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2,5 von 5 Sternen
Emergency: One man's story of a dangerous world, and how to stay alive in it
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 10. April 2009
Durchaus eine ganz lesbare Geschichte darueber wie der Autor mit seiner wachsenden Weltuntergangsparanoia umgeht, aber wer zu sehr auf den Klappentext vertraut wird enttaeuscht sein. Es handelt sich ganz sicher nicht um ein survival Handbuch mit dem man lernt Fische zu fangen, Feuer zu machen oder sich aus Handschellen zu befreien. Man begleitet Neil Strauss bei den Erfahrungen die er macht als er sich selber diese Faehigkeiten aneignet.
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am 31. Juli 2014
I was torn to either give this five stars for being a good read or one star because it was plain and simply not what it said it would be. I decided for the latter.

So this book will NOT save your life. It's a story, not a survival manual. The story about Neil trying to learn all kinds of survival skills (which are NOT taught in this book) and ending up with a twist in the end. It's nicely written, quite entertaining and overall a good read. If you want a book for your holiday, it's a nice pick.

IF however, you are fooled (like I was) into believing this book will summarize all kinds of survival techniques and other useful information for you or give you tips how to achieve dual citizenship or hide your assets you are wrong. And since it seems this impression has been intentionally created I felt a bit annoyed as I realized that to be honest.
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am 17. Mai 2009
The ideal reader for this book is someone who feels compelled to start planning how to get out of every room safely in case of an earthquake just as soon as the room is entered.

Walter Mitty would have loved this book with its vivid fantasy lived out of preparing for the worst (referred to here as "WTSHTF"). I must admit that quite a few of the sections were pretty interesting to me, as well. I felt regressed to the age of nine at those points in the narrative. The book's drawback is that Mr. Strauss usually emphasizes the emotions of being at risk and developing confidence at the expense of presenting the evidence of how to be effective in a difficult situation.

Ultimately, Emergency comes across as self-parodying for the reader to come to terms with the excess of paranoia here. I felt like the idea behind these experiences was to spend lots of money having exotic adventures and then to write a best-selling book about it.

It also seemed to me that a book of genuine advice for a few more common emergencies would have been more interesting than this take-off on the idea of fleeing a fascist government or surviving civil unrest.

Another drawback is that you probably know more about survival than Strauss did when he began his search for safety. The clueless parts of the book may seem more than a little lame.

I thought the parts about escaping from kidnappers were the best. Those exercises sounded like a lot of fun.

What will you learn? A little about a lot of things including the challenges of getting a second passport if you are an American, opening an offshore banking account, protecting your assets from lawyers and the U.S. government, killing and dressing a goat, getting water with a solar still, preparing caches and escape routes from urban areas, some of the many schools that will prepare you to be able to survive without resources in the wilderness or a city, some forms of emergency training, and how some people try to stay off the radar of any government.

Do you need to know any of this? Probably not. It's more like reading about Robinson Crusoe and being interested in what to do on a desert island.

Mr. Strauss's sense of humor is pretty good. I especially enjoyed the contrast between his take-charge, be-prepared-for-any-eventuality approach and his girl friend's desire to avoid any risk . . . often being afraid about higher risk events than Mr. Strauss was.

Enjoy a little paranoia!

But if you want to feel more loved and confident, Jesus will do you more good.
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