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am 18. September 2017
After seven months of severe back pain I read this book in one day. That same day I quit the pain meds I had taken for months. The pain didn't go away right away-it took about 2-3 months. In addition I also did the workbook " Think away your pain" which was written by a student of Dr. Sarno. All in all I can truly say this book changed my life and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Sarno.
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am 3. November 1998
What can I say? I am the biggest skeptic I know. When I originally injured my back shoveling snow, then reinjured it playing basketball, someone recommended that I read an article about this guy Dr. Sarno. I didn't take the advice -- xrays indicated a physical injury -- and who was this guy to doubt my pain.
I spent over 10 years limiting my activity with an average of every third day in substantial pain. So finally, after getting a tip from a co-worker I respect, I read this book. Two weeks later... no more pain.
After several orthopedists, physical therapists, and chiroquackters, finally no pain. After thousands of dollars of treatment, a $15 book fixed me. To be totally honest, every three months or so when a major storm goes through I get a twinge. But my worst day now is better than my best days three years ago.
I'm still a skeptic in every other area and can laugh about what I call the "I believe in Tinkerbell cure." But it worked. Try it, believe it and you'll probably have a good result. And if this works, what does this say about the rest of traditional medicine?
Good luck.
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am 1. August 2000
I had been suffering with severe back pain, severe pain from siatica and extreme weakness in both legs. I could only walk for a short distance and then with a cane. My son mailed Dr. Sarno's book to me as it had been helpful to him. I read the book. Within two days, the strength in my leg muscles improved to 90% of normal. Simply put, Dr. Sarno suggests that most back pain is caused by oxygen deprivation to the muscles (TMS) as a result of emotionally induced factors such as anger or anxiety, particularly for the 30 to 60 age group. Being 70, I was concerned whether my partial recovery was the placebo effect or if I had TMS or a structural problem or a combination of both and whether the cure would be permanent. I had been diagnosed as having spinal stenosis and in need of a laminectomy (removal of a portion of a vertebra to release pressure on the spinal column) on L3 and L4. I found the website listing doctors who are familiar with the TMS treatment. I made an appointment. I was informed that I had TMS beyond any doubt. In four weeks I was back to normal. Most treatments for back pain result in temporary relief which could be a placebo effect. Dr. Sarno's program offers permanent relief because the cause of the pain is correctly identified. I wish that all people suffering from chronic pain could be aware of this procedure. It is certainly working for me. Thank you Dr. Sarno.
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am 11. Januar 2000
I was debilitated by severe back pain early in 1999, a repetition of a problem I had in 1987. Over the years, I accommodated to the pain, limiting many of my activities. I would often have to take some time off to "lay down" to relieve occasional attacks. Then this year I was laid low by extreme pain in my legs radiating from the lower back.
An MRI and the diagnosis of 2 leading neurosurgeons confirmed the existence of 2 herniated disks, several bulging disks and spinal stenosis. Both recommended surgery, but I was hesitant. Even though I could not drive, sit up, or function in any normal way, I resisted the surgery. I was taking painkillers, anitinflammatories and doing physical therapy, but getting no better. None of the healthcare professionsl I queried would admit to knowing Sarno or anything about his ideas--what a shame.
After seeing Sarno on 20/20 I bought the book and recognized myself in his description of the typical back pain sufferer. I started to apply the ideas in his book that day, and started getting better immediately. After 4 weeks I was basically pain-free and after 8 weeks I felt I had recovered to my earlier level of health.
Now, 9 months later, I'm more active and in better shape than in the last 10 years, and feel 20 years younger. If you can get your mind to go along for a few weeks, this book will change your life for the better. Not least of all, you will feel that you really can influence your back pain syndrome, instead of being a passive victin. Try it!
