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  • Eon
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am 14. Januar 1999
Greatest sci-fi epic ever. Not! Complexity and emotion in the characters. Not! Well-written. Not! Sorry, but after slaving through this 150,000 word tome, I felt cheated. I could have had a V-8 :) The characters are shallow, wooden stick figures. Bear spends a lot of time creating a family for Patricia, then drops it like a, well, potato :) He didn't have the imagination to bring them back in at the end like any good author would have, and have events lead to psychological self-discoveries. You can get that much in a TV movie of the week! The sole positive is his apparent superficial study of relativity theory and topology, and his plot device of the Stone itself. But even that seems to degenerate from almost pseudo science to pure magic and fantasy muck by the "geometrically increasing" end. And he did what? Wrote a sequel? Yiyiyi!
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am 14. November 1997
This extraordinary well-written book is probably one of the best in its genre. Here, the author Greg Bear, describes absolute impossible situations and possibilities in a such a detailed and convincing way that even a skeptic would believe it. Science-fiction books are often too imaginative to an extent that they border to total fiasco. However, this book succeeds in containing both imagination and fantasy without loosing its credibility. In fact, as you read, you will not question the secrets nor the tecniques being exposed to you. And this in a fully normal world, like the one you and I live in right now. The story may seem tame - a steroid is beeing discovered and later examined by a selected group of scientists and technicians. While exploring the "Potato", as they refer to it, the group slowly finds evidence that witness of an earlier population. And the mysteriouses keep growing. Who were they? Where are they now? Do we live in somebodys elses future and is our destiny already predestined? This book awakes your curiosity and will not leave you satisfied until you have read it all. And even after the book is finished, you will still be left with the erge to know more. Only one little detail makes this fabolous book annoying - you will have to read it over and over again to fully understand all the technical details described in it. Time-consuming, but definitely worth it!
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am 5. November 1997
Eon takes your attention from the very beginning. Its a story that is excellently put together; a tribute to the genious of author Greg bear. It is a novel that moves you, providing a point of interest for many kinds of readers. The characters are outstanding. Moving scenes like the paratroop drop into the "Potato" and the ride down the flaw; stir the imagination. The novel gives you a peak at military combat, space exploration and even romance in a brilliant scientific package.
Yet, unless you posses at Ph.D in Mathematics and Quantum Physics, some small sections of this novel can be difficult at best. Most, however, can ignore these minor quirks and accept them as evidence of that brilliance and versatility: Greg Bear.
Overall, an excellent piece of science fiction literature.
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am 26. Oktober 1997
Science Fiction usually takes our experiences and extends them into a plausible conclusion into the future. Greg Bear has become the master of ORIGINAL thinking, making a future world that is light years from anything that most of us could dream.
EON (and it's sequel) explores the direction that technology will take us, gives us meaning for the existence of the Universe, God and everything we find worth living for.
A basic need of our species is to leave our mark on time with our existence. THE WAY is the ultimate creation. The concept of a human creation altering the Universe and changes the conclusion of time is one of the most original concepts I have ever read. BRAVO Mr. Bear... I have since bought everything you have written. May you continue writing for many years to come.
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am 22. Oktober 1999
It's unfortunate that the characters aren't real gripping (at least to me). The conflicts are a bit chintzy, and I'd really have a hard time with it if I didn't get some fun ideas along with them. OK - the superspace thing and the level of complexity that they reach are kind of unconvincing, but at least it's a reasonable attempt to project on the future something as incomprehensible to us as the commonplace of today would be to those of a millenium before. Too bad the characters were lacking - the rest was great. Maybe spread the ideas over a few books, though - there is only so much you can put in and maintain the book as more than a forum for strange sci-fi plotlines. Don't go into this book looking for edification of the soul.
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am 20. August 1999
EON is one of the best major sci-fi novels -- right up there with DUNE and GATEWAY and THE CITY AND THE STARS for world-building detail and quality, and their equal in terms of intensely tantalizing what-if and wonder-filled scenarios. Also a rarity: a hard-sf novel containing interesting, not deadly dull, political background. Sphex could not put it down and unhesitatingly recommends it to anyone who wishes they were born 500 years from now, to see such things... One caveat: although you'll want to desperately, as with GATEWAY, do NOT read the sequels -- all sense of wonder is drained from them, and they plod along in terribly ordinary fashion. Read EON and keep that sense of awe alive for a long, long time.
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am 5. Mai 1999
To the people who slammed this book as too long and too wordy:Wait a few years until you grow a brain and try it again. If it is still boring after a second read, give up and go back to watching Porky's This book is AMAZING! The reason why it is long is because it HAS to be. There are several concepts new to SF and they need proper developement. This is no mere novel, it is a historical tome of the Universe, a universe so powerful and wild that it boggles the mind. Special note to Dullards: go back to something your limited minds can handle, half hour sitcoms! For others, go get the next two books and be prepared for Eternity. By the way, where do you think the TV show "Sliders" came from???
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am 21. November 1998
If I ever rode a rocket book, this was the wildest ride - all 10 G's. From humble beginings with an innocuous asteroid, Bear's book literaly tried to jump out of my hands as he compounded the profound several times. By the end of my first reading of the book, I was breathless and overawed at his vision of ultimate human destiny. The style he used, which I refer to as Geometrically Mind-Blowing, causes a simple exposition to build up steam slowly and irresistably until each step of the plot is gaining twice as much ground as the previous. Refrain from reading this book if you have no intentions of leaving this planet or the twentieth century.
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am 10. April 1999
Just finished this book last night. I must admit - it left me hot and cold. The story is one of the most creative and fascinating time paradox sci-fi epics I've read. Lots of details make you believe the storyline. However, Gred often provides *too* much detail -- worse, it's often very dry and sometimes not terribly relevent. Still, just as I found myself geting bored, he pulled me back into the story with absolutely fascinating theories. This book makes you think.
It has a strange ending -- definately prepped himself for a sequel. However, I don't think I'll dive into it just yet -- I need a break from his universe. (-:
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am 8. Juni 2000
Bear does an exellent job in this book however, it does suffer a couple of flaws. First, as others have pointed out it has aged badly. Written in 1985 the early parts of the book (which focus on earth in 2000-2004)simply don't match up with real history. This flaw is less noticable in the second half of the book but still hurts Eon badly. If you have not read Rama by Clarke I would suggest it as a better book. The secon major problem with this book is the length. To much time is spent developing detail that does not pertain directly to the main plot. It's worth reading, just don't expect another RAMA.
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