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am 28. August 2010
About me: I have some background of study in science, am not a medical doctor; but probably most importantly
recently recovered from a four year long bout of CFIDS. Before I got too sick to even read, you can believe
I went looking for some answers. I found "From Fatigued To Fantastic" to be absolutely without merit in both
its attempts at science and in any of the advised treatment regimens (I was unfortunate enough to find a local
physician here in Sacramento who was a Teitelbaum devotee and he hit me with a variety of them.)

Most, if not all of these treatments actually made me sicker, and at the time,I was already pretty miserable.
I finally started to recover a little about two years after I stopped all treatment, probably through either
luck or the grace of god (or maybe both).

If you are looking for real science, try the Whittemore-Peterson Institute in Reno. And try to remain hopeful,
but skeptical of guys like this. Some people do recover, but my overall impression is that Dr. Teitelbaum isn't
curing anyone. If he were, you'd have heard a lot more about him by now. His "research", and I use the word loosely,
seems based on convincing the subjects to self report improvement as a result of various treatments he throws
at them.

With the exception of the ethnic slur, the other one star review here by someone signed as an ex patient
is not far from what I have seen in other places reported by patients who were only made significantly poorer
by their association with Dr. Teitelbaum. Have hope, but protect yourselves. There is a great deal of
questionable medicine practiced on people with this disease.
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