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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 29. Juli 2008
First I did not want to buy this book. Mastery can't be "effortless" I thought. I believed in hard work and trying harder and practicing harder if that was not enough.
Then someday I had that book, don't know why. Started reading it. Could not stop reading it. Did the meditations on the CD. Felt relaxed and focused afterwards. Learned to get "into the inner space", like Kenny explains in the book. Picked up my guitar. Relaxed and started playing - still relaxed. Did not think about fingerings. Did not think about scales, did not try to speed over the whole fingerboard. Instead I listened an let my hands play and listened.
And for the first time in many many years THERE WAS MUSIC. Music with beauty an with a meaning. And I listened to myself playing and thought: Wow! This is really beautiful music.
I'm no esoteric/new-age freak, I don't believe in magic and I don't believe in miracles. Kennys book helped me to overcome barriers like "I must play fast to impress the audience", "I must play tricky chord tensions" "I must...."
I know I will still have to practice scales and arpeggios and I will practice. I even have to practice getting into the inner space where music starts happening. But this book showed me the way.
Thank you so much, Kenny!
P.S. This book is not for beginners. It is for advanced musicians who have the basics in music theory and have a certain control over their instrument.
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am 19. September 2015
Dieses Buch ist sicher eher für Profimusiker gedacht. Aber auch als Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen kann man aus diesem Buch viel Honig saugen: Gearde als Anfänger will man manchmal zu viel und verzweifelt daran, dass die verbliebende Lebenszeit zu kurz erscheint, um alles zu lernen, was man gern lernen möchte. Der Verfasser zeigt aber auf, dass auch sehr bekannte Musiker nicht alles können, sondern Meister sind in einer oft sehr kleinen Nische: Miles Davis war sicher nicht der Supertechniker schlechthin auf der Trompete, aber er ging völlig in seiner Musik auf und drückte ihr seinen Stempel auf. Carlos Santana spielt seit 50 Jahren auf der Gitarre immer wieder ähnliche Soli. Also entspann dich!

Also sollte man es, so der Verfasser, langsam angehen lassen und versuchen, wie Miles Davis, immer im Moment zu leben und jede Note für sich zu nehmen, eine nach der anderen. Es gibt eine Reihe von Übungen, um in der Musik aufzugehen und sich von ungesunden Zwängen zu lösen. Leider ist keine Übungsserie für Gitarristen dabei, aber ich habe die beschriebenen Übungen versucht zu adaptieren. Und wenn ich jetzt merke, dass sich zu verkrampft bin beim Spielen oder Üben, höre ich auf, lehne mich zurück, versuche wieder in den meditatven ZUstand zu kommen und lege wieder los.
EInen Punkt Abzug für die meiner Ansicht nach zu langatmige Einleitung. Ansonsten klare Kaufempfehlung.

Leser des E-Books können die Audio-Tracks hier herunterladen:[.....]
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am 17. Juli 1999
Anyone who plays, or has ever played, an instrument should read this book. About once a page, sometimes for the entire page, Kenny Werner addresses issues that seem to come right out of your own music-mind, not the least of which is the fact that so many of us suffer from frustration and depression in the attempt at learning something that is so inherently joyful. It is one of the many paradoxes which Kenny addresses so insightfully, humorously, and most importantly, compassionately. If you are having trouble learning music, check out this book. As Kenny points out, there is no immediate solution (other than acknowledging the problem and starting a new consciousness today) but you will be amazed at how well he knows the musical mind. Bill Evans once said that "knowing the problem is 90% of solving it", and with this book the problems are made known. Thanks Ken.
