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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 12. Oktober 2015
Ich mag Zombie - Filme nicht aber ich kam zufällig auf die Serie (Kindle- Leseprobe) und war dann dem Buch verfallen . So wie es mit guten Bücher sein soll, man kann nicht aufhören zu lesen. Warum - dass muss jeder für sich entscheiden - für mich war es die Story, das Endzeit Szenario, etc....ich schlage vor: starte mit Leseprobe und dann ist alles klar!
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am 30. März 2014
Als ich die Buchbeschreibungen vorher las, war ich zunächst skeptisch, denn es gab ebenso viele gute, wie schlechte Kritiken. nachdem ich mich durch den etwas mühsamen Anfang gekämpft hatte, war ich plötzlich gefesselt. und bestellte mir bereits die Fortsetzung. Alles in allem hat es sich doch gelohnt, das Buch zu kaufen.
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am 24. Juni 2016
I must say, I ignored the obvious pattern of the first book, because it was really well written and the thing with the cat was a nice touch. But after ten minutes into reading the second book I gave up this seriies, because it has the most anoying repeating plot pattern. And with this pattern I se no personall growth of the protagonists.
It is always the same:
We got overcondifident ---- Zombies attackt us ---- we were saved in last minute and lucky that we lived ----till we get overconfident the next time.

Every "frightfull" scene concerning zombies has the same pattern, that got too boring to me to continue with the series.
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am 16. Oktober 2013
I did not expect this book to be better then the first one, but it managed to surpass its predecessor and it literally stole my sleep as I was not able to put my kindle out of my hands before I read the last page.

Since a year I am on a zombie novel trip and I read a lot of great series so far, but Loureiros "Apocalypse Z" is - in my opinion - truly the best one. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am European and so I can way better connect to the story, the location and the circumstances then in US based apocalyptic novels...

*Minor spoilers*

In this sequel the group reaches the "Save Haven" on the Canary Islands but the welcome is not as warm as expected and a series of happenings changes everything and crushes the hope for relative safety.


The events are dramatic, the characters grow even more on you and Loureiros way of writing hooks you instantly. Short chapters that usually stop in the most thrilling moments let you continue and as both connected story lines are simply breathtakingly thrilling, you just go on and on reading.

I loved the fact that this is one of the rare books that explains the unfolding of the horror in a way that only Max Brooks managed it so far. The political mistakes, the media idiocy, the panic, the medicinal background: it is all there and it makes the story way more believable. There is action non stop without the usual glorification of weaponry and that tiring military jargon of so many other Z-Novels. But still military plays a huge role.

The fact that he also includes political rivalry between monarchists and democrats, that - at the end - f***s it all up sounded a bit far fetched at first, but thinking about it and looking at today's society: it just makes sense. We don't need Zombies to destroy ourselves. We manage that by our own, even in a crisis. Sure, people want to read about heroic deeds and glorious survivalists, but lets face it: humans are humans and even if there is so much beautiful about us: politics, religion, greed and basic instincts are a huge task to deal with...

But let's stay with the novel itself: "Dark Days" is a worthy sequel, adrenaline pushing, with characters growing on you and the tragedy of events unfolding in that thrilling and grabbing story will not only satisfy Zombie lovers, but EVERYBODY who likes a thriller or a good horror novel. You should read the amazing first book, though, so you can really connect.

I am happy that the translation of the third book is already in the works and got a release date here on Amazon, as the end of that one was so good and and exiting, that you simply crave for a clue to what could have happened.

Don't let some of the reviews on drag you down and give it a try. And a big compliment to the translator. She did an amazing job!
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am 14. Oktober 2013
This is an excellent second part of the series. The beginning is a bit slow and uneventful, but the story picks up pace towards the middle of the book. The plot is a stereotypical zombie plot, but well written and interesting. I really love the characters because they are so well depicted. It was easy to catch up with the first part of the story because of a good introduction. I can`t wait for the final part of the series!!!
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am 30. Oktober 2013
Im Gegensatz zum erfrischenden ersten Teil der Apocalpyse Z Reihe hat der zweite Teil leider einige Schwächen.

Die Story an sich ist die ersten 35% ziemlicher Leerlauf, beginnt eigentlich erst mit dem Ankommen im Haven... und wird dann auch noch relativ unglaubwürdig, meiner Meinung nach.
Es kommen zuviele Klischees hinein, bzw. die Handlungen und Reaktionen vieler Leute sind einfach lächerlich.
Die innovative Grundidee des Anwaltes, der im europäischen Teil der Welt eine Zombieseuche mit seinem Kater übersteht gerät dabei viel zu sehr in den Hintergrund.
Dazu passend auch das etwas unschlüssige Cliffhanger Ende.

Nach wie vor einer der besseren (da gut zu lesen und eben den europäisch/spanischen Flair beinhaltend) Zombieromane, aber längst nicht so gut wie Teil 1.
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am 2. Januar 2015
Hat mir echt gut gefallen, für Apokalypsebücher lasse ich mich nie lange bitten... Kann ich also weiterempfehlen... Schön, dass es mehrere Bücher aus dieser Rubrik gibt....
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am 15. Januar 2015
It is usually hard to write a follow up for a good book which is as gripping as the first volume. This author has done a very good job. A real page turner!
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am 25. Februar 2015
Es geht spannend weiter und das Ende ist so geschrieben, dass der dritte Band ein Muss ist! Es lohnt sich!
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am 9. Oktober 2013
Just brilliant. It is as well written as the first installment - when is the final book in the series coming out?
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