get any better (and I would be surprised if that happened), this book will add a lot to my enjoyment of golf and life.
If you don't already understand the key elements of the swing, it may be that this book will not help you as much. If you are a long-term golfer who has taken a lot of lessons, watches good players, and wants to get more out of your game, this book is a great use of your time and money.
I also recommend Dave Pelz's new book, Dave Pelz's Putting Bible. Mr. Pelz does a great job of combining physical, technique and mental processes to help your putting. I realized from The Inner Game of Golf that some of what I learned from Pelz's short game school that works for me relies on tools that Mr. Gallwey speaks about in this book. That gave me more confidence to try out Mr. Gallwey's suggestions.
Hit 'em all like you'd like to!
Donald Mitchell
Coauthor of The Irresistible Growth Enterprise (available in August 2000) and The 2,000 Percent Solution
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am 11. April 2000
This book provided for me a new perspective on how I approach shotmaking. I've always had a decent short game and plenty of power, but inacuracy in ball striking has hurt my ability to score. Since reading this book one year ago I've moved from a 14 hdcp into the single digits. The book is not a miracle product, but if you are familiar with the mechanical fundamentals (read Hogan's 5 fundamentals if you aren't) and you are willing to practice, the Inner Game techniques can help one to improve. In my case this improvement was rapid, dramatic, and has stuck. I will say, that not every technique in the book has clicked with me, at least as of yet. I tried most of the methods outlined, and embraced some while setting others aside for now. For me the single instruction to visualize yourself throwing the golf ball at your target as you swing made such a dramatic improvement to my accuracy that it alone payed for the book many times over. As a more general comment, the philosophy put forth in these pages has improved my time spent on the course. I for one feel much better about my game when I focus on letting my natural abilities come through. I know that my best shots have the same quality as those of the PGA pros. Physical skill is not a deterant in my game. The only thing keeping me from performing consistently at their level is between my ears. When I head out on the course knowing that I am not going to clutter my mind with thoughts about where my right elbow is at the top of the backswing, I enjoy the game much more and shoot lower scores. Thanks much Mr. Gallwey!
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am 14. Oktober 1999
Ever since Adam and Eve, through knowledge, abandoned innocence, man has been more concerned with its own self than with the act of seeing and appreciating things as they are. The human body is a miracle and capable of doing incredible things, and the golf swing does not represent a big performance problem, if only we could let it feel, learn and perform the way is was meant to do it. The golfer's ego, however, is constantly trying to interfere in order to justify itself; to find a way to achieve fame and glory, proving not to others, but to itself, that it deserves admiration, respect or at least recognition. This ego -the ego not originally created with the human body, and therefore not capable to perform with the requirements of golf- will never let the golfer do the things the human body is capable of doing, unless we learn to quiet this ego. The technics shown in this book are the best way I can think of to start learning to focus, feel, learn and perform to excel in golf. This will in turn will teach the golfer to pursue performance in any other field of human activity.
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am 8. Januar 2004
Das Buch empfinde ich als Sensation.Für "Fortgeschrittene"
des Golfsports eine Offenbarung!Nichts aus diesem Buch findet man
in anderen Golflehrbüchern,aber vieles in den maßgeblichen
psychologischen und neurologischen Fachbüchern.Das Allerwichtigste:It helps dramatically!
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am 28. August 1999
A terrible read. All these gimmicks with the golf swing. No non-technical book such as this is going to improve the way one looks at the game as you play it. Mr Galwey obviously plays golf like the boy President in the current White House--use the ole footwedge.
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am 22. Juli 1999
From his first chapter you see immediate results, it really hit home since I have taken numerous lessons and always had the problem of taking my Driving Range game to the Course but this book shows you how and a whole lot more!
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