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Cross & Crown (A Sidewinder Story) (Englisch) Taschenbuch – 3. Juni 2014

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Amazon.com: 4.4 von 5 Sternen 110 Rezensionen
5.0 von 5 Sternen OMG what a ride 7. August 2016
Von A rose is a rose - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition Verifizierter Kauf
This review is for the Cut and Run and Sidewinder books as they go together. If it were possible I would rate these books 10. If you are looking for suspense, laughter, love and mateship go no further, these books had me from the start, in fact I've read then all a second time because I couldn't get enough. Try and Zane are 2 strong Alpha males that believe in the truth and honour; Nick and Kelly were great as well. The entire cast of of characters were really good they fit in with the story so well. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with these hard men. These men have strengthen my belief that true family is stronger then blood. I loved these books and I hope there are more to come, give yourself a break read them and join these guys on a ride of a lifetime.
31 von 37 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen Cautiously Optimistic 13. Juni 2014
Von Katroosh - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition
When Ball & Chain (B&C) was released, like most readers I was left in a state of shock. Anger and extreme disappointment ran through me for what Roux did to our beloved Ty & Zane. The writing in B&C was beyond horrible and she destroyed our guys in so many ways. To say she had "jumped the shark" with that book is an understatement. My review will contain several references to B&C, and some may find that unfair, some may say that this is a "different series". But I disagree with that. This is the same series, it's just that the focus is on two different guys within the same circle. One is an extension of the other, and if you didn't read B&C, you'll have challenges keeping up with the characters from this book because the story lines continue through.

So what made me buy her latest overpriced installment of this series when I hated B&C so much? I guess it boils down to nostalgia of what the series used to be... and hope for what it could be again. And I'm glad I bought it - it's left me feeling cautiously optimistic.

*Contains spoilers*. I'll break it down to my Pros, Cons, and Mehs.

Relationship: Overall, I really loved Nick and Kelly's relationship, and it's really what saved this book for me. They have chemistry, their communication and flow with one another seemed natural. Unlike B&C, the banter wasn't ridiculously over the top, immature or out of character. For the most part it was appropriate to the tone of the scene, and quite often funny. Yes, this book was very Nick focused with Kelly taking a bit of a lesser role. But that was okay with me, because it involved a police investigation, which is Nick's thing. I'm hoping (and giving the author the benefit of the doubt), that the next book may be more Kelly focused, assuming they end up joining Emma Grady's team. In B&C, when they were around the campfire discussing this, it was mentioned that this was right up Kelly's alley. So hopefully he'll have his opportunity to shine a bit more than Nick.

JD: I liked that throughout most of the book, you really didn't know which way this guy was going. Good guy or bad guy? It could have gone either way, and that's a good thing. I don't necessarily think he has much potential as a recurring character, but he served his purpose for this book. A bit disappointed in the synopsis of the book when it was implied that a romantic connection between JD and Nick could be trouble, as I didn't pick up on that at all. Sure, JD made it clear that he was attracted to Nick, but at no point did I feel that the two of them had "a moment" or anything like that.

Julian: Although I agree with many other reviewers in respect to this version of Julian being written with less intelligence, fear and edge than his other appearances, it was still wonderful to see him again. I just love this character, and since Roux didn't butcher him to the same degree that she butchered Ty & Zane in B&C, I'm going to just enjoy the scraps that she did give us. But yeah... he didn't really need to be in this storyline, it was a cheap ploy to sell more books and to add a boost of flavor to her first full-length Sidewinder story.

Proposal: What. The. F. So Roux gives us what we thought was a sincere, heartfelt proposal in B&C, but then glosses over it in this book like it didn't happen? Wants us to believe that Nick doesn't remember it because he was drugged at the time? WHY?? Why do that? Makes no sense.

Consultant: Speaking of absolutely no sense... Kelly is hired on as a treasure hunting consultant? Ummm... what? Lazy writing with no respect for the audience. Yes, I understand that you need some reason for Kelly to be tagging along on Nick's police investigation, but in what world would any police department hire him as a "consultant". Absolutely insulting.

Editing: I swear to God, if I had to read the phrase "shivers down my spine" one more time, my poor Kindle would have been smashed. I'm almost tempted to go back and count, but it must have been more than a dozen times that she wrote this phrase. B&C was worse though, with the "smother my laughter behind my hand", and "snickering" or whatever, but this shivers down my spine business was really getting on my nerves.

MEH - What I thought was just okay....
Sex: There were a couple of small scenes, and they were okay... the hotel scene had some real potential to be scorching hot, but she backed down from it, which was disappointing. Oh well, they can't all be reverse cowboy on a couch in Texas! ;-)

Storyline: The mystery was okay to me, it was better than B&C. It didn't bore me, but it didn't keep me overly interested either.

