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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. Oktober 1999
Why do we have labor laws? Why do we accept nuclear energy and the oil industry? Why did the rich countries become so prosperous? "Germinal" shows you why. Often considered Zola's greatest work, it is indeed a truly epic story skilfully blended with penetrating political and economic analysis, not least of the mixture of motives that push people to stand up for their rights or those of others. Take John Steinbeck's "The Grapes Of Wrath", multiply it by ten or twenty and you won't even come close to this book. Deeply moving, shocking, but ultimately uplifting, for in the wreckage of the miners' crushing defeat after their strike Zola, for once, offers a glimmer of hope. Better to have fought and lost than to have done nothing. The seeds of a new, fairer world have been sown. And one day........
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am 2. Juni 1999
Zola's Germinal represents a sad struggle for the rights of humankind. The oppressed workers find an identity within them and rise up. With the help of a young vagrant, the town at Le Voreaux was able to show the world that the subservient workers were not going to take anymore abuse from their oppressors. The period of this novel fits perfectly into the timeline of history. The industrialization of Europe came without a set table of rules that were equal or fair. Men were forced to work long hours and in terrible conditions. Zola captures this torture within the bounds of his novel. The reader is compelled to feel compassion towards the workers, as they are paid low wages to suffer and die in the coal-mines. The passion within the workers in neatly typed words as expressed through Zola's steady flow of language. Zola creates the darkened attitude of the novel through his imagery and writing. The coal-mines are harsh and cruel, something man has to reckon with, and something man does challenge. Much applause is given to Zola for his brilliant effort in writing such a tragic, yet realistic account of the problems during the industrialization of Europe.
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am 27. Juni 2007
Le problème ce n'est pas que Emile Zola est un réaliste, il est plutôt naturaliste.. voilà le problème: Les naturalistes ont pensé que le vrai charactère des humains pourroit seulement être montré si il parle dans une langue humaine: ca veut dire: dans un dia-,psycho-,socio- ou idiolecte et ca difficile énormément la compréhension des textes de dumas.. si il y a quelqu'un qui veut bien le lire il vaut mieux être professionnel en francais.
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