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FLIR Kompakte Wärmebildkamera mit 160 x 120 Infrarotauflösung und MSX, 1 Stück, E6

von FLIR

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  • 160 x 120 Infrarotauflösung (19,200 Pixel) liegt weit über dem RESNET Standard; Zu den Messmodi gehören: Zentraler Messpunkt, Rechteckbereich, Automatische Erkennung heißer/kalter Stellen
  • Kompakt, robust & leicht; Intuitiv bedienbares Menü & ergonomische Tasten auf der Kamera ermöglichen eine einfache Einhandbedienung
  • Speichert MSX-, Wärme- und Digitalbilder mit jedem Loslassen des Auslösers. Radiometrische JPEGs enthalten alle Temperaturdaten in den Wärmebildern
  • Bild-im-Bild Funktion überlagert einen fixierten Bereich von Wärmebildern auf Digitalbilder, damit sich genaue Problemstellen besser lokalisieren lassen
  • Austauschbarer Lithium-Ionen Akku mit Schnellverschluss (wiederaufladbar) hat eine Lebensdauer bis zu 4 Stunden


  • Größe und/oder Gewicht: 30,2 x 12,7 x 20,6 cm
  • Produktgewicht inkl. Verpackung: 3 Kg
  • Batterien 1 Lithium ion Batterien erforderlich (enthalten).
  • Modellnummer: 63902-0202
  • Im Angebot von Amazon.de seit: 8. Februar 2016
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FLIR E6 ist eine kompakte Wärmebildkamera für Professionelle Dienstleister und Heimwerker. Mit dieser Wärmebildkamera können Sie mit dem bloßen Auge nicht sichtbare elektrische- und sanitäre Probleme und auch Probleme auf Dächern erkennen, damit eine schnelle und erschwingliche Reperatur durchgeführt werden kann. Mit Hilfe der modernen, patentierten MSX Technologie, erstellt FLIR E6 hochauflösende radiometrische Bilder um überhitzte Stromkreise, heiße und kalte Stellen, Kondensation, Feuchtigkeitsschäden und viele andere Probleme zu identifizieren. Mit FLIR E6 ist das Zielen, Klicken und Aufnehmen ganz einfach gemeistert. Mit der kostenlosen FLIR Tools Software können Sie Bilder überprüfen, Daten analysieren und detaillierte Berichte für Firmen, Kunden oder zukünftige Hausbesitzer erstellen. FLIR E6 verfügt über eine Eisen, Regenbogen und graue Farbpalette und einen Messmodus für zentrale Messpunkte; Rechteckbereiche und eine automatische Erkennung heißer/kalter Stellen, sowie min./max. Temperaturanzeige. FLIR E6 wird mit einem Hartschalenkoffer, Lithium-Ionen Akku (wiederaufladbar) und Ersatzakku, Universal-Netzteil mit vier Steckern, externem Akku-Ladegerät, USB Kabel, FLIR Tools Software für PC und Mac OS und Bedienungsanleitung geliefert.

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Very Cool, inexpensive, high-end thermal imager, and the included case is great! 25. Juni 2014
Von Josh in Seattle, WA - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
I ordered my unit on June 23rd (very early AM) for next day delivery. My Unit came with firmware 1.22, calibrated late April 2014, All TIConfig mods applied fast and without issue, confirmed thermal images now at 320 x 240! Works great, uses a single cell Li-ion cell in it's battery so you should be able to refurbish the cell in several years if you want. Ergonomics are great, weight is great, really this doesn't get any better. Hard case it comes with with is fantastic, it has foam cut-outs for everything, including accessories that you can buy later (like the independent battery charger and a spare battery). Best thing I've yet seen, a case that takes what comes in the box and the most commonly purchased accessories.

There is however a few things that buyers need to be aware of:

1. Thermal Imagers are supposed to need periodic calibration, how often and the real need is based on usage and expectations. FLIR says you need it every year, this is likely untrue and a ploy to get more money because FLIR designed the units to require FLIR to calibrate them and there is no field or third party calibration (at this time). From what I've read it seems with light use it's anywhere from 2-3 years or perhaps longer. What happens if you don't get it is that spot and temps are inaccurate. Do you care? Maybe not, if the goal of the imager is to highlight hot spots and show you a colored thermal overlay of surfaces and how they compare, that will still work, I'm told the differences still hold true in the image. it's just that the entire scale skews or slides in some way, making actual accurate temp reading an issue. From what I've gleamed as a new E4 owner, if you can live with ~ 5 - 10 Degree F of inaccuracy then you don't care about getting it calibrated. (other reviewers are welcome to add insight if I'm mistaken).

Why am I talking about this? Because FLIR will FORCIBLY update your firmware if you send in the unit to them for really any reason. They refuse to leave it alone and you have no choice. So if you send the unit into FLIR you get a firmware update which (at this time) undoes and prevents any modifications. Now 2-3 years from now the situation could be different. But today, let's just say you don't want to send it in.