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am 27. April 2000
I am a " textbook " lifetime psychosomatic back pain sufferer. I give the book 2 out of 5 stars simply because the author's concept of TMS and description of how it works is a unique one, and reading this book provided me that " theory " ( which seems to be working for people, so I take my hat off to Dr. Sarno ). I neglected to give it the other 3 stars for many other reasons. I found the book was unable to further expand on it's basic premise, leaving many questions unanswered, but rather go to great lenghts to do many other things ( such as give medical knowledge and history regarding these mind - body issues ) that are largely irrelevant to the pain sufferer, but instead fill pages in a book. I would have preferred to know more about the specifics of what brings pain or TMS on, why some have it and others don't even though they seem like they fit the same personality descriptions, why we in particular have such a difficult time following the internal path of our emotions, and relevant things of this nature that would help us learn more about ourselves and how this theory works rather than the constant sales pitch and redundance that it goes through to convince us that it's this particular theory that's going to save us. I'm not so sure about that. To put this in perspective, a person can basically believe in anything of their particular choosing, as long as it's somehow believable and logical to them, and it will work. All one has to do is look at the history of medicine with all it's " snake oil " stupidity, or the work of faith healers who get people to believe, or any other reason for a change in one's consciousness that produces a healing. Sarno himself gives us our first clue and points out that the reason that so many of us have back pain now is that it's " in vogue " and so accepted as a part of our culture ( with all of our Chiropractors and massage tools and car seats etc ), rather than our " unacceptable " emotions. This is true, and we are all aware of that. Yet, to the person that wants to truly recover and get more serious about it -- he feels the internal anger and rage lying underneath consciousness, and it could be a very " acceptable " thing for him to now believe Sarno's theory as, for sure, this is now " in vogue " as an alternative to the sincere seeker of relief to his pains. After all, it must ring true to this person on some level that he has a deep set anger that would love to express and be accepted, especially when confronted with this new evidence of the " TMS " theory and it's current popularity. But even still, all this psychological stuff has been most respected and preferred in our society now to anyone truly in the know, and it really doesn't take much these days to realise that our medical doctors live in the dark ages when it comes to this kind of stuff. Sarno's theory has great timing. But could it not also be that other people who have the same kind of condition may be more able to appreciate something else or some other theory if it happens to be down their particualar alley ? EX. A man who has back pains because he works 7 days a week ( or so he thinks ). " All I need is a day or two off " he says to himself. A day off might simply be his particular cure. Or a woman who has to give up her child and will not get to see him until he's a man. She becomes relieved of her painful condition upon finally meeting him. A student getting stressed out over final exams meets the girl of his dreams. He's instantly " cured ", and then he totally forgets about the seriousness of the exam etc. and the back pain that goes with it ! The power of belief is everything whether it is logical or not. Look at our world religions, and better yet all of these cults who have people die for their causes for absolutely no logical reason, but that it seemed logical to them. The life force is in the faith, the shortage of it is in the fear. Are John Sarno's books our saviour, or are we letting him save us because we have chosen them logical to believe at this point in time ? You don't need an $800 vacuum cleaner until you hear the salesman for 2 hours telling you how good it is ! Has John Sarno just found himself a particular marketing niche for a very old principle in religion and medicine, and the study of the mind ? You decide. Feel free to email me your comments, and I'll write back. I hope this doesn't discourage anyone from reading this book, as it very well might help you regardless ! So far, my pains are still there, and intermittent ( as usual ) but I'm looking forward to reading his latest book -- " Mindbody Perscription " next.
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am 16. Juli 2000
I have suffered from back pain all of my adult life. About a year ago, sciatica started and got progressively worse with time. I tried acupuncture, which did nothing, and chiropractic manipulation, which made it worse. It got so bad I was bed-ridden for over 6 weeks. All this time I was taking heavy doses of codeine for the pain. After reading this book, my wife said "this is you he's writing about." Two days after finishing the book I went from 4 oxy-contin a day(a strong time-release form of codeine) to none in three days. I am now pain free, am resuming my life and generally feel better than I have in 30 years. Dr. Sarno, I owe you more than I can express.
