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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen

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am 18. Mai 2013
2, 5 Stars. I really dislike to give the first review under 4/5 Stars....But I am sure that this book'll find a lot of fans, though forgive me fot not to be very enthusiastic about it. I'll try to explain why I gave this book only 2, 5 Stars.
Normally I like sexy love stories with a controlling, possessive man and a submissive young woman. I really do. The plot combined the Fifty Shades of Grey and Crossfire series almost exactly. But I don't like the comparison with this two books, because I really like Christian and Gideon,I like almost everything about them. I had problems with James Cavendish, Mr. Geneous, Mr.Beautiful, Mr.Persistent, Mr.Perverse, Mr. Moody, Mr.Stalker, Mr.Incredible, Mr.Charming, Mr.Shameless, Mr. Sensetive, Mr.Tender-Lover, Mr...Mr...Mr...He's the 'most beautiful,' 'most stunning,' 'most attractive,', 'most devastatingly handsome' and- how can i forget- 'the most mercurial' man in the world. The Bianca's words. For me- unoriginal, unemotional, boring, arrogant billionaire hero, a pale highly derivative version of Christian and Gideon. When a man says to a virgin, who has stayed away from men her whole life "I'm going to tie you to the bed and take your hymen." Is it sexy??!!It's just bloody vulgar and not cool and erotic at all!!

Speaking about virgins...I have problems with 23 year old virgins who meet men and beat every existing sex-records on a single night...
"He made me come again and again before he allowed his own release."....*sigh*!
"He was merciless, bringing me to orgasm again and again, thrusting endlessly"...*sigh*!
I'm all for the hard core erotic dom and sub books you really believe a woman who has no sexual experience is going to LOVE everything that's being done to her? I mean really, our virgin Bianca just met James and let him took her to a play room and introduced her into the world of BDSM. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Overall, it wasn’t a bad read.
The story and characters had potential for so much more, but for me the author did just not enough to make the best out of it. Having said that, the book is readable. It was OK read, just not great. One more reason why I can't give more than 2, 5 stars- I am not interesting in this story and will buy the sequels only if it'll be for free. There are so many great books, I don't have enough time to spend it with somthing that is just OK.
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am 9. Januar 2014
I loved the relationship between the heroine and her friend. They were very close, bound together by experiences in the past. It made me wish to have someone like that in my life, too, someone who cares as much as they do for each other. I liked that the author didn't elaborate on those sad stories from the past extensively and in too many detail as I don't like to read about other people's (fictional or not) depressing lives. While that relationship was important, it was well balanced with the evolving relationship between hero and heroine. Unfortunately, between those two, for me there was no passion, no emotion the way the characters were described. The story was told in such a cold, distant and detached way that it didn't touch me at all. The sex scenes were the same. And the heroine started to annoy me at one point with her refusal to just enjoy life.
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am 7. September 2015
Wollte diese Triologie schon seit längerem lesen, fand aber den Preis zu hoch, habe jetzt natürlich zugegriffen, da der erste Teil kostenlos war. Werde aber nicht weiterlesen, denn ich wurde mit Bianca und James nicht richtig warm. Er war mir zu intensiv und sie war mir zu langweilig. Die Chemie hat für mich nicht gestimmt.

Es handelt sich um die übliche Story, mit schlimmer Vergangenheit, viel Sex und Geheimnissen und obwohl ich diese Art von Geschichte sehr gerne lese, hat mich diese hier nicht mitgerissen.
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am 30. Juni 2013
Totally consuming!!! Love it! Love Mr. Cavendish (although he is going a bit fast at times and such a secret) and have to admit wanted to slap Bianca a couple times! Stephan is that friend we all want! *sighs heavily*
off to book two...can't stay away!
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am 22. Juli 2013
YES, i love all these books from the Up in the air series....
This story is beautiful, sexy and totally fascinating.... WOW
I must read these story again....
I'll love it - I'll love it - I'll love it
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am 25. Februar 2014
Nicht was lange im Gedächtnis bleibt, aber gut zu lesen. Es waren mir etwas zu viele Probleme angedeutet für den 5. Stern.

Ein kurzweiliger Lesespass!
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am 12. September 2016
It's an ok book if you have nothing else too read. For me the most interesting parts of the book were about the flying as I am an ex-flight attendant.
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