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1,0 von 5 Sternen
1,0 von 5 Sternen

am 21. Januar 2014
This is exactly the kind of posing book I hate. There is free video on youtube from Jerry Ghionis about posing couples which gives you 1000 times more then this book. Lots of pictures with kissing. Do you remember the wedding photographs where almost each pictures was kissing and it is so borring? Maybe the read that book. It describes the posing in detail and tell you to make the expression but don't give any advice in making expressions. Have you photographed people? Does a pose fit to everybody? No you need to create individual poses and scenes that fits to the couple or person in front of you. That is the "Pose 143 at location 64 with 2.8 at 1/100" approach. As on lighting it is the same with posing. What setting do you need? - The right setting for the given situation and this situation can change in a split of a second. Your fingers change the setting to the correct values while you talk to the couple without thinking about what your fingers are dooing. Posing guids - ha! Forget it, if it is just a detailed description. It is an explanation of pictures afterwards, but not the process to create them. Watch the video I mentioned to get an idear.
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