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3,9 von 5 Sternen
3,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 23. April 1997
Like too many would-be Thompson fans, Perry is one of those waterheads who've helped wreck much of the Doctor's inisght and talent by praising the wrong tendencies. Yes, Thompson is a maverick. Yes, he has the guts to say things others would not dare breathe, and to do so with poetic incision. The fact he enjoys hoovering cocaine and sucking back Chivas Regal sno-cones may be intriguing. But the insight, the intelligence, the wit and the writing are why we read Thompson.
Perry's "book" spends most of its worthless time working bad variations on the hackneyed theme of "that Hunter -- he's ka-ray-zee." Gee, really, Paul?
If the book's inane superficiality weren't criminal enough, Perry compounds it by delivering his fake insights in jarring, scrambled syntax and a stinky combination of mangled metaphor and clumsy clichŽ. The final insult is a copy-editing job that leaves the wretched tome rife with glaring spelling, grammatical and factual errors. (They misspelled "Scottsdale AZ" in the "About The Author" note.)
This book bites just as badly as E. Jean Carroll's execrable fiasco, but for different reasons. Avoid at all costs. Of the three bigraphies of Thompson printed in 1993, the only one worth reading is Peter Whitmer's. I know. I slogged through all three while reviewing them for The Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper.
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am 1. Oktober 1998
Anyone who has ever written or tried to write knows that it is a profession that requires study, practice and long periods of concentration. Hunter S. Thompson has the public image of being a "wild man," who has done none of those things. This excellent biography shows that the true side of the good doctor, that he has truly worked had to cultivate the image of being the craziest "respectable" writer in America. This book has severa l peaks, including a wonderful description of Hunter's childhood as a kid who was raised on the wrong side of the tracks and constantly tried to cross them. Another peak is the hilarious descriptions of working with Hunter Thompson, as the author did, on a long story about the - of all things - Honolulu Marathon. I found this book to be very readable and revealing.
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If you're expecting the blazing intensity of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," it is definitely not here. Perry is not Thompson. His writing is just barely adequate. I would recommend this book only to those who, like myself, are fascinated by Hunter S. Thompson and want to know more about the man. This book is overly long and drags at points. Some of the funniest and most exciting stories are marred by a writing style that borders on the drab. But we do get insights into the real Hunter S. Thompson, even if these insights do mar the illusion of perfect madness that is presented in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."
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am 27. Oktober 1998
I found this book to be informative and well-written. The author was smart enough to avoid the Gonzo style of journalism that has made HST so famous and he was also smart enough to avoid the gonzo style of research that some of the other biographers pursued. As a result, we have a thoughtful and interesting book that reveals the method behind the madness, which is exactly the type of book that "Dr. Gonzo" doesn't want done.
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am 11. Dezember 1999
This is an excellent book, one that I am glad is not written in the gonzo style.
Hunter's life is dissected and examined by Perry, who did a thoughtful and insightful work.
If you want gonzo, read Hunter, he is the only one who can write that way. If you want to read about gonzo and the mind behind it, this is your read.
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am 28. September 1999
It is impossible to read anything ever written by Thompson without being intrigued about who this guy is and if he is for real.This book answers many of questions regarding his history as well as his interactions with those around him. It is a very well wrought and researched piece about a very interesting subject.
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am 7. November 1998
As far as I am concerned, this book tells Hunter's life as it is. Great childhood material and an especially good section about the author working with Dr. Gonzo on -- of all things -- an article about the Honolulu Marathon.
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am 21. Oktober 1998
Did you ever wonder how Hunter can write and be so loaded at the same time? This book shows you the methods to his madness.
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