2. The unit does a "calibration" (not the same as temp calibration in 1.) every couples seconds which causes the display and readings to momentarily freeze. This is normal and I don't find it very frequent to be considered irritating.

3. USB charging seems to require some resistor values, just hooking voltage to a USB line causes the charge indicator to appear but not charge, I've not confirmed if high-wattage iPad or the like chargers work with this. Included charger is 10W.

4. After modification you need to change the USB mode to include MSD (Mass Storage Device) to get your images out by plugging in USB. I'm not using ANY of the FLIR software (Don't need it and I'm afraid of it tampering with my settings so I've not loaded it).

5. The MSX view isn't always going to be correctly overlaid. I've confirmed this with FLIR tech support. The unit doesn't have a range finder, so it doesn't know how close an object is. You have to go into the settings -> distance option and change it. I find 1 works great for close things and >10 is best for rooms and homes. You have to keep changing it if you care about the overlays looking good. A minor issue in the long run but I had to call to make sure. This setting ONLY adjusts a vertical overlay mismatch, if you have any horizontal issues that is an assembly issue and won't be fixed in software (I'm told).

For the price, if you do the mod, it's a great value. I'm a little concerned about the calibration issue, however that's years off and by then the situation on the firmware may change (downgrades may be possible or the like). If you're on the fence, just buy it! A situation like this won't come around often. FLIR is closing this fast! It's really cool what you can see and the uses are endless.

Until Amazon is restocked (that is they receive a new batch of stock) this (their current stock) may be the last place the get the old E4s at retail prices.

It's the best toy I've gotten in years, you'll love it too!


UPDATE (6/26/2024): I've confirmed on the forums and through my own tests that the temperature accuracy of the E4 isn't great (spot temps and such). Specifically it seems to get cold temps wrong (way too cold). So recheck ANY measurement this thing makes!

That being said, I still love it, for qualitative measurements (comparing areas) it's great, it's poor to bad for quantitive measurements. But again if you're doing quantitative measurements with a thermal imager you'd pay the extra money to get NIST certified calibration and have it in yearly for checkups (for legal reasons in court you'd need this to backup the claim your readings are accurate). So check for specifics but you can trust it to spot temp differences (even minor ones) to alert you to a problem area, just don't take the spot measurement as true temperature.

UPDATE (7/24/2014): This thing still rocks hard but a couple additional notes: 1. The FLIR Tools should really be used (I'm using them from the Apple App store) to improve the downloaded pics from the Imager. It's best to import the pics you want into the tools, resize the window/image to what you want, then use the screen clipping to capture a rectangular section of the image as displayed. I do this for two reasons, first you get a larger, better picture without the FLIR logo and other info normally only given in a tiny Image, and finally you ensure you don't drag ALL the hidden info that's in the picture which contains your serial number into your new image. You can views the pic straight from the imager but I get a better result Command+Shift+4 clipping them off the app. 2. When the battery is LOW but BEFORE it tells you it's low, you'll see banding lines on your video feed when you use PIP mode or no thermal at all. This banding is temporary and goes away as soon as you charge or change the battery. It seems they didn't really calibrate the low condition right so when the voltage starts to really drop the full-color video starts acting up. I've seen this twice and only just before low battery warning goes off. I've confirmed this on some forums that others have experienced this and it's considered normal. So if you see banding, try a fresh battery or charge the one you have, then see if the banding is gone. Then you know it's a design flaw and just change your battery sooner before you get a low warning. I keep finding uses for thing, seriously it's the best thing I've purchased in a couple years!

UPDATE (3/22/2015) - I used the imager to find out where my cat had been peeing. I could still readily see "potty spots" made several days ago. Obviously I'm simply looking for cool spots on carpet, furniture, and landry hampers and knowing there should not normally be spills in those areas. You won't see old, tried, spots. I also can use the imager to generally check my cat's health. If his nose doesn't register cooler than his face or eyes then he's running a fever (no wet, cold, nose). I've also found I can easily see what furniture the cat has recently slept on (new favorite spots).

Finally, my parents have used the imager to track down missing or lost chickens. Chickens show up very well on the imager even in complete darkness.
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5.0 von 5 Sternen This camera allowed me to learn everything everyone should know about their homes, fix issues, save money, and understand it 22. November 2014
Von Elizabeth Rose Douglas - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
I can't walk on water, but now I can see it through walls.

After pipe burst and flooded basement, I've dealt and hemorrhaged so much money with contractors who used this as a selling tool for their services, and didn't offer solutions just identified problems.

The pipe burst was invisible for a long time in finished basement due to vapor barriers etc. At first all the insurance agreed to cover was removal of 2 feets of the bottom drywall (i.e., NEVER use drywall in basement - it covers what you need to see and can and usually does become a home for mold colonies on the side not visible to eye).

