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am 18. Dezember 1999
The exercises in this book are a lot more practical and more sensical than typical neopagan practice because whereas Wicca is basically just a lot of quirky rituals, the exercises in this book are instead otherworld journeys where the the practicioner creates their own personal otherworld in their mind and then populates it with characters for them to communicate with and places to explore. I found this to much more meaningful than Wiccan practice because the Glamourous world that you create is completely yours, and the lessons you learn seem to be a lot more effective than just doing a ritual. The book primarily consists of two key elements, meditative and concentrating techneiques, and an anthology of Celtics gods, goddesses and myths. By combining the mythology with the meditative practices, the practicioner thus creates their own otherworld. In many ways, you'll feel like a child again because you're basically just travelling through an imaginary world, but when you apply true-blooded Celtic myth to it, you can really understabd where and how make believe influences us. And to the true poets out there, the people who can grasp the lessons in life as they are taught through fantasy characters and experiences, this book will be an invaluable map for self enlighenment.
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am 22. Februar 2000
Part history, part mythology, with a liberal sprinkling of magick. Glamoury provides an over view of Irish Celtic Magic. Though Blamires himself admits that the book is only intended to give a basic grounding in the subject, there is certainly enough information to help you decide if this is the path of personal and spiritual growth for you. Glamoury is a "life-affirming, holistic, magickal system that will break down the barriers between you and the natural world." It is based on natural cycles and also the archetypes found in the cycles of myths of Celtic traditional stories and tales. Blamires is eminently qualified to present this material as he is one of the world's foremost Celtic scholars, and founder of the Celtic Research and Folklore Society. This book contains a plentiful bibliography and additional resources to allow you to continue delving into the subject.
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am 24. März 2000
_Glamoury_ is one of the most interesting books I have read in my studies of magic and witchcraft. It gives information on the gods, goddesses, heroes, and Sabbats that is more in-depth than most books give, and its exercises are interesting ones.
However, the book's downfall lies in Blamires' implicit assertion that his way is the only way to Celtic spirituality. He calls his system "THE Irish system" (emphasis mine) and says that if you can't or don't want to do his exercises, then you just aren't ready for the rigors of Irish spirituality. He doesn't acknowledge that there are many paths, not just his own.
This aside, it is a useful resource if you can get past that, or if his particular spirituality is exactly what you're looking for. I did what I always do with books on magic--sift out what I don't like and keep what works for me.
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am 27. Oktober 1999
This is a great book for research. The myths and origins of the Celts are represented nicely. I don't, however, recommend this book if you are looking for Spells or Rituals.
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am 31. Mai 1998
I liked this book a lot, although it was a little hard to stay focused on. I cannot attest to the historical accuracy, but it was a nice source of some celtic legends. :)
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am 21. Juli 2000
this is book has awesome exercises to enter and work with deities and other beings in the otherworld. it is really good book on the irish celts as well,my only problem is that the author,seems to have my way is the only way attitude.
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