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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Envisioning Information
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am 31. Mai 2000
In the first book in this series "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" we were introduced to some pretty clever ideas for presenting numbers using different types of graphs. This time, Mr. Tufte takes us on a journey through time and information space: Using carefully selected examples on graphic communication from all parts of the world, the reader is introduced to essential concepts as: Layering techniques; The use of colour to convey information; Multidimensionality in two dimensions; etc. It is amazing that just about 100 pages is all it takes to deliver a clear and strong message. But, as usual, Mr. Tufte do not waste his words on chit chat, but instead chooses his words carefully with loads of understated humour. Thereby the words themselves are a manifest of the message in this book and at the same time they become the invisible glue that connects the superbly chosen and superbly rendered illustrations which set the standard for the rest of us.
If you can afford only one of the three books by Edward Tufte, then chose this one. The other books in the trilogy, being masterpieces themselves, could be considered being complementary reading.
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am 30. Juni 2007
Das ist wohl das beste Buch, das je über die Präsentation von Informationen geschrieben wurde. Es ist so interessant, wie es gut gestaltet ist. Es zeigt wunderbare Beispiele und zeigt auf, wo schnell Fehler gemacht werden und wie man sie vermeiden kann.

Dieses Buch kann sowohl als interessantes Augenfutterbuch mit hohem Inspirationsfaktor gesehen, als auch als unterhaltsames und informatives Buch gelesen werden.
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am 28. April 2000
To me, this is Tufte's best book, although they are all really good. Although its visually gorgeous, its not a coffee table book to just flip through. You have to be willing to spend time with it, and if you do the rewards are tremendous.
Tufte presents a collection of some the best examples of information design ever invented, and some of the worst examples. And then he goes into the underlying principles that make the great ones sing out.
This book will be really helpful to any web page designer, UI designers, statisticians, cartographers, scientists, or anyone concerned with presenting dense information in a clear way.
There is a chapter on presenting multiple dimensional data on a flat, 2D paper that all by itself is worth the price of the book. Then there's the chapter on "Small Multiples" which presents wonderful examples of how to show patterns and changes. But then there's the chapter on layering of information, so the key pieces of data appear first, and the less relevant ones reveal themselves later. And on and on and on. Its just a great book.
To add to it, Tufte is obsessed with quality like nobody else I can think of in the book business. Its printed on 100% rag paper using real lead type because he thinks that all other methods are inferior. Which means the book is costly to make, but its of heirloom quality.
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am 5. August 1998
Envisioning Information is Tufte's best work. It is a catalog of world class information design examples, culled by the author. He has collected examples from sources as diverse as Gallileo's observations of Saturn, a 3D map of a Japanese shrine, a visual "proof" of Pythagoras' theorem, color studies by the artist Joseph Albers, and a New York train schedule.
This is not a "how to" book, but rather a group of inspiring examples showing any would be information designer the concepts behind the execution of these superb examples.The concepts are painstakingly argued and illustrated. Tufte is obsessed with quality - the book is printed on 100% rag paper using old fashioned lead type because he believes this yields the highest quality results. One of the best books I have ever read when it comes to visual design!
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am 23. Juli 1999
the examples are incredible. this book is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read both for its content and execution. The advice Tufte gives with regard to the presentation of information will only become more important in the future. Whether reading the newspaper or writing a technical report, the proper display of quantitative information is an invaluable skill. this book helps you to think clearly and concisely. one of the best books of all time.
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am 4. Juni 2000
This book as a "must-have" for any usability design engineer. While it is not a book that focuses specifically on usability design per se, all of the concepts covered in this insightful volume are extremely useful in designing human-computer interfaces. Moreover, since this is a book on information design, it is also a treasure trove of knowledge critical when designing in many other visual mediums such as those found in the world of print media. Throughout the engaging narrative, Tufte draws on many interesting historical examples of successful and unsuccessful attempts at visual communication including everything from astronomical charts to train schedules.
A masterpiece in visual communication itself, the reams of useful knowledge in this book are brought together in a remarkably concise and coherent package, interspersed with beautifully illustrated examples and narratives. The physical book itself is of notable quality, a hallmark of any of Tufte's publications. My only criticism is that the format of this book (0.89 x 10.81 x 8.90) make it a little unwieldy - a pretty moot point, however.
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am 26. November 1999
Tufte's book was recommended to me recently because I create and design maps for my travel guide, "PassPorter Walt Disney World." What a delight it was to find a book that *explains* why it is important to present information clearly, succinctly, and responsibly. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and could only have hoped for more information and examples on maps. You can bet the next edition of my travel guide will have enhanced maps based on Tufte's principles. "Envisioning Information" will have a proud place on my bookshelf for many years to come.
Jennifer Watson, Co-Author of PassPorter Walt Disney World: The unique travel guide, planner, organizer, journal, and keepsake!
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am 19. März 1998
... though there are plenty others in the book that are fascinating.
I flipped open the book just now and arrived at a discussion of whether Maya Ying Lin's Vietnam Memorial should have had the names ordered by date of death or alphabetically. As there were over 600 Smiths who died in Vietnam and 16 James Joneses, an alphabetical listing would have given the memorial the flavor of a telephone directory.
Tufte persuasively argues and demonstrates how graphic design and information presentation affects thinking, decision-making, and emotion.
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am 4. Januar 1999
I will preface this review by saying that you should be reading this book to either learn, or enjoy design -- But I will also say that the presentation of any form of material, either in business, science, or even on the Internet will benefit from the lessons held within this book.
Beautifully laid out, easy to read, Tufte's book is full of images that play on the eyes, and remain etched in your head. A book you'll be proud to have in your library or on your coffee table.
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am 5. Januar 1999
Designers, if you're looking for a way to describe to your mother what you do for a living, let her read Tufte. He uses inspired diagrammatics and superbly interesting stories to help us understand the bridge between data and knowledge--information and insights. Tufte helps everyone--from health insurance salesmen to fine artists--understand the powerful role that design plays in presenting mankind's insights. Those who give less than five stars need to read again.
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