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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 1. Juni 2017
It was only recently, that the first book of Diana Gabaldon fell into my Hands. I love them. My thanks to Diana
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am 5. Juni 2000
I was originally prepared to be partially disappointed with this book as a few of the other reviews had left me with the mistaken impression that it didn't deliver. Much to my delight, I LOVED Drums of Autumn! It delivered all of the goods and more. I was also thoroughly taken with the preceeding 3 books in the series.
With Drums, I found enjoyment in Jamie and Claire being comfortably together, secure in their love for one another and settled in their new home. This book, like the other three, was filled with laughter, tears, romance and adversity. It dealt with each characters emotions perhaps even better than in the preceding novels because it took it's time - I for one enjoyed the slower pace (but never, never a boring one). I liked the addition of Brianna and Roger's story as well as John Grey's continued presence in the lives of our hero and heroine. I can't wait to see what happens next - the introduction of Stephen Bonnett as well as Will's reappearance should make for some interesting story plots in the next 2 books!
I have never been so taken with any characters as I have with Jamie and Claire. Diana Gabaldon is a phenomenal writer - she speaks directly to my heart and sense of adventure! I recommend this as well as every book in the Outlander series - 5 stars for all.
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am 16. Juni 2000
After approx. 3600 pages of Gabaldon's books I am still yearning for more. Drums of Autumn is yet another fantastic addition to this series. This book is just as pleasing as the previous three, rich with imagery, historically interesting, along with the comfortable presence of Claire and Jamie that I have grown quite fond of throughout this series. Gabaldon continues to keep the story interesting by introducing new characters and saying good-bye to some, creating new drama, but also bringing back and reminding us of some characters from the previous books. This leaves you wanting more, knowing there is more to be told about all of these characters and how their lives will weave into the web of Jamie and Claire's.
The pace is a bit slower in this book (but by no means boring), this helped me slow down a bit, enjoy the language(s), revel in the imagery and prepare myself for the break I am now forced to take waiting for the next installment of Jamie and Claire, Brianna and Roger. I am left feeling "what will I read now?"
I highly recommend all of the books in this series to everyone. Gabaldon is a wonderful writer!
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am 1. Mai 2000
While reading this book I could hear the author straining in the background. Better throw in a rape, a bear, an indian attack, a storm. The melodrama was over the top. These piled on events were interspersed with long boring stretches like where Claire grows penicillin or describes the mountain. At one point I stopped reading to count the adjectives. You can skip 20 pagers at a clip and miss nothing. I won't be reading another.
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am 9. September 1999
This isn't the best book of the series. The first 500 pages were terrible. After that, I liked it more and more. Brianna and Roger aren't developed, they don't get to my heart like Claire and Jamie do. I almost don't care what happens to them. They're even stupid sometimes. Also, I don't like the predictability. This book was my least favorite in the series by far. I don't how you guys can rate this, "This is the best book I ever read". Read Gone with the Wind and then let us know how you feel about this one. There aren't enough historical references for me here at all. At least Outlander was well researched. This book could've taken place at anytime and we wouldn't have noticed. The story starts to get worn out and tired after awhile. In Outlander, it was gripping, something was happening every single page. This was a bore....Sorry, Diana. I hope the next one is a winner! And you know I'll be reading it anyway...
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am 7. Dezember 2001
Claire, Jamie, Brianna and Roger those four people are the stars or Drums of Autumm. I loved it. In Dragonfly and Amber I couldn't wait for the next installment knowing that she would meet Jamie again. In Voyager I couldn't wait for Drums of Autumm because I wanted Brianna to finally meet her father. That is the main reason why I love this book the most, because finally the whole family is together for once. As to her style of writing, I can actually say that all her books are written wonderfully, I wouldn't change one damn thing. I love Diana Gabaldon and I envy her that imagination and that beautiful man, Jamie.
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am 31. Januar 1998
Who wrote this book???? It is interesting to see that I am not alone in my disappointment. As others have said, the first three books in this series are fantastic. In fact, they are probably among the most entertaining books I have ever read. Gabaldon has an airtight writing style that is easy to follow, and yet doesn't insult the reader's intelligence. Her plots are fantastic as she twists a virtually seamless storyline between past and 'present'. The first three books of this series are overflowing with mind-blowing adventure and plenty of detail.

