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am 19. Januar 2000
I enjoyed the book up until page 111. There the author compared a person being late for an appoinment in Brazil as being somehow comparable to the murder of women in Arab cultures by members of their own family. How those two situations are even faintly comparable is beyond me. If that woman who is being murdered in the name of "protecting an important social institution" were known by the author he might be able to disengage from intellectual abstraction and acknowledge the inhumanity and horror the murder of these women in the name of "honor" actually represents.
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Loved every word, and maybe that's because my thoughts and experiences on the subject of "time" have been very similar to the author's. Levine chose his profession based on temporal wealth (same as me - and a friend - when we decided as travel agents that two weeks of vacation a year was not adequate and we needed jobs that paid a living wage while allowing for much more time off - voila - we both became teachers!), and he was blown away by the Brazilian concept of time while he was teaching down there in 1976 (one year before my own, very similar, experience there). Then, he quotes E.P. Thompson's, Time, work-discipline, and industrial capitalism (Past and Present, 38, 56-97) which I have been quoting ever since I read it in 1992 at UMass. I wish I would have written this book!
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am 4. Juli 2000
I've been aware of Levine's work on "time" for more than a decade from articles and such, and I was thrilled to see this book. It's the best of its ilk: good qualitative research, heavily based on personal experience, written anecdotally and fascinatingly. I see this as akin to Deborah Tannen's excellent work in "You Just Don't Understand." If only more people were aware of how relative our cultural assumptions are, it might prevent some hair-tearing as we travel and also prevent some frustration here at home when we come upon others (even our own spouses....) who have another way of thinking/feeling about time.
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am 5. November 2013
It is funnly and in very understandable language written. A researcher writing in such a way that his book can be read and understood by all. It helped me enormously in my thesis.
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am 23. Mai 2015
A scientific book, very well researched with references, however not difficult to read. In fact a entertaining read even for bedtime.
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