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3,7 von 5 Sternen
Hector and the Search for Happiness (Hector's Journeys)
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 13. Mai 2014
Hector and the Search for Happiness is a novel set in various countries around the world and at first, I found it interesting that Mr Lelord doesn’t call those countries by their names but rather prefers to describe what they are famous for. As I read on, I noticed that this was one of Lelord’s quirks that would become annoying the more I encountered them.

Hector, our main character, is a psychiatrist but I really didn’t buy that. Sure, sometimes he thinks and says very smart things, but most of the time he acts and thinks like a child or maybe a pubescent. Or is this what men are really like?

Plot-wise, Hector and the Search for Happiness is a bit repetitive. Hector visits various countries, but what he does there doesn’t differ much from what he did in the last country, with one tiny exception that helps to speed up the story. What I really can’t stand is the writing style. The novel is written like a children’s book. And maybe it is one. I don’t know. While this writing style was original at the beginning, it started to get so annoying I was considering quitting the book. Well, I sat through it ’til the end. If you think you can handle a novel targeted at adults with the writing style of a children’s book, buy it. I mean, it’s a bestseller after all. I don’t know why.
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am 28. Januar 2016
Recently I was suggested to read this book on Happiness.

The book offers a very easy way into the psychology behind happiness. Having said that, I do find the book sometimes too simple. Hector, as the main character, is a bit too naïve and the writing style sometimes a bit too simple. Almost condescending and childish at some points.

Still, I am happy that I have read the book and I would certainly recommend others to read it as well. In addition to the ‘lessons’ given in the book, there were many things to discover between the lines for me as well.

I have also written a more elaborate review: [...].
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am 17. September 2016
Die Story ist ganz ok, hat mich aber nicht vom Hocker gehauen.
Das Buch war zäh zu lesen, da es wie ein Kinderbuch geschrieben ist.

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am 31. Januar 2014
kann dieses buch nur weiterempfehlen. es ist sehr unterhaltsam geschrieben und man muss kein psychologe sein, um die paralellen zu unserem täglichen leben zu erkennen
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am 2. Juli 2014
Really it's awesome it's simple but the message is deep. I really really liked it and suggest that any read it
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am 22. Oktober 2014
After having watched the movie, I felt the urge to read the book.
And what can I say, I wasn't disappointed. :)
Hector and his companions along his journey are great characters! One can easily put oneself in Hector's place and find wisdom in the lessons about happiness.
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am 4. Mai 2013
Eine wertvolle Zeit verbringt man mit diesem Buch - auch ein super Geschenk für jeden Freund.
Sehr empfehlenswert! Wünsche nur mehr solche Bücher!
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am 12. Mai 2016
Ein sehr schönes Buch! Ich hab es verschenkt und die Botschaft des Buches ist perfekt dafür. Ich kann es nur empfehlen
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am 20. Januar 2016
Hector ist sehr unterhaltsam, einfach nett zu lesen. In recht leichtem Englisch geschrieben, somit gut um die Sprache zu vertiefen.
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am 15. Oktober 2014
It's quite short and childishly written, but it's a very cute book. Doesn't make you understand happiness though, it's just a nice story.
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