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am 5. Februar 1997
If readers want to read one novel that is the likely choice as Novel of the 20th Century (ludicrous thought as that seems), I strongly recommend ``One Hundred Years of Solitude'' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Great fiction removes our usual methods of perceiving the world, bringing us a revised code of insight, understanding and comprehension.

This novel has that transformative quality. The English translation from the original Spanish by Gregory Rabassa is also, in its own right, a classic of its kind.

What readers want _ human insight, distilled reflection on the patterns of history, careful language _ are delivered in a magical, powerful way in this book. I have to add, personally, that this novel can be offputting at first. It took me 70 pages before the hook in my brain was completely set. From that point on, I was addicted to Marquez's prose.

I'm about to read the book for the third time this spring.
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am 25. August 1999
What is the point of this book? It doesn't have one, in my opinion. The author himself said that the reason for writing it was that he wanted to write a book about incest! I really do not enjoy graphic descriptions of this incest, either. I would not reccommend it to anyone, in fact, I tell others NOT to read it. I wouldn't have read past the tenth page if I hadn't been required to for my English class.
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am 6. Mai 1999
I started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude when I was still in school. I didn't understand the book beyond 100 pages.Such intense writing, i though. And so elusive! I gave up half way through with a promise to myself that I woild return to it. I did return to it a couple of years later. in the meanwile, i read copiously about the book one of them being an essay by salman rushdie. i began to relate to the book. it was strange. soon i could imagine talking to marquez himself and to Melquiedes, the gypsy whose note in Sanskrit lay at the heart of the story. Being an Indian I had read a bit of the anciant language in school. It felt a if it was our book, a 400-page note from my village. Strange though it may sound, i was rolling in such intimate experince without having read--or as ithough at that time, `understood' the book. it was with a mission to comprehend Marquez that i picked the novel again. I began reading and read it for a week...over food...in the bus i took to my college...in the canteen...everywhere. A week later it was changed man rereading the back flap of the novel. It was an epiphany, a divine realisation of a truth that had eluded me all my early youth. It was: you do not have to `understand' a book like One Hundred Years of Solitude. Yes, one does not have to understand the Bible, does one? One does not have to understand any work of art. It was this realisation that has had the most profound impact on my subsequent life. I thank Marquez for having written the novel. I thank Joyce for being so difficult I thank Flaubert for not writing non-fiction I thank Dostoevsky for having written at all
My review of One Hundred Years od Solitude is: It had to be writen. Good that someone with Marquez's gift wrote it.
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am 7. Juli 2000
Although I liked some aspects of One Hundred Years of Solitude, I do have some bones to pick with it.
For one, I don't like the way Marquez tells the story. It is not in chronological order. To be honest this isn't my favorite way of telling a story but that isn't the worst part. What really bugs me about it is the fact that he spoils his future events. Not by foreshadowing but by blatantly telling you what will happen later in the story.
Another problem is his sentence structure. Some of them were quite long. I like highly expressive writing styles and complicated sentences, but Marquez does it all wrong. There was one particular one that started more than half way up page 348 and ended at almost the bottom of page 350. Now call me cynical, but that sentence was pretty much a short story in itself. Needless to say I didn't like his sentence structure. (I highly doubt that this extremely long sentence was made with the translation since Marquez complimented Rabassa on his work and even said he preferred the English version of his novel.)
I must say I did enjoy the actual story and the message that Marquez was giving. He was very symbolic and I liked that part of the novel.
In all I think that One Hundred Years of Solitude was good but not the best. If you're curious about my favorite novel, here it is: the unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
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am 22. April 1998
I recently read Marquez' book and found it to be one of the most thrilling and entertaining books I have ever read. I now see why he won the Nobel prize for literature in 1982. I got so involved with the characters that I was actually dreaming of them (maybe hallucinating). I wanted to know why they behaved the way they did. Marquez had a systematic way of reavealing everything at the end. However, it was a little difficult to read, but challenging. It was funny,but at the same time weird. I loved reading it. Garcia Marquez has an incredible knack with words. Even though I read the English version of the book, I don't imagine much was left out as a result of its translation. He was able to show how individuals in this fictitious town, Macondo, become lost in their own worlds, desires (solitude) and at the same time disregard any social mores or laws and consequences. He subsequently showed that there are consequences for one's actions. Granted, there were many things that cannot be easily explained, but that is all part of his style of writing called "Magical realism". I loved "100 years of solitude" so much that I intend to continue doing more research to understand the book. Great piece of literary work. This refers to the hardcover version of the book.
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am 23. Dezember 1999
This book has one of the finest desriptions and analysis of literature one can find in any author on its highly desciptive work of the Buendia family and, so called, Mocondo.........but really, the nobel prize for literature for 400+ pages of such bore and repetitiveness. I have also read some of the reviews on this page and must conclude that either readers have terribly boring lives, that this kind of literature can be so compelling with the surreal and completely over exaggerated descriptive material. Nobel Prize..huh..make a good soap opera.
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am 10. September 1997
One Hunderd Years of Solitude left me disturbed.

