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am 26. Mai 2000
One of the 5 or 10 "must have" books in your golf library, Golf My Way isn't about how to play golf as much as it is about how Jack Nicklaus plays golf. In other words, it's not really an instructional book. Nicklaus gives advice but it's always in the context of how he plays the game.
That said, Golf My Way is a wonderful introduction to the game of golf, suitable for players of any level past complete beginner. It is especially suited for players looking for more insight into how to think their way around a golf course.
The book is beautifully illustrated. I do, however, carry a slight bias in my opinion. The book is illustrated by Jim McQueen, who illustrated for Nicklaus for decades (and continues to do so). McQueen's youngest son was a classmate of mine during the years that they lived in western North Carolina. I got quite a kick out of peeking at Jim's current work-in-progress on his drawing table.
(Funny, though, that I didn't take up golf until almost two decades later.)
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am 21. Juni 2000
I read this book with great interest. Soon after, I read Hogan's "Five Lessons . . . ." I found Hogan's book much more helpful. I was disappointed with Nicklaus' cursory review of putting and this probably influences my entire opinion of the book. I did benefit from many things in this book. Right now, I am making much use out of Nicklaus' long irons exercise in which you hit a 9 followed by a 4, an 8 followed by a 3, and a 7 followed by a 2 iron. This exercise helps you realize that you don't have to swing the long irons any faster than the short irons. I'm sure I'll continue to benefit from Jack's advice upon a further perusal.
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am 2. Januar 2000
I read the 1976 version as I learned the game in 1977, and it gave the most methodical, comprehensive, and intelligent perspective on every aspect of the game of any book I have read since then.
I have had several very well qualified pros since those days and this book provided me with a foundation to make sense of what I was hearing in lessons that followed. My handicap would not have been a 2 unless I had read this book. I am certain that had I continued on the golf team I would have made it to the tour, which I credit to Jack's great insights into the game.
An absolute must for any serious golfer.
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am 17. Juni 1999
I picked up this book as a 15 year old kid and its the only form of golf lesson I have ever had. My handicap got down to 7 witin 5 years and then I stopped playing. Ive now started again and im going to read this book again and this time with Jacks help im sure I will get down to 2 or 3. Im not saying it will work for everyone, but, I cant think of many other people I would rather have teach me to play golf.
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am 24. Mai 2016
Dieses Buch ist meiner Meinung nach das Beste Golf Lehrbuch. Jack Nicklaus erklärt mit Logik und Didaktik alle Facetten des Spiels, die Beschreibung der Technik ist ausführlich und wird durch unzählige Bilder unterstützt. Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung für die, die eine gute Technik entwickeln wollen.
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am 2. August 2013
ein super buch zum einstieg in den golfsport. Konnte einiges daraus mitnehmen, so das meine bälle öfters sogar gerade aus fliegen...
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