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am 18. Juni 2000
After reading the first three reviews, I put off buying this book. I got the impression that it might be just a rehash of Elaine Aron's previous HSP books which I already own.Nothing could be further from the truth! This book is packed with useful information and practical strategies for HSPs to use to build solid, fulfilling relationships. I gleaned many insights and ideas that I plan to use to enhance my relationships with my family and friends as well as with my husband.If you're serious about building a happy, fulfilling life as an HSP, I highly recommend this book.
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am 27. Juni 2000
As a psychotherapist, I found this book an invaluable source of practical wisdom. The author has articulated something that often goes unheard in a extraverted, "more is more, and more is better" culture. HSP's have difficulty making a relationship to their healthy creative selves; they have often learned to pathologize their gifts of intuition and introspection, depth and empathy. Separated from self, it should be no surprise that they also often become alienated from their partners, but when they are in sync with themselves, they can be warm, compassionate, spontaneous and profoundly present in love relationships. It is gratifying to find a resource that offers concrete suggestions and a wealth of support to HSP's. They are among the more gifted among us, and they need and deserve to be encouraged.
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am 19. April 2000
Aron's first book, The Highly Sensitive Person, was groundbreaking. The author pioneered in presenting a well-researched theory on what was essentially an inherited temperament leading to an unusual level of sensitivity to one's environment. Being sensitive to this degree, one sees the subtleties others miss, feels the depths others fail to experience, and essentially lives a fuller life just by observation, let alone by experience. However, this attunement has the downside of over-stimulation of the senses, resulting in feelings of discomfort or panic and a need to retreat into a far less active environment. When I first read Aron's book, I found myself. Not all of me, since each individual has myriad aspects both biological and experiential in origin, but an understanding of some of my persistent and inescapable (inexplicable) behaviors. Now, I appreciate my sensitivity, realizing that I'm not paranoid because I put 2 + 2 together more quickly than anyone I know. In fact, after Aron's book, I've learned to use and trust this ability to my and others' advantage. I realize too that I need a peaceful, silent retreat from stimulus in order to regain my balance -- realize it and understand it and permit it.
So it was with anticipation that I got myself a copy of her new book, hoping for many insights into achieving a harmonious and pleasurable love life. The HSP in Love is not as well-written or as innovative or amazing as was the original volume. I found it difficult at times to focus on the point the author was making during a discussion; however, certain points were enlightening, especially when the author writes about current research into relationships (which apply to everyone, not just HSPs). From time to time there are too many acronyms -- HSPs, non-HSPs, HSS, non-HSS, HSW, HSM, etc. -- in one paragraph, so the writing style became choppy and difficult to follow. The book contains a summary of the theory which though a good review takes up too much of the text, so there isn't enough about the "love": relationships, romance, sexuality, or platonic relationships as well. That was disappointing. Also, at times I felt like I was reading the first draft of the book, as if the author had no time to produce the book she actually intended -- something tight and organized, filled with revealing info about HSP relationships.
There was good information in this book. Don't get me wrong on that. It was worth reading, but I was left wanting more info rather than feeling like I had learned a great deal. Based on the book, my relationships have not improved, but I know a little more about loving relationships and I have more compassion for myself and my behavior/needs within the relationships. The book is worth reading for anyone identifying with being a HSP, but be sure you read The Highly Sensitive Person first so you have an understanding of the theory and get the most enlightenment about yourself before delving into to this later book.
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am 15. Juni 2000
This book reches out to a previously unnoticed population and the people that are in love with them. It explains many theories and gets fairly in depth. The book is a nice reference to look back at now and then as Dr. Arons explores alot of situations that come up between two HSP's in love as well as an HSP and a non HSP. The book is not an easy read as much of the language is quite profound. However, it does bring HSP's better in touch with themselves. Also, some of the explanations can cue non HSP's into the world HSP's face everyday. The same people who can cry at the slightest provocation can also deeply appreciate the inner beauties of art and music. Its good that Dr Arons is in touch with herself and recognizes that these people have a prominent role in our society.
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am 3. Mai 2013
Die Originialausgabe zu lesen (falls man gut Englisch kann) bringt einem dem Autor bzw. der Autorin einfach immer näher.
Elaine bricht eine Lanze für die "Eigenartigkeiten" von hochsensiblen Menschen und nimmt - nicht zuletzt aufgrund der wissenschaftlich fundierten Arbeiten - großen Druck von den oft sehr hohen Erwartungshaltungen dieser Menschen (an sich selbst).
Mein Fazit: Eine Maus wird nie ein Elefant werden. .... Wir sind nicht alle gleich und das ist gut und (lebens)wichtig so!
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am 23. Mai 2000
I am a highly sensitive person even though I have spent 20 years trying to be otherwise. I realize that my mate needs to respond and react differently than what is "normal." Another excellent book for dealing with sensitive people is THE ROMANTIC'S GUIDE.
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am 11. Juni 2012
Das perfekte Buch für Menschen, die sonst immer nur als empfindlich, schüchtern und zu sensibel beurteilt werden. Es bringt wirklich etwas, mit seinen Besonderheiten seine Beziehung zu gestalten.....
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