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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 15. Mai 2000
Although this book is not for the faint of heart, it is a wonderful guide to some of vulgarities in which Russians find so much joy and expressiveness. I am currently living in the southern Ukraine where Russian is the dominant language. I bought this book to help me unlock the slang and colloquialisms which I have been picking up piecemeal from my friends. For this purpose, Mr. Topol's book has been wonderful. He not only provides a list of expressions to improve your shadow vocabulary, but he also provides lively and informative background. This additional information puts the expressions in their cultural context and allows the reader to have a much deeper understanding of the meaning behind the language.
This book has been a joy to page through and I have gotten a kick out of sharing my new enlightenment with my Ukrainian friends. They are shocked when they discover it comes courtesy of one of Russia's best-selling novelists. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their understanding of Russian language and culture, and having a little fun while doing so.
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am 5. Februar 2000
Dermo! is not just a list of "dirty words" and their translations; it is a peek into Russians' everyday life and culture.
Organized by category [rather than alphabetically], the reader is taken through the basics of everyday slang, anatomy and physiology, and (of course) curses, oaths, and exclamations. The Russian words and phrases are in Cyrillic, with English phonetic pronunciation (helpful if you're learning "conversational" Russian and aren't up on reading it just yet). A great deal of supplemental info is included (such as history behind expressions, just *how* vulgar is a word, etc.), but not so much that it becomes tedious.
I highly recommend Dermo! to anyone who will be dealing with actual, living & breathing Russians. As a colleague who teaches Russian (and recommends this book to her students) told me, "You will never understand Russians until you learn to curse -- at least a little."
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am 21. Mai 2000
This book is a great source of the raunchy lingo you need to know but that your proper Russian friends won't teach you. And I do mean the real raunchy slang, the kind of cursing an American would get arrested for saying in public. Thanks to this little book, I can appreciate the extremely colorful and descriptive obscenities Russians, even total strangers to eachother, occasionally exchange on the street. The book is cleverly written with ribald poems and vulgar little cartoons. My only complaint is that the captions are written in annoying phonetic English transcription rather than Cyrillic.
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am 15. Juni 2000
I really like this book in spite of it's few shortcomings. Like at least one other reviewer, I would rather not see the transliterated captions with the cartoons, and I could use stress marks on the cyrillic words, but it's still a great book! It's really entertaining and interesting. Certainly not for children, and no, I wouldn't get carried away trying to use many of these words and phrases with Russian people I didn't know very well. But hey, what a hoot around non Russian speaking people! You will have a new-found "freedom of speech".
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am 19. Mai 2000
I am an intermediate Russian speaker. I found this book extremely useful in breaking the ice with my Russian-speaking friends and business contacts. It got me to a level of friendship that I could not have achieved speaking only "proper" Russian. It was also a hoot to read for pure entertainment's sake with other Americans. I definitely recommend it.
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am 26. März 1999
This book really helps to understand the modern day obscene Russian. It is not only a dictionary, but also more of an encyclopedia. The author describes the meaning of the phrases, words; and how and where they are used. This book is very useful for non-Russian speakers who are planing to visit Russia and don't want to be embarrassed.
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am 11. November 1998
Edward Topol offers a humorous overview of commonly used colloquial language Russian style. His lengthy vocabulary lists and cultural explanations help the reader to understand when it is appropriate to say what at what time.
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am 25. Juni 1998
If you are learning Russian, there are some really "good" words in this book. This book has the words that the translators on TV don't translate. If you want to tell some one where to go in Russian, GET THIS BOOK!
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am 12. November 1997
The bawdy anecdotes and cartoons are funny, BUT beware that the book does not use accent marks for pronunciation and is not organized alphabetically.
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