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am 9. Oktober 1999
Granted, some of the ideas are funny, but most of the book is a waste.
Only around a third of the entries cite more than one example. Some don't cite any. I would like to know where these particular cliches are found, especially if I don't recognize them.
I felt as if the publishers were trying to fill up space. The font is rather large, and there is quite a bit of space between entries. Plus, some strange, irrelevant pictures scattered here and there. And (in more than a few cases), the EXACT SAME IDEA is repeated under different titles.
It's almost as if the publishers downloaded their text from the Internet, didn't bother to edit for content, then slapped Roger Ebert's name on the cover. The whole thing has a very unprofessional feel to it.
It reminded me very much of those glossy #3.50-type books one finds in supermarkets.
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am 27. November 1999
It was amusing to learn about assorted hackneyed cliches that I'd kinda noticed in the background of movies. It was even more fun to contribute some that I had discovered on my own, such as "Backseater Mortality Phenomenon" and "Inevitable Girl Next Door."
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am 9. Juli 1999
Roger Ebert's Bigger Little Movie Glossary is the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves movies as well as fans of Mr. Ebert. This is one book that begs to be made into a movie.
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