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  • Cosmos
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am 12. Februar 2018
Dieses Buch ist ein Muss für jeden, der sich für Astronomy oder Cosmology interessiert. Zwar gibt es viele Dinge, die nicht mehr aktuell sind, jedoch ist es bemerkenswert wie Carl Sagan damals schon Dinge vorausgesagt hat, die dann erst Jahre später entdeckt wurden.

Es gibt nur sehr sehr wenige Abbildungen oder Skizzen und das Buch besteht eigentlich nur aus Text wie man es bei Stephen Hawkins auch kennt. Sein Gedankengang ist meist schwer zu folgen, aber das ist für jeden anders.

Das Buch ist sehr empfehlenswert.
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am 12. März 2014
Before I bought this book I was getting very interested in space and astronomy, so I wanted to read a book that was informative with a lot of facts.
I am happy to have chosen this book because it is very informative. Sagan has an interesting way of giving the reader plenty of facts by putting things into perspective. In other words, he has a very clear and clever way of explaining various things in space like stars, planets, light years, etc.
Another thing I liked about this book is that Sagan discusses not only astronomy, but a lot of history as well. He writes a lot about ancient Greece, for example, and past astronomers and scientists. In this way, the reader learns also a lot about past scientists, who they were and what they accomplished. Therefore, I would recommend this book to anybody because it gives not only pure facts about space but it offers a big interconnected picture of astronomy and space.
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am 28. Dezember 2013
like any of sagan's books, a must read for everybody, no matter the age! The book is pretty much the same with the wondrous documentary series "Cosmos". The documentary and the book are just masterpieces. We live in a world of wonders, and we don't even acknowledge it... but read the book, watch the series, and you'll definitely be wiser and a better person!
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am 5. Dezember 2016
Great book. Very comprehensive explanation of our Universe from several points of view. Is not surprise that Sagan is maybe the most famous outreacher ever.
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am 23. August 2016
If you want to explore the universe just by sitting at home drinking a hot tea this is the book for you. I read this book as a kid and reading it again rekindled my childhood days. We are just humble beings in the vastness of the cosmic ocean.
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am 27. November 2017
I originally ordered this book by mistake, but after i read it i LOVE it so much! it very interesting and i often lost myself in the pages
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am 13. Februar 2017
if you are a cosmos fan, this book will be interesting for you. it is understandable for everyone, and does not require a physics background.
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am 29. August 2016
Leute, die sich für das Universum, die Welt und der Cosmos und weiteres Thema interessiert. Das Buch ist auf jeden Fall empfehlungswert!
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am 14. April 2015
Als Kind in England habe ich immer sein Program am Fernsehen gesehen. Immer Lehrreich aber so einfach dargestellt, dass ein Kind alles verstehen konnte.
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am 10. Februar 2015
I come out of this book with an appreciation of the sciences as a whole and the contributions made by history's greatest minds and humbled by the fact that there is so much more to know and a lot to come.
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