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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 21. Juli 2000
I remeber first reading Allen Ginsbergs Howl one night on the Sunset Strip it seemed to explode across the night like a star which everyone looks at and gos Aww... He was the maestro of eternal prose which set fire to the American continet and spread across the land setting fire to conventional prose and structure by calling old poetmen to account and crossing the lines that had been drawn. He reads like a beautiful juxtaposition of Shelly, Blake, Rimbaud, Baudilerre and Whitman. His book will open the etneral doors of heaven and set free the thoughts of anyone waiting to listen the eternal prose and beginning should flow down New Yorks Greenwich Village across a continent that is all land and people to the doors of his cottage in San Fransisco rising and stagggering like an angel over tennements and howling '...I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by maddness starving hysterical naked dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angel headed hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinary of night...' A master A Teacher and the heir of Whitmans Fabled dammed.. 'If your not safe then neither am I'
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am 25. Februar 2017
Allen Ginsberg ist und bleibt einer der schönsten Wortmaler der englischen Sprache. Die Bilder mögen manchmal verstörend wirken, aber die Art sie zu malen ist höchst erfrischend. Keine Zwischendurch-Lektüre, eher etwas das man nach einer übel durchgefeierten Nacht und mit dem gebührenden Kopfschmerz um diesem Text zu huldigen lesen sollte. So wie man William Dunbar's Lament for the Makaris am besten mit dem Blick auf die Vergänglichkeit lesen sollte.
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am 26. März 2000
This is one of the greatest collection of words ever printed under one cover. The poems around Howl are also some of Ginsberg's best, some are:"A Supermarket in California", the second most anthologized Ginsberg poem, "An Asphodel", a beautiful little (short) love poem about what i believe to be a tulup or a dafodil (look it up, tho, it has symbolic meaning) and "Song" which is a very sincere and beautiful poem about love that made me cry it was so simply powerful. It is terrific to have this collection of poems in a small, nice-looking book; its portable. You can turn to any page and find something extraordinary.
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am 17. April 2000
Ginsberg is perhaps an "important" poet, and I admit that "Howl" has a certain frothy energy. But aside from the oceanic rhetoric, there's not much in these poems; it's the kind of poetry that no doubt sounds great when recited before a crowd, but doesn't really bear much scrutiny. I was tired of hearing about the best minds of Allen Ginsberg's generation long before the bombastic, repetitive verses of the title poem came to a close. A few of the additional poems included, though, are decent enough, and manage to communicate a sense of the transcendent in the stuff of everyday life.
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am 14. Oktober 2014
'Moloch who entered my soul early! Moloch in whom I am a consciousness without a body! Moloch who frightened me out of my natural ecstasy! Moloch whom I abandon! Wake up in Moloch! Light streaming out of the sky!' - you've got to love Ginsberg and his work. Great little pocket book :)
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am 7. Februar 2009
... into the soul of not only the beat generation but into a state of mind! Howl was -like for many others - also my first step into the world of beat poetry. Since then the poems of Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, Corso (...) have blown my mind! A direct capture of life.
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am 10. August 1996
Allen Ginsberg's Howl is W.C. Williams vision
of a "New Measure" made concrete. It is not only
a poem, as such but a lyrical cry that echoes
throughout the page and the reader's mind as he/she
lets the words rebound off a boundless
mind/soul. It is as if Ginsberg broke free from
the word-form lines that confine thought and
let his untampered ideas flow free onto the page
and then just leave them there to reform themselves
in the readers mind exactly as Ginsberg thought
them. He not only cast his un-strained thoughts
onto the page but also poured them into a mind-
breath mould that allowed them to be measured
by each breath the mind takes, re-inhaling the
glorious fumes with the base repitition of "Who..."
This not only gives the poem a measurable quality but
also an ethereal quality because it is not measured
physically but with each breath of the mind.
The second stanza is one of industrial wickedness
and power-hunger as well as divine-right rule and
god-like evil. It shows Moloch as The Tyrant and
money, corruption and greed as his arms, legs and blood.
The whole poems shines like a glossy white garage
on a soot covered hill.
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am 9. Dezember 1997
Howl is the quintessential american poem that defied its times analysis and slapped the collective doldrums of its society into spattering degrees that have landed since then,still do right now,& will continue doing so until the very same society that the greatest beat bard rebelled on still exists.Each of the poems lend a direct punch through a brilliant array of repetition,long lines,obscenity,vulgarisms,& unique thought.Whitman couldnt claim a more greater son.The fact that this collection changed world literary history comes as no surprise at all.After more than 40 yrs of inspiration & derision,it still continues to amaze & fascinate the current mind with its intense jugulation of words ordering on the imprinting sublime.I was jumpstarted to write after reading this book,the vast plethora of radical differences it evokes opened my mind to immense structures that i wanted to get my hands on,ridding all inhibitions that threateningly barred my way.A great first book to read for the initiate.
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am 17. Juli 1998
When Allen Ginsburg first began reading the poem "Howl" in coffee shops around San Francisco, he was immediately berated by city and state officials for breaking obsenity laws. Instead of backing off, he continued to write and read his poetry despite these official inquries. In doing so he established himself as one of the most out spoken writers of his time. In "Howl" he captures the universal feeling of hopelessness, yet does so with a small glimmer of hope. This feeling can best be described in the opening line of "Howl", "I have seen the greatest minds of my generation destroyed by madness" Truelly a great work, in my humble opinion one of the best ever.
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am 9. August 1999
To be completely honest, I don't find Howl as interesting as I find Ginsberg's other poems. While Howl does reach the soul, I find that Ginsberg's poems America, Sunflower Sutra, and A Supermarket in California are much more effective this and a lot less annoying to read. I found myself plugging away through Howl because it got redundant and boring. The other poems are fresh and more personal than Howl. Howl is a great poem and it is easy to see how it receives so much acclaim, but as a fan of Ginsberg's work, I find that Howl pales in comparison to Ginsberg's America. By all means, purchase this book, but don't buy it with the expectation that Howl is the best poem in there, because it isn't.
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