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am 6. Oktober 1999
I am not a proponant of alternative treatments, but since Dr. Sarno was an M.D and since I was at the end of my rope, I decided to give the book a try. I was literally crippled by Aug. 1999. My back had gone out in March 1999 and the diagnosis was a herniated disk. I was devastated as my father has been semi disabled for over 30 years with this condition. Physical therapy helped at first, but as time passed, I excercised more and became worse every day. I couldn't bend or sit for more than 5 minutes. Then the numbness and tinglling started in August of 99. I had heard of Dr. Sarno months before but figured he was a crock of B.S. Desparate, I bought the book figuring I had nothing to lose. Within one week, I was bending and sitting again and within six weeks I was totally cured. I am able to care for my children again and play the violin again (lots of sitting we musicians do!). I feel that every orthopedist in the profession should be totally discredited for not even listening to what Dr. Sarno has to say. I will be giving a copy of this book to my dad now that I know it works. When I think of how he has suffered for thirty years for no reason, I get ill. I have now come to think of the back as a strong structure. It can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! Thank you Dr. Sarno
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am 14. Mai 1999
I was a bit sceptical at first, about reading this book. But reviews, TV specials, etc. made me feel that I had to.
A year ago, I incurred incredible back and leg pain, and was ultimately diagnosed with a herniated disk. At the time, I decided not to opt for surgery, but to take the physical therapy route. My pain subsided, but never really went away. I had to always sit with a special back pillow, and had to often stand at meetings so I would be comfortable.
Dr. Sarno's book described me, my personality, and my pain to a tee. His recommendations and "cure" were so strong, that halfway through a plane flight on which I was reading the book, I removed my back pillow from the seat - I haven't used it since.
3 weeks after reading the book, I'm completely pain-free, and have actually seen other minor improvements in my health, well-being, and attitude.
If you have back, neck or leg pain that seems to just linger, you MUST read this book. If you believe that standrad medical diagnoses are accurate, and that Doctors' treatments must be followed, do yourself a favor and listen to what Dr. Sarno has to say.
It absolutely works.
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am 5. Oktober 1999
Dr Sarno's book is liberating. I made a complete recovery from a severe case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and a host of other ailments. Now, instead of dealing exclusively with physical problems, I try to deal with emotional ones and recognize stress. Pain and discomfort no longer scare me after reading this book. I focus on yoga and exercise, as well as spirituality, instead of medical treatment. The freedom from pain and sickness is a miracle, and I recommend this easy read to any open-minded person with a chronic ailment of any kind.
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am 22. April 2000
Dr. Sarno offers some good technique and theory about reducing tension related to stress, an invaluable tool for anyone suffering from chronic pain. I read this book about a year ago and adopted his ideas. His shortcoming and liability, however, are his aversion to address underlying physical disorders which are more likely the cause of long lasting chronic pain. Of course, he adds the disclaimer that anyone suffering from any one of the numerous disorders he says may be the result of TMS should be consulting their physician. I would additionally warn that anyone suffering from a cluster of disorders that Sarno calls equivalents of TMS should actively be looking for the physical cause while using Sarno's stress reduction techniques. Mistakenly, Sarno goes so far as to call overwhelming disorders such as Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain Syndrome, "TMS," Ouch! Certainly, people can benefit from Sarno's book, as well as other stress reduction techniques, especially for isolated pain. But, there is a real danger in suggesting that someone suffering from an array of disorders and years of spreading pain ignore physical basis other than Sarno's explanation of oxygen depravation. Also, there is inconsistency in the idea that a mind could create a greater physical pain that would threaten one's ability to work just so that one would not have to face the reality that one did not like the way their boss was treating them. Nothing like the pain of disability to avoid a confrontation with management! Anyone suffering from an array of disorders Sarno coyly suggests may be TMS would do good to take a good look at their medical history and all ailments dealt with. Many who suffer from the array of symptoms that Sarno suggests as having only a psychological basis actively need to research the latest data on Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain. A good starting point would be looking at work done by Dr. Paul ST. Amand and other experts working with the array of disorders Sarno calls TMS. ........ can offer some valuable help and medical treatment in avoiding the long term disabling effects of those disorders. The cases of individuals experiencing spreading pain and numerous disorders, Dr. Sarno needs to reconsider since his advise is one of medical exclusion. A difficult task for him this must be, since most doctors have iron egos. For, those who have suffered so long, I hope this review helps.
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