Mob: Nick's Irish Mob connection made me more confused than anything, but I'm also a little intrigued. I'm again giving Roux the benefit of the doubt and hoping that she expands on this in the future.

Overall, I'm glad I bought this, glad I took the risk after B&C, even though it is overpriced based on the size. It's nowhere near the quality of writing that the Cut & Run books had (up to book 7, that is), but there are hints of previous glory. There is some real potential again (their relationship is good - they have this new team with Emma - the Irish Mob - and what did happen between Sidewinder on that last tour?). The problem is, I don't have 100% faith in Roux anymore to not screw us over again and to follow up on this potential. Once bitten, twice shy and all that. But I'm more optimistic now than I was after B&C was released, so I guess that's a good thing.
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3.0 von 5 Sternen 3.5 stars 10. Juni 2014
Von Lasha - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch
#Might be spoilers#

First and foremost, I'm a Kelly girl. Nick who? :) I adore Kelly, and generally tolerate Nick because Kelly loves him. (Okay, I'll admit I'm still holding a grudge on Nick because of the whole trying to come between Ty and Zane. Yeah, I know I should be over that by now...but not, so moving on.)

I enjoyed Shock & Awe, but didn't really care for Ball & Chain. I think Cross & Crown is in between those two for me. For starters, the title is misleading. There was no legitimate reason for Julian Cross to be in this book. None. And Cameron fans, his role is non-existent. My guess is Ms. Roux put Julian in this novel to sell books, as his character could have been eliminated and the plot with JD and the treasure still would have worked. The Julian Cross character I know and love was seriously gutted in this installment and could have been any ex- military dude off the streets inserted and you wouldn't have noticed. The spark that makes Julian him, his love for Cameron, seemed dulled down and less intense. Can't believe I'm typing that, but with Cameron and Julian having no screen time, his whole plot line felt forced and completely unnecessary.

On to the good stuff. Kelly. His character was not a giggly child in this installment. He was a sidekick, but had more of an equal role in this book. I liked that. Nick wasn't Superman in this one. Yes, he could still be a Marty Sue at times with his knowledge of EVERYTHING, but not as bad as B&C and since this is his series, I let it slide.

But, the interrupted sex scenes are getting old. Kelly and Nick do have fierce chemistry and while it might have been okay once, anymore than that, and it got tiresome. Just get to the smoking hot Nick/Kelly sex, and I'm happy.

The whole Dan Brown treasure hunting sub-plot? Huge handwave, as I always do with any Roux mystery element. I don't like Dan Brown books, didn't find this remotely interesting or believable, but it was one hundred times better than the mystery sub-plot in Ball & Chain! But if you liked National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code, then you might like this part of the book.

Overall, not a bad addition to the series. I hope next time Ms. Roux relies on Nick and Kelly to pull in readers and not side characters from her other books. I think Kelly and Nick have the potential to be a great couple, maybe not as popular as Ty and Zane, but popular in their own right if given half the chance.
8 von 9 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen Generally disappointing 3. Juli 2014
Von pb_reader - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition
"Yeah, I'm perving on you. What, then?"

This book has the distinction of causing me frustration the further I get from finished. I wasn't at the end. I was wishing for some more of...something, but it was indistinct. One sleep later, and I'm mildly disgruntled and not sure how to rate this. So let's try this wandering of my thoughts...

What I like:
The witty dialogue and laugh out loud moments. I was grinning through much of this story. Nick and Kelly are funny and oh-so-sweet and hot together.

What bugs me:
Nick and Kelly's relationship is...sometimes weird. Great big lovefest except they both spend moments thinking the other is dumping him. Um, what? Why? How come? On top of that, the relationship timeline is mushy and bleeds all over from other books and series. Kelly is surprised by how out Nick is (multiple times), and yet, Kelly seems to have been to Boston for some previous visits during this relationship. When? Who knows. Did I mention mushy timeline?

They're also trying to work out this long distance relationship thing. It seems like they'll have a real discussion about it and their future...but no. Off to do some police detecting, no time for relationship convos. But love, man. They love each other. Which they say a lot in this book. Aww. *smooshes their adorable faces* And it will probably lead them to a HEA, right? I can't say. Not because spoilers, but because I seriously don't know. They wrap up the relationship challenges with a neat bow at the end, but...I don't buy this is the end. And here's why...

There's this carryover issue from the last book where we saw Nick and Kelly. I'm not going to ruin anything for anyone, but there was a Liam moment. And then NOTHING. Kid you not, this book doesn't touch it for real. You *could* (maybe if you stretch) say there's a tiny moment of foreshadowing about it. Well ok then. Guess the end of this book is not the end for them.