My question is... WHAT HAPPENED?

Picking up Drums of Autumn after having read its predecessors is a gargantuan let-down. You expect a riveting frolic of a read and get 'Walden' instead. How could an author who fueled the break-neck, gut-wrenching speed of her plots with things like murder, vicious animal attacks, necromancy, male rape, ancient Celtic religion, piracy, voodoo, abduction, war, could this same author give us the 'horror' of pulled back muscles and expect us to be content? After the Parisian underworld and the Scottish Highlands, the backwoods of the colonial US ain't cuttin' it, so to speak. Gabaldon gave time travel a realistic feel in her first three books, yet in Drums of Autumn you feel there should be a baggage check behind one of the megaliths, since the whole process is demystified, first by Brianna's sojourn to the 18th century, and then by Roger,who, hot on Brianna's heels, decides to jump in too. Almost everything about this book falls short of the mark, ESPECIALLY when you know what a fantastic tale Gabaldon can write.

To be fair, I have to say certain parts were interesting. The depiction of the hardships of plantation life in the rural South were captivating. The bear attack was graphic, vivid, and a glimmer of the old Gabaldon adventure I love. Claire's method of debriding Roger's gangrenous wound also hearkened back to the style of the other books. Brianna and Roger's courtship at the Scots festival was very convincingly and tenderly written,without being sappy. Unfortunately, after the aforementioned courtship scenes, all we here about Brianna is how tall she is, and how red her hair is, and we are reminded of this ad nauseam. Very little character development...just tall/statuesque/towering/intimidating/impressive with red/flaming/auburn/copper/sun-lit/firey hair/tresses/locks/mane. Pick a permutation.
It is an interesting concept, having Jamie and Claire age with the series, but does that mean we have to forget about nail-biting entertainment? I hope Gabaldon returns to her old style. I will buy her next book, but since I was burnt on this one, I will wait for the paperback. Drums of Autumn, hardcover, was an enormous and expensive disappointment.
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am 1. Mai 1998
I guess it had to happen, but hope against hope, I thought here was one writer who could sustain her readers' interest throughout the entire series. Well, dear reader, it turns out she is just another "romance writer"--a term she hates. I, too, was enchanted by the first three novels in this series, but this one is so very disappointing--Brianna's a jerk, Roger is a wimp and Jamie-alas!-just another boorish character who resorts to violence. The use of the standard "bodice-ripper" devise of creating a situation where the young lovers have a mis-understanding, are separated for most of the book, and then re-unite at the end was too trite for words. And Claire! Where is her fire, her passion, her independence! All now reduced to a haus frau! I think Ms. Gabaldon has too many irons in the fire-a book edited by her on writings by mothers and daughters is due out soon. She threatens to leave her loyal readers of the Outlander series hanging while she starts another series. (See her web page.) For God sakes-quit milking the cash cow and give your readers what they deserve-a great ending to a (sometimes) superior series.
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am 22. Oktober 1997
When I read the first 3 books in the series I became so entrenched in the story that it stayed with me for days. "Drums" doesn't have the same pull, there is no passion between Claire and Jamie. They say the right words but we don't feel the internal flip flops, the gut wrenching emotion that kept us desperately seeking more, more!
A lot of missed opportunity too: it's a major scene when Brianna finally finds Jamie but did she have to find him relieving himself under a tree?! Could have been a great moment in the book but it fell flat.

Unfortunately too, Brianna comes across as spoiled and churlish, having rages against Jamie and Roger while she, herself, made the bad decisions that had nasty consequences.
John Gray steals the story...hope to see a lot more of him.

I say to Ms. Gabaldon. "You are a phenomenally talented writer who has delivered us from the mundane and we are eternally grateful...bring back the magic!! Can't wait for Book # 5 but I DREAD reaching the end of the series."
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am 1. August 2000
I have read all four of her books and I couldn't read fast enough to get through them all. Breathtaking, very interesting look into the past. My only criticism would be that I found Clare did not gripe enough about missing modern commodities...I know I would have. Those "good old days" were sometimes not so washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, lightweight lingerie, cosmetics, antiseptics,etc.
QUESTION: Where is the fifth book that was supposed to come out in Autumn 1999? called "The Fiery Cross". Where and when can I get it?
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