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Food: Your Miracle Medicine
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:10,99 €

am 16. Januar 1998
My mother, a 78 year old who has smoked heavily for over 40 years was diagnosed as having acute C.O.P.D. She was using a nebulizer 4 times a day, an inhaler as often, as well as an oral steroid. These "MEDICATIONS" had her high,"speeding" day and night. Between not sleeping,not being able to eat,skin problems,hardly being able to talk without difficulty,Not having strength or stamina enough to even walk without extreme fatigue, loss of her hair and still having to fight for every breath it was obvious to all of us she did not have much time left nor did she want much since her days were spent in extreme discomfort. Folks, my mother was dying and we were helpless. Our great medical community was and is helpless. My wife, seeing my deepening concern and feeling similarly suggested sending her Jean Carper's book. I felt even though I've been vegetarian for a long time and have influenced my mother a lot she would take the attitude of leaving her health (or lack of same) in her doctors (capable?) hands. Wendy sent her the book anyway. People, its been about 7 months since out of sheer desperation and having nowhere else to turn she read the book. She followed Jeans advice and began eating hot peppers. She now takes NO medication at all. All symtoms have gone the way her quality of life was going before Jeans book. I could go on and on but I think its enough to say, Jean you have saved my mothers life, nothing less.
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am 16. Oktober 1998
This book is precisely what the public needs to escape the clutches of the drug industry! The material is well-ordered, well-organized, and gives vital and very helpful information for those seeking advice. I feel this book will do very much to bring the "wholistic" approach out of the realm of "eye of newt, wing of bat" where "normal" people often place natural remedies. Jean Carper, you have given us a big measure of respectability with many and frequent cites to scientific studies which confirm the tremendous values contained in plain old food! Thanks SO MUCH!
In a very wise, old book it is written, " . . . and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2.
The buyer will get many times the purchase price in return from reading and heeding the advice given. My copy is a treasured addition to my library.
Ken Demster
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am 2. November 1999
I found this book for a friend who was having kidney problems and, intrigued, decided to look into it for myself. I am absolutely thrilled with what I've read, and am changing my entire eating program as a result. Jean Carper provides the reader with scientific facts in layman's terms, and uses a "thumbs up/thumbs down" system to debunk myths and provide further foundation for the true "miracle power" of food. She offers cardiovascular food cures, remedies for digestive troubles, cancer-fighting diets, foods to stave off depression, foods to prevent asthma. . .the list goes on and on. It leaves the reader with the realization that health is something we can *choose*. . .especially when armed with the knowledge Carper has given us.
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am 1. Januar 1998
Jean Carper brings together information that took me seven years to conclude on my own (no thanks to doctors), and much, much more. I recommend this book often, and have received great feedback from friends with various ailments (cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) This book is vegetarian friendly, a real plus.
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am 30. Oktober 2014
promotes healthy eating habits, a good reference for every family, includes an appendix on benefits of common food items. highly recommended.
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am 19. September 1998
This is book is research based and informative. She clearly presents what research has shown to help and to hinder various health conditions. There are also helpful lists at the back of the book that are good reference tools.
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