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am 15. März 1999
I am only about 3/4s through this book, and I couldn't be more enthusiastic. I happen to love Kenny Werner's piano playing--always heard him and thought "Well, I'll never sound like THAT!"-- only to read his book and have him address this very attitude with unbelievable accuracy. I've already changed the way that I practice my instruments, and I just put some of his approach to work in a 3 day recording session with some players that I admire very much. While I had couple of brief self-doubt meltdowns, the whole experience was so much easier than I had even hoped for, and yes, even "effortless" at times. I know that changing my perspective, and my expectations made a huge difference in my ability to enjoy the moment, and as a result, the music that came forth. I am recommending this book for anyone who has ever played a musical instrument--at ANY level--and stopped, even if it was a long time ago. This book explains what might have gotten in your way of the music-making experience. I also want to recommend it to those of us who play professionally but are either frustrated with our own progress or just not enjoying it as much as we did when we were young. There's no reason music can't be that fun again.
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am 13. Januar 2010
Großartiges Buch (nicht nur) für Pianisten und solche die es noch werden wollen. Der renomierte US-Jazzpianist Kenny Werner entwickelt in Anlehnung an eine durchaus spiritistische Haltung eine Übungs- und Performanceanleitung, die sehr hilfreich bis in kleine praktische Details geht (etwa wie soll man sein Üben planen und wie verhalten sich Faktoren wie Zeit, Intensität und Wiederholung zueinander bzw. welchen Einfluss haben sie auf die Entwicklung pianistischer Fähigkeiten). Allerdings gibt er keine konkreten (Noten)Beispiele an, sondern schildert viel mehr seine eigenen Empfindungen, Schwierigkeiten und Erfolge beim Musizieren, was ungemein anregend und beflügelnd ist. Auch ein Meister wie Kenny Werner ist nicht vom Himmel gefallen und hatte bzw. hat so seine Schwierigkeiten zu überwinden. Wohltuend ist trotz aller Spiritualität und leichtem Hang zur Esoterik Werners Realismus.
Wer als Jazzpianist nicht alle Grundstrukturen wie etwa die Harmoniefolgen II-V-I quer durch alle Tonarten beherrscht, wird kein Bein auf den Boden kriegen. Musizieren ist eben auch ein Handwerk.
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am 5. März 2000
As one reviewer put it, this book is mistitled. Anyone struggling with the creative process - visual artists, thespians, writers, etc. - will benefit from the astounding truths in this book. A clear, straightforward style makes Werner's words so easy to digest, but so far-reaching in terms of spirituality and art. Oil painting will never be the same for me, thank God, now that I see how my ego has interfered with process of "being a master." Kenny Werner is one provocative writer!
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am 17. Februar 2000
The title of Werner's book is misleading; the subtitle is much more to the point. Anyone attracted to this interesting work already knows from experience that mastery is anything but effortless, but oh how we yearn for the quick fix this very marketable title promises. I found the most valuable portion of this engaging book close to its end, in the four-step section and in its "Afterthought." Here is where great effort, consistent and correct practice habits, and infinite patience -- along with honest self-evaluation of one's technical ability -- are realistically discussed. Finally, Mr. Werner veers away from his "I Am Perfect (guaranteed to produce anxiety and tension), I Am A Master" mantras in favor of practical, down-to-earth directions. With a candor that seems to be at odds with the greater portion of the book, he discusses the years of serious mental and physical work that is involved in musical mastery. In this excellent section, he leads the musician, always with hope, toward acceptance of all that must be confronted -- which is not effortless -- if goals are to be fulfilled and satisfaction achieved.
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am 10. November 2013
this book changed my (professional musician's) life- completely.
if u are a musician or make music (NO MATTER on what level, beginners, advanced or professional) and sometimes have doubts about your playing, singing, composing, being creative (or whatever) or if you are "not in the natural flow" all the time...this is the key to go beyond the limitation of the ego and the mind, and becoming absolutely free and effortless in whatever u play (or do).
simply AWESOME! (and thus written both with such a great sense of humor AND so smart & intelligent- thumbs up, kenny "the main man" werner! t.hank.s for this "music bible!" :-))
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am 8. Februar 2015
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am 1. März 2000
I love this book! It cuts to the heart of the matter of being a great musician, dealing with, in extremely practical terms, how we "get in the way" of our own music, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It points the way, in perfectly clear terms, how to have "soul" behind technique.
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