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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 6. März 2000
This is a great romp. King has an almost Wodehousian sense of comic coincidence, but with a subtler and rarer touch. Although it is a hilarious book, the discovery of yet another connection between the novel's converging story lines is just as likely to elicit an 'ah ha' as a belly laugh. It's funny, but humor is applied with some depth.
King pokes fun at his characters and their foibles, but he always does it with a certain sense of reverance. "Tomorrow, he would begin to floss." he says of one character when at the age of 40 he decides to finally do something meaningful with his life. It takes courage in a post modern, politically correct world, but maybe laughing with someone about their own cultural baggage is a sincere and accessible form of respect.
I have to point out that from a Christian perspective, parts of the book could be viewed as sacrilegious. Although they are the heroes of the book, perhaps some aboriginal Americans would also consider his reworking of mythological stories as being inappropriate--I cannot say. I choose instead to interpret this in cultural instead of religious terms. One of the major themes of the book is the oppressiveness of western cultural imperialism and its affect on the remaining indigenous population. Its hard to do that without taking a poke or two at the religion that has so frequently been used as an excuse for non-religious cultural and economic activities.
King is insightful and droll--no gender, race, or occupation is completely safe from his biting wit and sense of the absurd. A review on the book cover describes his similarity to Twain, and I think the comparison is apt. Like Twain, the dialogue is snappy, colloquial and believable. The story is funny, engrossing and challenging. I think Twain would have liked it and recommended it. I do too.
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am 31. Mai 1999
King did a great job at writing this book; not only is it amusing, but its also very insightful as to how natives have to blend into the modern day culture while trying to maintain their heritage at the same time.
The way its written is also great: each character has their own story with no apparent connection in the beginning; all of them slowly intertwining with each other towards the middle, and joining towards the end.
Overall a very entertaining novel! :)
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am 2. Dezember 1998
... I'd make them all read this book. I discovered it in my Native American Fiction class during my senior year at Yale, and in my four years as a literature major, I'd never read anything better. Thomas King is a genius. He is also, according to my professor, a man-- a fact that my entirely female class refused to believe after reading the brilliantly satirical reworkings of phallocentric myths and legends that he intersperses throughout the book. His characters are hilariously and achingly real; his prose transcends the written word in its effortless use of oral storytelling methods. If you're still reading my stumbling attempts to convey the brilliance of this book, please stop immediately and buy it. Buy a few copies, because you'll want to share this with your friends, and they won't want to give it back.
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am 22. Dezember 1996
Tom King is a very funny man. Green Grass, Running Water may not be the funniest book ever written by an Indian, but it's one of the funniest books not written by Mark Twain. If Coyote had read Twain and then decided, "Hey, I can do that kind of writing!" this is what we'd've ended up with. A middle-aged man whose girl friend can't decide who she wants to father her child and then hit the grit (her biological clock just started clanging), a bunch of old guys who may have escaped from a senior citizens' home, a polyester sleazeball who isn't all that bad, and a dam that may provide more running water than we expected in our flat. Nice mix, lots of fun, some things to tell you about being Indian in Canada
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am 14. Oktober 1998
Halfway through "Green Grass.." , I stopped and read it from the start again. I've read everyone from Alexie to Welch and this is simply and undoubtedly the very best novel (or fiction) I've read about native americans yet. Actually, I think it's the best novel I've read in a decade at least. with Terrific characters and dialogue, a wicked sense of humor and a poignant sense of the human condition, this book is both mischievous and brilliant, capturing the trickster spirit, and the humor of modern day native american people. I can't wait for King's next book...And where is it, anyway?
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am 28. Mai 1999
This kind of book I had never read before. I liked the way King tries to tell you something about Native American culture without getting boring. Actually my stomache cramped from the laughing after almost every 2 pages. On the other hand the book is not only comic but it has also its serious side. The book deals with native american families who have to find out for themselves who they are and what their culture means to them. I can advise evryone to read this book and if you don't like it, go see a doctor or something!
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am 30. Juni 2014
leider konnte ich mich mit dem Buch nicht wirklich anfreunden.
Die Charaktere waren alle interessant und jeder hatte seine Story, von der der Leser ein bisschen erfahren hat, aber es war für mich einfach alles durcheinander. Vorallem die Stellen im Buch über die alten Indianer fand ich sehr verwirrend.
Es war einfach schwer für mich den verschiedenen Stories und Charakteren zu folgen.
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am 7. April 2014
Die Welt nach einem Krieg - aus der Sicht eines Teilnehmenden - Traumatische Erlebnisse - und wenig Hilfe von denen die den Krieg angezettelt haben! Eine Indianergeschichte....
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am 19. Juni 2000
Thomas King is an amazing storyteller. His use of language is brilliant. This book will be one of the best you'll EVER read! You won't be disappointed!
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am 5. November 1999
King's idea of writting may appeal to the biggest nerds in the world but not to me or anybody else I spoke to.
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