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3,5 von 5 Sternen
3,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. März 2013
Der Anfang des Buches ist relativ lahm. Bis zum zweiten Teil des Buches liest sich das ganze wie ein typisches Spiel Pathfinder.
Ein Druide, ein Mönch und ein Dieb müssen einen bestimmten Gegenstand in einer Höhle finden. Dazu sind die Charaktere noch nicht all zu gut geschrieben.
Das Einzige was mich während der ersten Hälfte am Buch gehalten hat ist die Interessante Welt mit ihren verschiedenen Vöklern und den Seuche die immer wieder über sie herfällt.

Die zweite Hälfte hingegen ist deutlich besser. Einige kleinere Twists machen das ganze plötzlich sehr lesenswert und werfen ein neues Licht auf das Buch.
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am 6. März 2015
Fireblood is the start to a very interesting and entertaining fantasy trilogy, Whispers from Mirrowen. Many of th ideas might not be new or unique but I haven't read loads of fantasy so I wouldn't recognize everything which might be borrowed from other authors. And I've always thought that there is no need for reinventing the wheel because for me the same idea can still be wonderful in a whole new setting.

So in Fireblood we follow the path of Tyrus of Kenatos. He seems to be the master of manipulation and mystery because it is hard to truly assess his character. Tyrus is the only one who survived an expedition into the Scourgelands who are the source of the Plague that regularly kills large parts of the population. Nobody knows how to stop the Plague and nobody knows what really happened back then with Tyrus and his friends. Now he's been planning a new mission for years and the reader discovers his true purpose bit by bit.

Fireblood is character-driven which is why I'll mostly be talking about the characters of this book. Annon is Tyrus' nephew even though I'm not sure whether he actually is a blood relative or not. At the beginning of the book he finds out that he has a twin sister, Hettie, who was captured by the Romani who sell their girls at the age of 8 and thereupon every ten years. Annon was the least accessible character for me. Maybe he was a little bit too naive, though he has these anger issues, or because he was always too affirmative for me, always trying to soothe arguments or stay out of trouble.

Hettie was much more interesting. She's a very ambiguous character with many layers that I really enjoyed reading about. But my favorite character was definitely Paedrin. He is a Vaettir and belongs to an order who are some kind of warrior monks. His non-aggressive philosophy and his wonderful humor was so much fun. He's a skilled fighter but young and innocent enough to be also charming.

There are also the scary Kishion, the freaky Erasmus or the roguish Kiranrao. All of these characters basically walk on the path of Tyrus' mission sometimes even without knowing about it. On their quests they discover many different parts of their realm. Annon, the Druidecht, could connect with the spirits of each country who are actually a part of Mirrowen, a parallel world. The spirits can help the friends but also be a great danger.

I loved the concept of Fireblood and I'm eager to read more by Jeff Wheeler. The writing was skilled though not too elaborate as that is sometimes a problem for me as a non-native speaker. I'll definitely read the other parts of this trilogy too which have already been published. I'd recommend this series to all fantasy friends who aren't too critical with their reading.
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