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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 30. Dezember 2009
Das kreative Potential ist nicht durch die üblichen Planungs- und Steuerungsmechanismen zu heben! Das ist die Ausgangsthese, die die Autoren durch einige Beispiele untermauern.
Eine Firma kann niemals wissen, wer in eine kreative Aktion involviert ist, wie die Aktion aussieht, wann und wie die Aktion stattfinden wird. Das sind klare Ansagen, die aber viele Manager nach wie vor nicht wahr haben wollen. Gerne greift man zu IT Hilfsmitteln ohne das Problem verstanden zu haben. Das Buch schlägt die Brücke von kreativen Ideen zu Innovationen. Damit wird Verständnis in den Mythos 'Idee' gebracht, der in vielen Innovationsprozessen als Eingangsgröße dargestellt aber in der Regel als Black Box betrachtet wird. Die Autoren weisen darauf hin, dass es zwecklos ist, sich auf DIE eine Idee zu konzentrieren und vergleichen das mit einem Kasino, dass zwar nicht die konkreten Zahlen eines Roulettespiels vorher sagen kann aber sehr wohl über die Zeit und in der Summe aller Spieltische auf die Statistik vertrauen kann. Die Botschaft ist klar: Um innovativ zu sein, muss man das kreative Potential der Firma heben und ausschöpfen. Wie? Steht im Buch! Überzeugend (Bsp.), detailliert, kenntnisreich und informativ!
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am 19. Juni 1999
Outstanding work by Robinson & Stern! This book wins the Triple Crown. The first crown is for bringing in academic research, the second for real-world experience, the third for practical application.
The numerous backgrounds that reference specific studies and research add credibility and initiate construction on the framework for most of Robinson & Stern's (R&S) points. References to the JMA's work is also noteworthy. These hard numbers give R&S the data to back their points, and gave me the *data* I needed to make my case.
In more traditional "business book" fashion, copious references to real-world business experiences bring the researcher's statistics onto the shop floor, and into the office. The pages devoted to American Airlines are especially good. The work here reflected a consultant's-eye-view, with many high level surveys of situations.
Last, the practical application method is a good start, and is probably the best approach given R&S's audience. I think, if a creativity strategy is to work, there are broader cultural issues that need more attention, and there are interpersonal issues that need to drive training.
I'm new to the topic, with only a smidgen of experience, and a few books under my belt, but five minutes into this book I was saying to myself, "Ah ha, this is what I wanted!".
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Creativity is critical to a company's long term survival. Without the development of creative thought within the organization, companies will be trapped within the paradigm of their existing business and will not be able to adapt to the needs and changes in the world around them. In Corporate Creativity, Robinson and Stern develop a clear definition of the attributes necessary for successful corporate creativity with strategies to help develop these attributes.
I found the real world stories illustrating the necessity for corporate creativity to make the points clear as the authors discussed the need for corporate alignment, self-initiated activity, unofficial activity, serendipity, diverse stimuli, and within-company communication to be informative and enjoyable. Learning some of the history behind the invention of Nutrasweet, Teflon, and barcodes made the creative process come to life. This book is a must read for anyone who believes that their company is not doing everything possible to develop creative thought within the organization.
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The world is filled with books that address how individuals can be more creative, and accomplish more. By comparison, few have addressed the subject of how groups of people can be more creative in working together. The literature seems to begin and end with brainstorming until Teresa Amabile and CORPORATE CREATIVITY came along. This book is unusually effective in drawing on examples from around the world, and in a variety of circumstances. Many of the examples were new to me, and I have studied this subject for many years. This is ground-breaking work, that every company should be applying in today's rapidly-changing world. I thought that the insights drawn from the examples were well done, and that the guide in chapter 12 about how to get started was very useful. Please buy, read, use, and prosper!
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am 23. März 2000
This is a very worthwhile book. Robinson and Stern have by their large amount of case studies the required experience to write this sort of textbook. It is practical and yet not; it explains in a comprehensible way what factors drive creativity and how these should be promoted. However, since creativity is situated and individual, there is no universal recipe and those who come looking for a checklist will be disappointed. Providing examples from real life is usually fine but when done to the extent exercised in this book it gets overly wordy. The authors overdo it slightly in their attempt to prove their points, but I guess it is something you can live with.
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am 8. Juli 1999
A well written book with lots (maybe even too many) examples of unexpected creativity.
Boils down to 6 areas which you need to boost to increase creativity: corporate alignment, self-initiated activity, unofficial activity, serendipity, diverse stimuli, and within-company communication
The chapter on serendipity is not really convincing.
The book is rather short on practical advice. Provides a list of questions to help you 'start unleashing corporate creativity'. This is where the book is a bit of a let down.
Overall a pleasant read with useful insights.
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am 6. März 1999
This book explains what ingredients are needed for a successful, company-wide suggestion scheme (and also points out the ingredients which cause suggestion schemes to fail). This book gets its points across in an easy-to-read and entertaining manner; for example, Chapter 5 describes the worst suggestion scheme in the world, and is fantastically entertaining in a Dilbert-like way. I think this book is flawless and is, without doubt, the best business book that I have ever read.
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am 24. Dezember 1997
Robinson and Stern do an unbelievable job of telling about creativity in the work place. This book makes you understand that creative acts are unplanned and can come from anyone in the company. The six elements of creativity all make perfect sense once you read this book. This book breakes down the kaizen system and really shows it's effectivness.
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am 4. Dezember 1998
The book really helps illustrate the "mystery" of creativity, and most helpfully outlines strategies for squeezing more of it out of any organisation. But the whole thing could have been more effectively boiled into a 10-page journal article. These guys were scratching around to make a whole book out of it.
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am 27. November 1999
I was disappointed at the lack of practical suggestions and techniques. This book seems to want to inspire without giving specific practical tools and techniques on how to do it. This is not the book for me. I'll keep looking.
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