There was black mold on the inside of the drywall top to bottom, in duct-work (it doesn't grow on metal, but on organic dust in the ductwork when water is introduced), in drywalled ceiling due to traveling water. Water is tricky and evasive and can and will go anywhere it can. All of it was invisible and there was no hint of any problem in the finished basement.

My daughters and I were sick, headaches, extreme fatigue, vertigo, constant upper respiratory problems, coughing, collapsed lungs, inflamed eustation tubes - our medical bills sky rocked all with seemingly no explanation. When the mold was found, and stachybotrys spores were found in air quality testing - I started researching. All I really knew about mold was to throw out food if it got moldy. I had not idea how ill it can make people, and I wonder how many people are sick, misdiagnosed, and continue to suffer.

Not one doctor, even at the Mayo Clinic asked if there was any possibility there was mold in the house and/or circulating through HVAC and ductwork. Another subject, but I'm now studying Medical Mycology at a masters level.

Anyway, decided to take matter into my own hands. Yes, this is expensive, but SO WORTH IT. I was able to track the water's path along and in duct-work, across studs, found area where my sump basket was blocked due to crumbling concrete below the burst pipe.

It's also helpful in tracking heat loss in ducts that I easily sealed - you can see yellow streaks were the heat is leaking out (again, do not enclose ceiling of basement with drywall - learned the hardway you need to see and access everything). I can locate ducts behind the drywall on all the other floors and see if there is leakage. Dark purple indicates water or frost. Also you can see where cold air is coming in or warm air escaping. The camera works well outdoors and you can see areas of your roof that are not well insulated.

Something I learned and didn't realize in living through this horror, was that having some or limited draft coming into or out of house is not bad. Fresh air is coming in and houses need to breath to stay healthy - insulate well, but don't seal your house too tight, it only leads to problems. Some air coming in around doors is actually a good thing.

Long dissertation, sorry. But having learned the hard way, my advice is to get this camera or one like it and get to know your house inside and out. Check bathrooms - find out if water getting behind tile (if it is, you have a mold problem).
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3.0 von 5 Sternen You are buying a 320x240 camera that only lets you see 80x60! 10. September 2014
Von Shockcord - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
As other posters have noted the micro USB connector is very precarious. They should have used a mini instead. So far no issues but the cover pushes against the USB cable when plugged in. I have only had my unit crash once so far and it did come back with a hard reset. The device uses Windows CE (crazy I know) so sometimes it takes a long time to boot up. It seems to go into sleep mode so that the power up time is reduced but when it completely powers off then it will take a little while to boot. The PC software is decent and you can take temperature measurements on any spot of a saved image. The dual camera and MSX feature are good.
You don't need to install software or drivers just to download the images via USB which is nice.

The features and resolution are minimal but will get simple jobs done. I really don't understand FLIR not just selling this with its native 320x240 resolution. Obviously the hardware cost is such that they can produce this 320x240 unit and sell it at <$1000. So why not just sell it as a 320x240 unit and then they can offer additional software features for additional cost if they want. If they did they would sell more of them and customers would be happy about their purchase. It is just stupid to sell crippled hardware.
4 von 4 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen Worked flawlessly. Saving on my heating bill. 23. November 2015
Von Amazon Customer - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
This camera works extremely well. I was able to re-insulate a very old, drafty house by using this to find small, hidden areas of heat loss that would not have been obvious. Roughly speaking I dropped my heating bill by 1/3, so the camera has already paid for itself. Great investment.

I tried a couple of phone infrareds and they were a joke. Those were not accurate at all and missed a bunch of stuff that the E4 caught; if you are serious about infrared, skip all the smartphone stuff.

I tested the accuracy using a digital meat thermometer, and found the E4 identical to the readings on the thermometer.

E4 battery lasts a long, long time. I left in unplugged for a 3 months and it still fired up with a decent charge.
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4.0 von 5 Sternen but things do seem like they might be a bit out of focus when ... 19. August 2016
Von Anonymous - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Verifizierter Kauf
Works reasonably well. When viewing close objects, it can have a bit of a problem with alignment since the digital camera and thermal imager are offset. You can choose the distance in a menu to compensate, but there are only one a few choices (ie. 1 meter, half a meter, etc.) for very close up. Farther away from an object, this is not much of a problem; but within a foot or less it can be. Also, lens is a bit on the wide-angle side, and there is no ability to focus. I'm not sure what the hyperfocal distance is, but things do seem like they might be a bit out of focus when in a macro type situation. Other than these caveats, I have no problems with this, it has some unique features such as the ability to mix the image from the digital camera and thermal imager in different ways, the image updates quickly and the resolution is decent. The application that lets you view the output on a PC screen works well, and I was able to use a screen capture utility to create movies from it.
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