Speaking of carryover issues, Julian Cross. Yes, he makes an appearance. No, I'm not going to tell you why. I WILL tell you, I was slightly frustrated about this too. How/why Julian finds himself in this plot is...sketchy, at best. The series of events (not that we hear about it in detail) that draws him to this is vague and leaves me wondering where all his previous bad*ssery has wandered off to. Getting soft in retirement, perhaps?

And the plot. It's less Scooby Doo than the last Ty and Zane adventure, so that's good. It certainly left a lot unresolved. And the bad guys were not as bad as I'd have expected, all things considered.

Getting back to the relationship for a moment, let me say, I'm getting tired of the secrets. You'll share info on police investigations and *some* classified national security type stuff, but your background and personal history is off limits. Fabulous. That's made of healthy, let me tell ya. I'm not sure how to interpret these things. It truly baffles me. I get frustrated in the other series like this for the same reason, but it seems even more hinky in this book where they've been so together in so many ways for SO LONG.

One final babble. The sex. There's chemistry like whoa between these two, and it's HAWT. Despite that, there's minimal actual sexy times in this book. And the biting. Guys. I can Not express enough disappointment enough here: there are bite MARKS. More than once. Know what there isn't? On the page BITING. C'mon, seriously? Where's all the hot, aggressive, sweaty sex-puppet times?? Lacking. Sadly lacking.

Despite all of what sounds like grumble, I did like this book. I like anything that makes me laugh. I enjoy this world, and I'm sure I'll keep reading this and the other books set in Sidewinder-land. I don't, however, recommend this to anyone as a first read. In fact, you should absolutely figure out how all of these books (Ty and Zane, Julian and Cameron, Nick and Kelly) fit together, and read as intended. There's confusion for me at times, and I HAVE read in order.

*This review was originally posted on Goodreads.
27 von 35 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen Pretty Disappointed- 2.5 Stars 10. Juni 2014
Von Rizzo23 - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition Verifizierter Kauf
I was super pumped to read this book. As soon as it posted at midnight I bought it. I expected a lot. I expected it to build on things that occurred in Ball and Chain, I mean what was the point of having Nick and Kelly play such pivotal roles otherwise? I have no idea. I do know that this will be the last time I buy a book that only has one review; by someone who hasn't even read the book yet. VERY IMPORTANT decisions that were made prior to this book were completely tossed aside. It frustrated me to no end. Nick being pissed at Ty is the only thing that has carried over.

I feel like I was roped into buying this with the promise of Julian Cross. He is one of my fav characters. I'm just going to say it. He is lame in this book. How did they kidnap Cameron in the first place??? Cross is a badass assassin, how would he let something like this go down? I have no clue, but it happens on his watch. Also will someone please explain to me how Kelly got the drop on Julian TWICE, when it took Ty and Zane to properly restrain him previously? It is a mystery to me. Maybe I just forgot about Kels being hardcore because we spend so much time talking about how hard Nick is. And now we get to my biggest issue.

The mystery. It was like being in an AP history class where everyone just spews out random obscure history facts because they can. I hated it and I like history. It was just boring reading so much of that crap for pages on end. I got what Roux was trying to do, but this National Treasure vibe was not working in book form for me.

The romance could have made it work for me, but aside from lots of 'I love yous' and waxing on about how great it is that they totally get each other, I don't feel like there was a whole bunch in the romance department. We've went backwards from Shock and Awe AND Ball and Chain. Ty and Zane are more romantic what with their engagement being an engagement and getting each other awesome sentimental gifts. There are some pretty great lines, but even they don't make up for the rest. They are pretty great though.

All in all I have no burning desire to read this again and at the end all I could think was she has got me some kind of twisted if she thinks I will be buying more $7 books like this. I'm disappointed in this book, I'm sad with the way this series seems like it's going. I'm pissed that Cross was made into a watered down, offensively lame version of himself. I want a real engagement or at least a conversation about it. Ball and Chain actually ended up being a better sequel...who woulda thunk?

I would suggest borrowing this book from a friend so that you can skip to the sweet lines between Kelly and Nick without having to spend your money on the boring.

One last thought, Kelly was straight up straight before this relationship. Nick was the bi one. Why is Kels ALWAYS on the bottom??? Does he not miss dominating or were chicks just constantly riding him as he laid there and got knocked around? Did they have a conversation where Kelly agreed to bottom for all of eternity that I missed? Does Nick not like being on bottom or has he never tried it? I would much rather have answered these questions than got a refresher course for history, just sayin.
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