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am 19. August 2006
Das Buch von Amber K. ist unglaublich vielfältig. Jeder Aspekt, den man bedenken sollte, wenn man einen Coven gründen oder leiten will ist hier wohl abgedeckt. Von organisatorischen Details bis zu einem Curriculum für die Ausbildung von Hexen, von Checklisten über Vorschläge zur Gestaltung einer Coven-Bibliothek, von gemeinsamen Unternehmungen bis zur Ritualen für alle Zwecke. Wirklich toll.

Zwei Schwachpunkte hat das Buch allerdings: Beim Lesen hat man ab einem gewissen Punkt schon das Gefühl, dass sich vieles immer wieder wiederholt. Da hätte man vieles vielleicht auch kürzer fassen können.

Der zweite Punkt, der mich aber am meisten gestört hat, ist folgender: Offensichtlich ist die Autorin der Meinung, dass in einen Hexencoven nur Menschen, die gesundheitlich, finanziell, in ihrer Persönlichkeit usw. perfekt sind gehören. Ihr Rat für jegliche persönliche Schwierigkeit, die ein Covenmitglied haben kann, ist: Wer ein Problem hat, soll solange eine Auszeit nehmen, bis es geklärt ist. Da fragt man sich schon, welches Bild von Religion (und ich halte Wicca für eine Religion), da dahintersteckt, wenn diese nur für mich da ist solange es mir gut geht. Das finde ich menschlich und spirituell zu kurz gegriffen. Klar ist, das Wicca mit seinem System persönlicher Verantwortung kein Therapiezirkel ist - aber in jedem religiösen System - gerade in einem, das Einheit und Ganzheitlichkeit propagiert, sollte Raum sein, mit meinen Problemen und Fehlern zuhause zu sein. Diesen Ansatz sollte die Autorin vielleicht noch mal durchdenken.
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When I first read this book, I was very excited. Other than one other book I had seen, Covencraft was the only one that focused on how to create a coven. It holds many details on construction and management of a coven and even has some information for joining one. However, I found the feminism in the book more than a little intimidating. The one thing that caught my attention was the fact that the High Priestess in the coven is the highest authority and that the High Priest is her subordinate rather than her equal. Also, there were some of the rituals that focused greatly on females instead of just males and a great deal of attention was put on just goddesses. Although the information is good and can be adapted in any way you'd like, the context was just a little too much for my liking. Other than this, the book is quite excellent.
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am 11. Januar 2000
While I have always found Amber K's work to be quite practical and informative, I was not particualry impressed with Covencraft. The book does possess some excellent ideas, suggestions, and stragities for creating and managing a coven from 3 to 30 people, but the religious content was a bit too feminine, and at first reminded me of Starhawk's "The Spiral Dance". Then, after looking over "The Spiral Dance" again, I found that there were some things that came directly from the book concerning rituals and coven practices, with no editing what so ever. While I acknowledge that Amber K is a skilled writer, the book could have focused a little less on the aspect of women being the absolute authority in a coven and more on how to balance this authority as well as some more ideas for better construction and management.
Overall, this book is worth buying if your willing to overlook the strong feminist attitude.
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am 1. Dezember 1998
I picked up Covencraft because I have been practicing the Craft as a solitary for over four years and had been kicking around the idea of seeking out others. Within three days of completing it I had contacted a local group and have begun to study with them. It provides an honest look at the joys and sorrows of what can happen when Wiccans decide to get together, as well as vast appendices of reference matierial, some of which I've seen many times before, but much was new and helpful. Covencraft is not for newcomers to Wicca/Witchcraft, as it makes assumptions about what the reader is expected to know. I can't say what it will do for existing covens, because I have no experience in that regard. For those who are unsure if they want to join a group I found it to be a valuable resource.
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am 10. April 2000
Our coven-in-the-offing has benefitted greatly from this book. The copious quantities of information and clearly written guidelines made using this book easy and enjoyable. We were most gratified by the number of options provided for each situation; having the possibility open to us for change in the future combined with a list of options available will make new challenges much simpler to deal with. Yes, the "borrowing" from "The Spiral Dance" was noticeable. Who cares? I don't remember the last time any pagan I know worried too much if their ideas were so definitively validated. All in all, it continues to be an excellent source; we recommend it for any person or group interested in beginning, or easing the path of, a coven. The Coven With No Name As Yet
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am 28. November 1998
Amber K has produced a good concise guide book for the use of people who are in the craft and want to know about how to organize their groups. Also for anyone who justs wants to know how covens work.
Amber K covers all aspects of a covens dynamics and functions which might become issues of concern to new or existing groups. Because she deals with groups from three up, it is an invaluable reference for anyone wishing to know how to do group work. The dynamics she discusses are general enough to apply to any group, but are specifically aimed at practitioners of the craft.
Generally very readable and comprehensive. A must for any witches shelf as one of the foundation readings.
LLew, Druidic/Wiccan practitioner
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am 1. Juli 1999
I have just recently started studying the Wiccan religion and my local library only had two books to offer, which this was one. The structure was excellent, information was supplied for those of us that wouldn't have understood otherwise. I have yet to find an online publication that could equal what I read in this book. I feel this is a good reference material to use and intend to return my "borrowed" book so I can buy my own. Excellent reading for beginners to get an idea of the commitment involved and if you read the first pages carefully it explains her wording and why she chooses to write that way. Enjoy!
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am 18. März 1999
Probably the best text I've read on the structure and dynamics of Wiccan covens. I was amazed by the completeness of the material, and the quality of the information found inside this book's covers. In particular, I was heartened by the connection that "Covencraft" fosters between Wiccan individuals, covens and the community at large (both Wiccan and the general public.) With its focus on Covens, the text is weak in the area of study groups and learning circles, but can be complemented very well in this area by Edain McCoy's "Inside A Witches' Circle." A definite must for any Wiccan library!
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am 28. März 2000
Amber K's 500 page book is loaded with information related to finding a coven, founding a coven, and making sure you know what you want from a coven before you begin the process. It has numerous examples of how to implement the suggestions outlined in the chapters. . Covencraft includes chapters on finances, offices, new members, ritual, the sabbats & esbats, training & initiation, group dynamics, counseling, elders, traditions, and networking. This book is a must for any High Priest/ess, and strongly recommended for anyone interested in joining a coven.
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am 19. September 1999
Amber K.'s Coven Craft is a awesome book on many ideas about starting your own coven from scratch. There are many out there today who want to join a coven and have found none in your area. Well, this can solve all your problems. Coven Craft is only ment to give you Basic ideas on forming.. the Trad and What your Coven will be about is all up to you. My Coven started out by Using this book.. and I have to say she gives really good ideas and examples for new forming Covens.
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