From the happy tale of two young lovers, who carve

out a new village for themselves, to the incestous

account of the last descendants of the family,

the book has the power to unnerve the reader. The

story rambles, so that you feel that time is

suspended in Mocando. And yet as characters

grow older, you notice that time is in fact moving

in a circle. The same members of the family are reborn in the

Arcadia family, reincarnated as the 100 years pass

by. The forces compelling them to act as they

do, attract and repel you at the same time. You

try and understand the events and the

characters, but sheer incredulity and awe as

the story unfolds, leaves you stupefied. I am

not sure I love the book like I do "Jane Eyre"

or admire it like I do "War and Peace".

But I am powerfully attracted by it, and I'd like to

read it again - if only to marvel at a magical

family, banished to one hunderd years of solitude.<BR
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am 7. April 1999
One of the few books of AP English that I actually finished, this book held me spellbound. It created that thirst that took over 400 pages to satisfy.desc I've read the reviews of others on this site, and most either loved it or hated it. (Which is the usual responce when a book this amazing is written.) The slow, destined, circular descent of the Buendia family promoted the view that time does not travel in a straight line, but twists and turns and repeats itself. The family represents mankind (i think), and many of the occurences and metaphors of the story remind the reader of historical and psychological truths. And the little tidbits of "whaat!" kept the book light-hearted and fun to read, as all 400 page books should be. Those who didnt like it probably mis-directed their attention, avoided the depth but critiqued the purposely shallow ends of the book. In conclusion, a beautiful read, definitly should be required reading for all of humanity!
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am 9. Juli 1998
Reading a Hundred Years of Solitude is a total experience that dominates one's existence while engaged in it. It was even better the second time I read it, and I rarely read a book twice. Garcia Marquez sets a standard for this genre of magical realism that authors, like Rushdie, try to match, but so far no one has come close. The evolution of Macondo and the Buendia family is so alive and captivating with it's tale of tragedy laced with humor as the modern world invades it. Melquiadez, the visiting gypsy also plays a major role, and one is haunted by his presence even after his death. If you haven't read this book, your missing a major work in 20th century literature. This book will become one of the great classics of all times. To read it in Spanish must be even more of an experience, but the English translation is excellent. Just writing this review makes me want to read it a third time, there's so much going on, the reader is never bored.
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am 12. Januar 2000
One has to be in the proper frame of mind to read this. Hence, after several "false starts" (caused by the extraordinarily long sentences, convoluted paragraphs and compounded with severe irritation that the names the characters are identical), I finally started reading this book properly four days ago and could not put it down until last night.
And what a great experience this book is. With unforgettable characters, set against a setting fertile with imagination. The richness of the plot entices and weaves the reader into a rich, magical world, and the reader's definition of reality is temporarily suspended in the pages of this masterpiece.
I would not recommend this book to everyone, only to those who can appreciate and recognise truly great literature, and those with the patience and forebearance to succumb to the unlikely, passionate, warped, tragic, amusing and wonderful world conjured by Marquez.
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