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am 10. November 1999
Professor Snodgrass has effectively communicated temporal data to me with this top-notch book. I have been designing systems for 25+ years and, for me, this book ranks with Donald Knuth's, "Art of Programming: Fundamental Algorithms (first edition)" and Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows", for its impact, in particular on my thinking process in software development. Every system I review, every table I design, every object that I design be considered differently than before I read this book.
His analogies are "country", but important. It took three settings of an hour each on 10 pages until the concepts really sank in. I have seen these constructs in Data Warehouses, but now I see a future for these in transactional systems.
Every time based system will eventually incorporate these concepts (and new SQL tools) - In particular all accounting systems including banking, brokerage (especially portfolio management), tax accounting.
For example, right now we are working on a system to track and manage vendor problems in a "just in time" manufacturing environment. If our tables had been designed with these temporal concepts, we would be able to more effectively communicate trends to our management users.
Those people who are familiar with these concepts may find it boring, but for those of us learning, I say thank you!
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am 8. November 1999
One can tell that this work stems from the research of the author but he fails to translate it into something useful. It took a lot of effort to translate the concepts into something that my students would use in the database real world. I got sick of the little sidebars that had interesting but useless tidbits concerning notions of time. This is not for the developer but it might be useful for someone that is SQL knowledgeable that wants to check out some variations on time and temporal specifications.
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