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am 18. Mai 2014
There are those few authors where you know no matter what they write, it won't disappoint. It will be simply excellent. Heather Topham Wood is one of those authors and "Falling For Autumn" was an excellent, heart-wrenching and tender read.

What I really love about the stories and characters Ms. Woods writes, is how realistic they are. She writes life - including the pain and the heartache, the love and the bliss, the coincidences and tragedies that most of us face at some point in our life in one way or another.

Her heroines are amazing. They aren't just sweet and nice girls that only do the right thing and take the moral high-ground. They are flawed and have edges. They make mistakes and learn from the consequences. The can be weak one moment and strong in the next. They don't always react perfectly, but definitely with lots of emotion. They are strong and beautiful in their own way. They are very human. Autumn is no exception.
She has made some poor choices in the past - both when it comes to people as well as her own behavior. And after an incident that left her crushed and broken, she wasn't only blamed for what happened but called a liar. Regardless that what happened to her wasn't her fault, people chose her as a scape-goat. Instead of sympathy and compassion, she was bullied, harassed and her life became a living hell - to the point it broke her spirit and her will to fight.
Now in college, she tries to rebuild herself and her life in the safety the anonymity at college provides. Making friends and trying to enjoy life while not repeating her mistakes, she still feels a prisoner of her past.
Then she meets Blake Preston - college football star and the type of guy she knows just means trouble. Mainly trouble for her heart that she doesn't give away easily - not anymore. Same goes for her trust. But Blake manages to win both - despite his odd behavior at times and despite the fact that he has secrets. Autumn knows how it feels when stuff you are hiding is too ugly to be revealed, therefore she doesn't push him to share his secret. But when Blake's secret comes to light, it could destroy everything in its wake - everything including Autumn. Will she be able to look past the betrayal and accept the ugly truth?

Blake, a guy that seems to have it all, is the perfect example that not everything that glitters is gold. Appearances can be deceiving and the guy that appears like the typical jock that has all the luck in the world, has quite the burden to carry. Past events have left his family in shreds and dealing with the consequences isn't easy. Instead of enjoying college life to the fullest, Blake is weighed down by responsibilities that put a great amount of pressure on him, while his whole belief system is in ruins. When he meets Autumn, his whole life turns upside down and he needs to question what he believed to be the truth. Learning that things and people aren't always what they seem, he slowly and reluctantly falls head over heels for Autumn. But the things he hides from her have the power to destroy. Will he be able to hold onto the woman he loves or will he lose her forever?

Their love story is sweet and tender. Fueled by an instant attraction, they start out as friends until they cannot deny their feelings for each other. It was really touching. And the secrets that were revealed - holy mac, I felt like someone slapped me in the face. Subtly, and yet clearly, the books shows that judging people due to rumors or their outside appearance can be not only hurtful but devastating. Not giving someone a chance to prove who they really are, won't only make their life hell, but might make you miss out on a life-changing friendship or love. It is a beautiful and important lesson. Unless you've walked a mile in that person's shoes, don't believe you know and don't let a happy face convince you a person doesn't feel pain.
Also, this book shows that one person's horrendous crime or act does not only affect the direct victim. It reaches out like a disease and affects lives of both families, friends and the community.

I can't recommend this book highly enough.

5+ thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and heart-melting stars.
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am 2. Juli 2014
Ich werde nichts vom Inhalt verraten!

Ich möchte lediglich sagen, dass ich es genossen habe dieses Buch zu lesen.
Die Autorin hat einen sehr angenehmen Schreibstil, sie macht keine Sprünge und die
Geschichte ist durch und durch nachvollziehbar und verständlich.

Die Geschichte berührt, schockt und ist durchgehend spannend und fesselnd.
Es ist eine wunderbare Liebesgeschichte mit Ecken und Kanten.

Die 4 Sterne deswegen, weil es nichts Neues ist. Ähnliche Stories findet man häufig,
trotzdem hat es Spaß gemacht es zu lesen.
Ich persönlich fand lediglich den Schluss etwas blöd und ich fand es hätte potential für
eine Fortsetzung gehabt, wenn der Schluss anders gestaltet worden wäre.

Trotzdem empfehlenswert!

Wer Bücher wie Easy oder Beautiful Disaster mochte, wird dieses Buch auch sehr schätzen! =)

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!
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am 28. Mai 2014
Ausgezeichnete College-Liebesgeschichte, die tief greift.
Nach einer äusserst traumatischen Zeit in der High School ist Autumn froh, endlich anonym ihr Leben an einem entfernten College weiterleben zu können. Sehr langsam getraut sie sich, ihre dicke Schutzhülle abzuschälen und wieder zu leben. Sie verliebt sich in den Footballstar des College, doch der verhält sich bedeckt, obwohl er sie offensichtlich will.

Die Geschichte ist gut. Und gut geschrieben, überzeugend, nachvollziehbar und schockierend. Diesen grossen Knall hätte ich nie vermutet, der ist krass, aber stimmig. Sehr empfehlenswert.
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am 16. Mai 2014
Schöne Liebesgeschichte mit zwei sehr ansprechenden Persönlichkeiten (Autuum und Blake sind toll). Keine paranormale Liebesgeschichte und trotzdem in einem Tag ausgelesen....vieles war zwar vorherzusehen, aber das Buch ist so nett geschrieben und Autuum und Blake sind sehr sympathisch.
Werd noch mehr von H.T.W. lesen
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