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am 20. Oktober 2013
Dieses Kochbuch ist im deutschen Sprachraum kaum bekannt, aber in angelsächsischen Ländern gilt es als der Klassiker der italienischen Küche schlechthin. Das Kochbuch ist sehr umfangreich (über 700 Seiten) und enthält alle möglichen Rezepte, die man sich nur ausdenken kann, schön kategorisiert, angefangen mit den "Fundamentals" der italienischen Küche über Anleitungen wie man selbst Pasta herstellt bis hin zu den jeweiligen Fleischsorten und Desserts.
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am 6. Juli 2000
This is an incredible book. I have read it from cover to cover, and even lugged it on vacation to read (yes, I am a bit obsessive). Everything that I have tried so far has been wonderful. Marcella's recipes are very approachable, and, best of all, they work! I am not Italian, nor have I ever been to Italy, so I can not speak to it's authenticity as Italian cuisine, but I can speak to the fact that this is wonderful food. She does insist on high quality ingredients, with which I am in total agreement, but I wish that she had included name brand names and resources in this updated edition. I have yet to be able to find anchovies in salt--even on the internet! The tomato and butter sauce is now my favorite pasta sauce, the veal marsala is delicious, and the cream and butter sauce is also wonderful. She goes into incredible detail about making pasta, as well as pairing fresh and factory products with the appropriate sauce. I would highly recommend reading the first part of the book before diving into the recipes, because she discusses several cooking techniques, as well as how to determine quality in your ingredients. If you love simple, wonderful food, you will not be disappointed with Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.
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am 29. Dezember 1999
This book is well written and entertaining. The recipes are easy to follow and tasty. But, what I found to be most useful are the tips and tricks to Italian cooking. It clearly describes how to use olive oil, basil, and other herbs and spices. It tells you the origin and uses of Italian ingredients, as well as how and when to select them. The skills you will learn from this book will go a long way! The only thing this book lacks is photos. If you are like me and thouroghly enjoy seeing what your creation should end up looking like, then compliment this book with another. My best X-mas gift was "The Complete Italian Cookbook" by Carlo Bernasconi and Christian Teubner ISBN:1-898250-85-5. This is a 1999 book and not yet available through Amazon. Plan on spending a bundle, but it's dynamite! And for the photo lovers like me, it has 440 pages of recipes with at least one photo per recipe. Many photos are taken to show the step-by-step process. ALL photos in this book are HIGH quality color. You will find more photos in this book than your local-corner photo lab!
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am 10. Januar 2000
Marcella does a wonderful job of presenting traditional Italian recipes in a straight forward manner anyone could follow. As the Italian Cooking Host @ Bella Online, I run out immediately to buy any book Marcella writes the minute it hits the stores. I lived in Italy for 8 years myself, and her recipes back back memories of the wonderful food experiences we had. My only complaint that includes all of Marcella's books, is that she should include pictures. Her recipes are all so great, the pictures would be truly inspiring!
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am 30. April 2000
I have several dozen Italian cookbooks; I am not Italian, so everything I know about this fantastic cuisine has to be learned; I don't have a Nonna (grandmother) to teach me time-tested recipes. If you want to cook Italian and go beyond tomato sauces, this book is the place to start. Try the minestrone, especially the variation with fresh basil and arborio rice, the soup from Piedmont with borlotti beans and red cabbage, I could go on and on. The recipe for osso bucco turned out perfectly the first time; the chicken with garlic and rosemary is simple and classic. Once you really get into Italian food, you'll want to purchase books on the food of the various regions of Italy, but this is where you start!
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am 17. Juni 2015
This is a "real" cookery book for the serious cook. It contains a wide range of clearly explained recipes which convey a deep understanding of Italian cooking. She is very instructive, always explaining the reasons why Italian cooks do what they do. I have spent a lot of time living and cooking in Italy, yet this book really deepened my understanding. Moreover her style is always eminently readable.
I was initially given the book by as a present and was immediately drawn to it by the complete absence of photographs - invariably the sign of indifferent cookery writing. However, I soon had to buy a second copy to leave in my Italian holiday home. As the title says, this is truly "essential".
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am 1. Dezember 1998
This is it: The single indispensable cookbook -- not just for Italian food, but for good food. Marcella's (sometimes acerbic) commentary on ingredients and recipes is wonderful, but the reason to buy this book is for the dishes. Almost everything I've made from this book has been an absolute treat, from the succulent mushroom and ham pasta sauce to the delectable stuffed tomatoes. And with the size of this compendium, you'll never run out of new tastes to try.
My one quibble? The desserts don't seem to measure up to the rest of the dishes. The two I've tried -- lemon almond cookies and the farm wive's pear tart -- were disappointing. The cookies tasted great, but had the texture of cardboard, while the "tart" was more like a clafouti; although I baked it far longer than the recipe called for, it remained doughy and wet. With all that ripe pear in the batter, though, it certainly tasted acceptable!
With two disappointments out of the 30-or-so fabulous recipes I've tried, this is still single finest book I've ever cooked from. (and much better than her recent huge success Marcella Cucina). Oh, the soups! Oh, the pastas! Oh, the vegetables! Oh, Marcella!
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am 17. April 2000
I divide my life into two periods: Life Before Marcella Hazan and Life After Marcella Hazan. Life is better now.
In my pre-Marcella life, I sought flavor in more and more ingredients--more spices, more herbs, more cheese varieties. My recipes were longer than the space shuttle's pre-flight checklist.
Marcella taught me the truth about flavor: it usually springs from a few, carefully selected ingredients, lovingly prepared.
Take Marcella's Tomato and Butter sauce for example: it is probably the best thing I've ever had in my mouth, yet there's almost nothing in it. Marcella reveals the key to this magic: imported Italian tomatoes (yes, it does make a difference) simmered slowly (uncovered) with the butter and onion.
Similarly, the pork braised in milk is full of mouth-watering flavor. The ingredients: pork and milk. And the chicken with two lemons? You guessed it; the ingredients are two lemons and a chicken.
These foods will make you happy.
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am 2. Januar 1998
This is an extraordinary cookbook. It has recipes to tempt every palate. If I had to pick just one cookbook to own, this would be the one.
The recipes in this book are clear and easy to follow, and in addition, Ms. Hazan tells us about ingredients, which kind of eggplant is best, what kind of pasta would be tasty, etc. She also has sections on technique, such as how to make pasta. These recipes are the kind you can make and make again and not get sick of them. There are many simple yet extremely tasty dishes, such as my favorite, smothered onion pasta sauce.
Truly, this is a great cookbook that everyone should have. I can give it no greater recommendation, except to say that I shall be living abroad for half a year and only have room for a few books, and this is one of the few I'm taking.
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am 3. Oktober 1997
I have well over 1,000 cookbooks and this is the one that I use the most. The recipes are well written and easy to follow. The ingredients are easily accessible - in fact I usually have most things in my cupboards. Every recipe that I have tried in this book has worked prefectly. When looking at some of the recipes there seem to be so few ingredients that you wonder just how tasty the finished dish is going to be, however because of the techniques used you are NEVER disappointed. Just to give you some idea of how much I have cooked out of this book, I have cooked every fish or seafood recipe except for 3! My two favourite recipes in the book are the Mussel Soup and the Tomatoless Osso Bucco. If you are looking for a good Italian cookbook this is it.
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