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am 2. Juni 2016
Das beste Buch gerade für Eltern mit dem ersten Kind, einfach alles was man sich so fragen könnte ist drin, ob Ernährungsfragen oder Erziehungsfragen, alles wird abgedeckt, Schwerpunkt auf 0-3 Jahre , aber das Buch behandelt alle Themen bis 18.te Lebensjahr. Uns hat es gerade die ersten Lebenswochen sehr geholfen, wir schauen auch heute immer mal wieder rein. Und haben es bereits verschenkt und begeistertes Feedback bekommen, auch weil es so leicht runter zulesen ist. Wie die deutsche Ausgabe ist, kann ich nicht beurteilen.
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am 31. Mai 2016
Will use as reference weekly....Best advice from the best childhood expert on raising children and keeping them healthy emotionally and physicals. Just buy it and read it -
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am 23. November 2012
Ein echt Klassiker für kleinen Preis.Tolle Ratgeber für neue Eltern. Ich benutze ein Kindle, deshalb ich kaufe nur E-books, und ich finde den Preis super.
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am 3. Mai 2016
Some themes in this book should not be followed! The sections on jealousy are based on a weird Freud like interpretation and can do great harm! Please look deeper - search out other more modern and informed books on certain sections of 'child development' as a paragraph or two really isn't going to prevent some of the real problems that can arise..... Buyer beware. Love the book though. Daring in its scope.
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am 19. Juni 1999
I almost gave no star to this book. However, it does give sound nutritional advice, and Dr. Spock went out on a limb to state "there's no solid medical evidence to support routine circumcision". He also states the obvious, that breastfeeding is best. For those things I give him a star. As for the rest of the book, I might reccomend certain common sense chapters on safety and hygene to teenage parents but the rest is dangerously out of date. That parents of today are still buying a book that advocates letting a child cry "it" out, and suggests that it is possible to "spoil" an INFANT by giving it attention and affection is disturbing. This book was given to me by a relative who's parenting style is downright abusive and she swears by it. I wholeheartedly reccomend THE BABY BOOK by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears RN over this one any day.
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am 26. Januar 1999
As a new father, this book has been nothing short of a godsend for my wife and I. everything we have looked up has been right on the money, from colds to teething and sleeplessness. This is a must have for any parent's bookshelf. I must completely disagree with FARR's comments about this book - it appears that he/she considers themselves the absolute authority on raising children. Good parenting COMBINES elements of this book with the individual's own mores and values. Political grandstanding aside, it appears that FARR's comments appear as nothing more than disgruntled jealousy of an author whose book has accompanied millions of families through childhood and into the next generation.
And as far as "timely demise"? Well - that was just tasteless!
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am 26. Juni 1998
Dr. Benjamin Spock's classic child care compendium is a tips & tactics guide for people who are both serious and sensitive about their parenting. Dr. Spock's books -- 1st edition to this last one -- have always filled in for that missing aunt, mother or grandma who doesn't live in our nuclear households anymore. The Doc says, "Just the facts." Which is why I find those who diss Dr. Spock -- for example, "farrar" - the lawyer at Columbia -- to be so laughable. According to these Spock Opponents, poor Dr. Spock can be blamed for EVERYTHING, from self-absorbed Yuppies and 1960s free love to [no doubt] Ebolla Zaire, the Plague and Budget Deficits. "Farrar" and Company should take it to the right wing of the GOP ... not THE Baby Doc.
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am 8. Januar 2000
This book is a result of ongoing research. The more they find out, the more the book gets revised which leaves you with the most up to date information on what is now considered to be healthy to your child(without being ridiculous).
Dr. Spock seems to be very level headed and not just full of hype. Everything he says in this book makes complete sense and I find that a rare quality in a parent's guide.
I can not express how important I think this book is for any parent.
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am 4. Februar 2000
Dr. Spock was considered the baby care guru in the 1950's and many parents took his advice as the word of the Lord. I have no doubt that after years of research, and of practicing pediatrics, that he is very knowledgeable in the field of baby and childcare. However, the revised edition of his once revered book is not my first choice for obtaining information.
This book covers everything under the sun, but perhaps it is too comprehensive and not detailed enough as some of the other books out there. Dr. Spock writes in a condescending tone that sounds more like he is talking to his young children, instead of adults with children seeking information. He is preachy, instead of informative, and speaks in absolutes and generalizations.
Getting your baby to sleep through the night is a hot topic where everyone claims to have the solution. I believe that many of the methods have the potential to work, but Dr. Spock's suggestion is cruel and may even border on child abuse. He suggests that you let your baby cry in their crib for as long as it takes until they fall asleep, and that under no circumstances should you go in to check on them. The clincher is his advice that you should not go to your baby even if he vomits because he gets so upset. He says you can clean it up after your baby falls asleep! Maybe Dr. Spock should be claiming he has frontal lobe disorder!
If you are looking for a reference book that touches a little bit on everything you can imagine, then this may be the book for you. Otherwise, I think your money is better spent elsewhere.
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am 1. März 1999
This is a classic book and it's been updated to include lots of new issues as well. I probably would also buy another of the more recent books to come out such as Penelope Leach's Birth to Age Five to go with it. Both of those books together can ease a parent's mind. Spock's on target with the medical questions and Leach is helpful with the emotional issues. All things ocnsidered Spock's is still a timeless classic.
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